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Part 57

Saturday, July 14, 21:00


It has been a month since my last journal entry; a very quiet month. There have been no confirmed reports of alien sightings or UFOs in the city in months. It looks like we've achieved a thorough victory.

The destruction of the dimension gates appears to have only one drawback. Many of the new weapons and technology discovered in the war rely on a form of dimensional travel. For example, the devastator cannon and heavy disruptor beams draw huge amounts of energy from another dimension, and the vortex mine operates by drawing in anti-matter via a small dimensional portal. It appears that by severing the connection between our dimension and the alien's dimension, we've severed all interdimensional connections. We believe the alien's dimension generator building had multiple functions beyond simply generating the dimension gates. Almost all of our new technology will no longer work as originally intended. Disruptor weaponry can still function when charged from an appropriate power source, but the difficulty in such a process makes using conventional weaponry more lucrative. The infinite ammunition these weapons possessed was a huge reason for their introduction to the X-COM standard, but now they fire themselves dry with astonishing quickness. Since all of our research was based in either the fields of disruptor weaponry or biological warfare, X-COM's arsenal is now useless. Conventional human weaponry would have replaced our arsenal if X-COM was still needed. Some disruptor weaponry will remain with X-COM for emergency use.

Some good news from this is that the proliferation of alien weaponry has completely stopped, and the criminal gangs in the city have returned to using conventional weaponry.

X-COM hired ninety-eight soldiers in this war, and experienced a 74.5% casualty rate.

Number 25 Active Reason for death 24 17 Brainsucked 7 Popper 6 Disruptor Fire 3 Staplegun 2 Dimension missile 2 Friendly-fire explosion 2 Coolswa 2 Megaspawn 1 Fired 1 Hyperworm 1 Entropy enzyme 1 Collapsing building 1 Brain damage 1 Blood loss 1 Laser fire 1 Sword disemboweling
Surviving X-COM soldiers as of June 14. Androids marked with (*), hybrids with (^)

Name Rank Days Kills Missions Koil: SL 66 9 10 Mindfish:Commander 102 112 62 El Nato: Colonel 92 49 40 Chuck Charlie: SL 59 10 9 Velius: SL 69 10 11 Soup-Bot*: Captain 102 3 61 Teppec: SL 69 15 11 Psion: Sergeant Records unavailable Heti*: SL 73 8 22 Booyah: SL 69 6 11 Jade: SL 66 13 10 Schlemdinger*: SL 72 24 20 Oystertoadfish: SL 69 5 10 Cabledude*: SL 78 11 16 Lacroix: Sergeant Records unavailable 'Dini'*: SL 92 21 49 Redeker^: SL 69 23 13 HAL*: SL 90 41 49 Sair*: SL 87 26 39 Untalented*: SL 86 21 45 Dominic W-Hat*: SL 83 26 27 Pusherbot*: SL 74 18 17 EvilAstronaut*: SL 70 14 11 Sindowns: R 1 0 1 Fatness Guru 2: R 1 0 1
Out of all our soldiers, we owe most of our success to Mindfish. I find this humorous since he was nearly killed on his first day when staplegun's demolitions charge exploded in front of him. I don't even want to try to imagine the outcome of this war had we not had Mindfish with us. His progress from rookie is astounding, and I have included his physical report below. His kill-to-mission ratio is nearly double that of the average soldier, quite a feat considering he's also been on the most missions. At the end of the war I had him promoted to Commander, and I expect him to take over my director position once I either die or retire.

Mindfish Rookie -> Commander Health: 47 -> 99 Accuracy: 19 -> 87 Reactions: 35 -> 69 Speed: 78 -> 91 Stamina: 42 -> 67 Bravery: 20 -> 100 Strength: 54 -> 84

We've also decorated him with every medal and award X-COM has. I'm certain he will serve X-COM well in the future.

I must also congratulate Soup-Bot, the only other soldier to have survived since the start of the war. By acting as our representative between X-COM and S.E.L.F., he all but ensured our victory in this war. Of the ninety-eight soldiers hired, thirteen were androids, but only two of them were ever killed. One of those deaths was due to friendly fire! The numbers speak for themselves, and show how important androids are to us.

Hybrids scientists played a large role in our victory, using their powerful psionic abilities for interrogation. As soldiers, hybrids were a bust. Only four were hired, Redeker being the only survivor. Redeker has decided to have his psionic implants removed and retire from X-COM. Turns out in his spare time he's been writing a holomovie script about the first alien war. I've agreed to have X-COM help him to make the most accurate holomovie about AW1 ever made. I look forward to seeing it in a psi-amphitheatre in a year or so.

I also need to congratulate Psion. Without him and his fellow Cult members X-COM may never have destroyed the two highly protected alien buildings. We will not forget the assistance from the Cult of Sirius. Though I fear that should the Ethereals return, our relationship will deteriorate to where it was before.

The completed synopsis of the war follows:

March 7 - The dimension gates appear. UFOs enter the city.

March 13 - Former Cult of Sirius members, equipped and funded by Osiron, attack the Senate building in an attempt to frame X-COM.

March 14 - An explosion in the building above Evening Star collapses nearby buildings. No culprits are found, but X-COM suspects Cult involvement and attacks the Sirian Temple of the Apocalypse in retaliation. MegaPol discovers the proof that Osiron was behind the Senate attacks.

March 17 - Aliens attempt to enter Evening Star while the main force is away. "Rookie Squad" narrowly prevents a catastrophe.

March 24 - X-COM discovers that Osiron is in possession of alien weaponry and in the service of some higher power. They are obedient (perhaps against their will?) via explosive devices surgically inserted into their brains that detonates should a member be captured or attempt to provide information about their masters. Osiron begins their domination of the other gangs in the city and begin rising in power.

March 25 - X-COM proves that all the alien biological species and devices are related genetically, and create a powerful biological weapon, the B-Toxin, to combat them.

March 29 - X-COM forms an alliance with S.E.L.F., the Sentient Engine Liberation Front, as androids have proven to be highly effective in dealing with the aliens.

April 3 - A second base, Coolswa's Pad, goes online.

April 4 - The Cult of Sirius engages in combat with a group of aliens inside a Sirian Temple.

April 6 - X-COM sends a dimension probe into the alien dimension.

April 8 - The dimension probe returns giving us important information about the alien dimension.

April 11 - The first alien building is destroyed. Micronoids are encountered for the first time, though no one at the time knew of their importance.

April 18 - A group of Sectoids are found inside the alien food chamber. X-COM discovers that the Sectoids entered the alien dimension and were captured by the Micronoids. The Sectoids were forced to tell the aliens about Earth and humanity, thus triggering the events that started the war.
An alien Battleship is captured by X-COM.

April 25 - The main X-COM squad is declared MIA inside the alien dimension. An alien Mothership attacks the city, and deposits an Overspawn.

April 27 - X-COM sends a second team into the alien dimension, and discover that the alien farm is protected with an energy damping field. The missing androids are recovered, but not before Tynam sufferes permanent brain damage due to a psionic attack. The remaining missing soldiers are eventually all accounted for over the next month.
The Cult of Sirius forms an alliance with X-COM to help destroy the alien structure generating the damping field.

April 28 - Air superiority is achieved in the alien dimension thanks to the Annihilator class vessel "Frank Exchange of Views".
The alien farm is destroyed at great cost of life.

April 30 - The last UFO to enter Mega-Primus, the alien mothership, is captured.

May 1 - Complete air domination is achieved in the alien dimension.

May 2 - The alien intelligence, Micronoids, is discovered. X-COM develops the C-Toxin to combat them.

May 12 - All Osiron members are found dead, killed by a mass triggering of the explosives planted in their brains.

May 24 - Four X-COM soldiers disobeying orders commandeer "Welcome From Earf" and using its cloaking device to sneak into the alien dimension. An alien queen is captured and leads to the development of the gas grenade. The final missing X-COM soldier, Striker, is discovered. X-COM learns that the aliens are desperate, nearing defeat and have no capability of retaliation.

June 14 - The last alien building is destroyed. The dimension gates shut down, and X-COM is victorious.

As in all wars there are things that will remain mysterious, namely the events of March 14th, 24th and May 12. Such is the way of war.

I've personally received a large bonus for solving the alien problem before elections next month. The mayor, who is on good terms with X-COM is expected to be re-elected and fulfill the promises he's made to us in the past. However, without a direct threat to humanity, X-COM funding has once again been reduced to nearly zero. We have enough funds remaining to operate at a reduced capacity until 2085, but we've had to scale back on a lot of things. Many of our soldiers, scientists and engineers were persuaded to retire. Coolswa's Pad was torn down and all required facilities were rebuilt back in Evening Star. There are still a few avenues of research left unpersued, so Dr. Strangleglove will remain as head scientist for the time being.

Mega-Primus was originally built as a test city to see if a green self-contained city can be sustained on Earth in the wake of the destruction of T'leth. There have been some close calls, but it appears that the Mega-Primus operation has been successful. New cities are popping up all over the world using Mega Primus as a model.

Unless something catastrophic happens, this will most likely be my last journal entry. Fifty years from now when it is declassified, I trust it will provide answers to the questions civilians have that always arise from war.

THE ALL TIME X-COM ROSTER in semi-chronological order
Soup-Bot: Active
Guerilla Medic: Brainsucked
Manjaw Sally: Brainsucked
El Maligno: Killed by Popper
MacGyvers_Mullet: Killed in the "staplegun" incident
Coolswa: Killed by Popper
Shanty McHardass: Killed by Coolswa-induced friendly fire
BeerDeer: Brainsucked, captured, brain dead
Willie Tomg: Fired due to suckage
Fermata: Killed in the "staplegun" incident
Zap Rowsdower: Brainsucked
Cletus Van Damme: Brainsucked
Mindfish: Active
Ciwila: Killed by Hyperworm
LightReaper: Brainsucked
staplegun: Blew himself up to injure X-COM, motives unknown
Kurks: Killed by Coolswa-induced friendly fire
Xmas Future: Brainsucked, captured, brain dead
Sin Nerone: Brainsucked
Cowcaster: Killed by Popper
Jimmy Tango: Brainsucked, captured, brain dead
not lame!: Killed by Popper
Tempest56: Brainsucked
SynthOrange: Killed by Jim, disruptor cannon fire
Acetone: Brainsucked
UberJew: Killed by multiple disruptor blasts
untalented: Active
OldMold: Killed by exploding missiles set off by Monkey-OD's careless use of incendiary ammo
Sair: Active
HAL: Active
Monkey-OD: Killed by Popper
El Nato: Active
'Dini': Active
Striker: Brainsucked, killed by C-toxin and popper explosion
Schlock: Killed by Jim (popper explosion)
lilljonas: Killed by Osiron laser fire
Lege: Brainsucked
Sad King Billy: Killed by Jim (popper explosion)
Daviel Schada: Killed by Megaspawn missile
Jim: Went missing in the alien dimension, returned as a human-popper, blowing himself up
YourWay: Brainsucked
Dominic W-Hat 01: Active
Cabledude: Active
Pusherbot: Active
Schlemdinger: Active
Heti: Active
Velius: Active
Booyah: Active
Redeker: Active
Oystertoadfish: Active
EvilAstronaut: Active
LtSmash: Killed by Tynam, stabbed with sword
Koil: Active
Chuck Charlie: Active
Tynam: Died due to brain damage caused by psionic attack
Jade: Active

Psion: Active
Deadly Hume:

Cap'n Sibhod: Brainsucked
Fecking Wheel:

Elmo Oxygen: Brainsucked
Jihad Joe:
Fearless Decoy:
Everett Haran:
KGB Agent 185:

Nice Aaron: Killed by dimension missile explosion

Liberal L33t: Brainsucked

Fatness: Killed by dimension missile explosion

Mighty Steed: Killed by disruptor fire

Eric Wilkes: Died due to extreme blood loss as a result of disruptor fire

Lacroix: Active

Mission Two
Mr. Longhair:
Oxygen Mole:

Puke: Killed by Entropy Enzyme
Proper Job:

Fatness Guru the Second: Active

Sindowns: Active

Fecking Wheelie: Killed by disruptor fire

Eustace Member: Killed by exploding Cinnamon

Veotax: Killed by disruptor fire

Coolswa Jr.: Crushed by falling Megaspawn

Borstj: Killed by disruptor fire
Internet Friend:

Deadlier Hume: Killed by exploding building
Kilo Kyle:

It's been my honor and privilege to serve X-COM nearly my entire life.

Otto Zander
X-COM Director, Mega Primus Operations