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X-COM: Apocalypse

by GuavaMoment

Part 52

Tuesday, May 30, 16:00


Our problems with keeping the Queenspawn alive in containment have solved themselves.

It seems that the Queen cannot survive except under the special environmental conditions within its spawning chamber. It died while undergoing examination.

The results of our analysis did prove useful - from the Queen we learned of a new alien vulnerability. The biochemists are quickly moving to develop a new weapon.

The Quantum Physicists haven't been slacking either. The teleporter is a fantasic piece of technology with a few obvious drawbacks. For one, it's huge, and secondly the destination of the teleportation cannot be controlled. Strangleglove and the rest of the team don't have anything left to analyze, so they will try to improve on this technology themselves.


Thursday, June 1, 16:00


It didn't take long, but we now have a weapon that can deliver C-Toxin in a gaseous form.

The first application was a grenade. The gas grenade bursts forth an enourmous cloud of gas and any aliens inside the cloud will quickly perish. The gas is completely harmless to our forces, so we expect heavy use out of this gas. We've even adapted it to other weapons.

A gas missile for the heavy launcher creates a truly gigantic cloud, from which there is no escape for aliens. Jade and Dominic W-Hat were equipped with gas missiles.

Jade and the other three soldiers who violated X-COM rules are currently in a probationary period where there will be no tolerance for rule breaking. We do not want to lose them as soldiers, but we cannot afford any loose cannons on our team. So far, they've been following orders and are apologetic about their previous infraction.

With everyone equipped, we sent all our soldiers to the third last alien building. It appears to be the building where they grow all their UFOs

Mindfish: Look, they're so small!

Koil: Hard to believe those things grow into the massive ships we used to raid.

Koil: Well, let's start bringing them down.

Mindfish: Now this is just pathetic!

Mindfish: Spitters? I'd expect them to put up more of a fight than this.

Jade: Anthropods at six o'clock! Most look unarmed.

Jade: This is a great chance to battle test this gas. Firing!

Jade: Choke on that!

Redeker: So how do like this gas?

Anthropod: GRRRRrrrrrrr HUUUUUGGGGGGgggg!

Velius: in...

Velius: Slowly.

Redeker: I can't make this one hold its breath any longer. God damn, how many did we just kill here? This gas is amazing.

Koil: I found the last UFO tucked away down here. Looks like we're done here.

I'm very surprised how easy these last couple buildings have been to destroy. We've seriously broken the back of the entire micronoid force. The only remaining point of worry is the lack of soldiers applying for the final mission, where we once again won't be able to use any of our technology.