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X-COM: Apocalypse

by GuavaMoment

Part 8

Monday, March 13, 2084, 2:00


Tempest56: Soupy, Maligno, Coolswa, BeerDeer and Jimmy, with me. There's seems to be a door over here. I'm going in.

Mindfish: Squad B, cross this ditch, look for a secondary entrance. At the opposite end.

Tempest56: I'm in front of what looks like an anti-grav elevator
Mindfish: I've entered through another door, I'll cover you.

Tempest56: The bottom floor looks like some kind of engine room.

Tempest56: Top floor is a huge room - I see a spitter on the upper level.

Mindfish: We're covering you. EVERYONE! UP THE ELEVATOR!

Kurks: Where is everyone?

Kurks: We got a runner - coming at me!

*large explosion that I couldn't capture in time*

Kurks: Aaaaaahhh! - the blue thing just blew up in front of me!

Kurks: I really wish we got more of those MarSec arm units...

LightReaper: Spitter! I'm in some kind of control room, I need backup!

Mindfish: I'm coming around, I but have an Anthro in the way.

Mindfish: It's guarding an egg and a...something. I'm going to fly up to get a better shot.

Mindfish: Oh crap! Ambush!

Mindfish: Suck gas!

BeerDeer: I got your back.
LightReaper: I stunned this spitter, but there's another in the corner, and a multiworm by the wall.

Tempest56: Kurks! I need some firepower here!

Kurks: Still one left, Coolswa! Fire a rocket!

Coolswa: HELLS YEAH.

*another explosion that I didn't capture in time*

*Centered on Kurks *

Coolswa: Sorry! I've got a lazy eye or something.
Kurks: ....

Tempest56: Who gave you that rocket launcher anyway? I'ma kick their ass if I survive this. You just killed our leader!

BeerDeer: We need to stun those multiworms, drop a stun grenade!
LightReaper: Done!

BeerDeer, LightReaper: ....

ElMaligno: I love my autocannon! *smooch*

Mindfish: That's got em!

Jimmy Tango: These things - I think they're harmless. It's some kind of chrysalis...

Jimmy Tango: What? No, chrysaLIS. There's something growing inside it. It's like a cocoon.


Mindfish: I'm going in!

Mindfish: As easy as falling down.


For bravely leading his squad into the UFO with only one fatality, we've decided to promote Tempest56. The rate that his skills are climbing is truly astounding.

Despite once again being involved in a fatal friendly fire incident, we've promoted Coolswa to Squad leader as well. While some may people may not understand, we do have many very good reasons for promoting him, namely his abilidyqovaf wpet^3*#sd@9^yyyyyy...... *RECORDING ERROR, DATA LOST* .....which clearly prove that Coolswa deserves promotion.

The small blue creature which exploded injuring Kurks left no trace of itself. We suspect it to be some kind of alien suicide bomber, have have named them "poppers". We did however capture live Anthropod soldiers, the first intelligent creature we've been able to capture alive. Exactly how intelligent we still have yet to learn. As for the last alien type - Jimmy Tango's description of the 'chrysalis' seems to be accurate.

Two live spitters were captured as well. As we do with all aliens, they're being kept under heavy sedation and cryogenically frozen until we can study them.

Injuries are starting to catch up to us, but I take this as a good sign.

Way back in the first world war, soldiers were not initially equipped with helmets. Once helmets became standard equipment, the rates of head injuries skyrocketed. Were helmets causing injuries? No, injuries increased because those soldiers were now casualities instead of fatalities. Thank MarSec armor for our increased injuries which otherwise would be fatalities.

We found a lot of strange equipment on that ship, and we're only guessing as the the function of some of the systems. I've ordered the scientists to begin researching a simple overview of the ship before continuing on to the components.

No rest for the wicked, we still need to check out that flyer factory that the UFO depositing creatures into.