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X-COM: Apocalypse

by GuavaMoment

Part 9

Monday, March 13, 2084, 9:00


With five soldiers injured and out of action, new recruits were hired to replace them. X-COM welcomes soldiers Sir Nerone, Acetone, UberJew and hybrid 'not lame!'. We're still lacking in MarSec armor, so we've had to mix-n-match MarSec and Megapol armor on our troops.

(R is Rookie, one V is Squaddie, two Vs are Squad Leaders.)

Rookie Sir Nerone had to absorb a popper blast on his first mission.

But managed to kill an anthro...

...while Acetone killed a spitter.

not lame! went through his initiation by surviving a brainsucker attack without falling under alien control.

ElMaligno shot down some walls to get at the last brainsucker.

There were very few aliens in the building. We fear some may have escaped in during the time we spent assaulting the UFO.

Our fears were founded. Once day broke we received a call from the Meteor Kings Gravball stadium. Our weary crew was sent into the fray once again.

ElMaligno got another chance to use his precious autocannon on two anthropods.

Mindfish killed a hyperworm without injury.

As did ElMaligno.

The aliens were very spread out into multiple rooms within the stadium. Mindfish came across this spitter in the bathroom.

While not lame! found a hyperworm in the maintenance tunnels.

Our soldiers have learned to use stun grenades as a safety tactic by stunning themselves when the fight gets hairy. The aliens do not seem to react to unconscious soldiers, and many times succumb to gas themselves. This tactic saved three lives here.

ElMaligno and Mindfish finally receive the promotions they well deserve. Both soldiers have been leading by example, and raking in the kills.

The first major incursion of enemy UFOs was finally dealt with. Many soldiers were injured and we lost Kurks, but we've gained new soldiers and provided them with adequate combat experience. We've captured an intact UFO with many mysterious machines inside. I could hear we were getting an abnormal amount of phone and internet calls into the base, but I didn't really care at that point. I (and many of the soldiers) had been awake for twenty-four hours straight and I was just about to congratulate them before heading to bed when I got the news.

"Otto, you have to turn on GNN right now"

"Oh, you mean The Morning Show with News-Bot 3.1? What's so important?" I asked.

"There's been an attack on the Senate. Explosions, a lot of people killed"

"What? How bad? Do they know who did it?"

"Yes Sir..."

"Well, who's to blame?"

Uh...we are, Sir.


News-Bot 3.1: --If you're just joining us - We have obtained footage of a cowardly raid by X-COM agents against our own government.

As you can see from the footage we have obtained, X-COM soldiers entered the Senate building no less than an hour ago. Now we warn you, what you are about to see is graphic in nature, and not suitable viewing for young children.

These soldiers immediately began laying incendiary charges throughout the building.

The security guards were no match for the massive firepower X-COM used in this terrorist attack.

Despite, or rather in spite of the pleading for their lives by government guards, the evil X-COM forces continued killing and burning everything in their path.

X-COM continued their merciless rampage as guards and civilians burned to death.

We're being told the fires in the building are still out of control.

Bodies - guards, civilians, even some of the cowardly X-COM agents litter the Senate entrance.

But X-COM wasn't finished. Once their agents left they set off a series of explosives designed to destroy the entire building.

Fortunately, they we're not entirely successful, and much of the building remains intact.

This is a live shot of the Senate. Fires are still burning inside. MegaPol refuses to allow the media access or give us any information on the numbers of dead. We do not know the reason, but we suspect this to be a plot by X-COM to overthrow our peaceful government for their own nefarious purposes. We have all heard that in the last few days X-COM has been building up a massive force to deal with this supposed alien threat. But we at Sensovision have received no reports of these aliens harming any of our citizens. The footage we've shown in the past few days has proven that the aliens are not firing at our city. We have to ask, "are we really under attack?" Or is this all a ploy by X-COM to control Mega Primus, the Earth and beyond?

Once again our top story - X-COM has launched an assault on the Senate building.

I cannot remember a time I've been more angry.

I swear we will find whoever is responsible for this frame-up and make them pay. The list of suspects is limited to the Cult of Sirius, but what is Sensovision's part in this? Their time will come, but we need to go into damage control mode quickly before this propaganda gets out of control.