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X-COM: UFO Defense

by GuavaMoment

Part 1: Prologue

Chapter 1: Prologue

X-COM UFO Defense (aka UFO Enemy Unknown) is the best game ever made.

Seriously. IGN said so once. And for a game that's 15 years old, that means something. Being 15 years old also means it's all kinds of abandonware, so go find a copy yourself and play it, dammit.

X-COM (eXtraterrestrial COMbat unit) is a simple game with almost no plot - There are aliens invading earth, you don't know why yet, you kill them, take their stuff and then kill them better. Battle sequences are done the way it's supposed to be - turn based - None of this real time nonsense that every game nowadays has.

The lack of plot is just asking for someone to come along and write their own little story about it. I've already done that to the second sequel, X-COM Apocalypse. That thread can be viewed in the LP archive or the SA Goldmine.

I won't be directly explaining the game mechanics for people who haven't played before, but you can infer some help with my strategies and tactics as I write them in-character. I can however direct you to a download link somewhere. This really is a great game and has a very small learning curve. If you do have any questions about the game, post in the thread, everyone loves coming into these things and trading tactics, strategies and war stories.

This LP will be similar to the Apocalypse one. I'm again playing on Superhuman, the hardest difficulty (You actually have to patch the game with XComUtil to get higher difficulties to work.) Consider the plot here to be a prequel to the story I wrote in Apocalypse. It is not necessary to read the Apocalypse thread first (it takes 3 hours to read) but it is recommended. Jade Star also wrote a sequel to the Apocalypse thread in his LP of UFO Aftermath. He plans to continue his LP with the UFO game sequels sometime in the near future.

If you want me to add you to the pool of soldiers I'll use in-game, just post here with your soldier's name, preferred weapon and anything else you wish to add (like what I should research first). The list of available weapons and research topics (for those who haven't played before) will come along in the third update.

YouTube Intro (not mine)

December 29th, 1998

Ulysses: We're through the field now.

Ulysses:...keep your head up, watch each other's backs, expect the unexpected. Shoot to kill. If you see Alpha, call for backup. Remember your training, and we will succeed.

Ulysses: Try to stay behind the tank, its armor is the best we have available. Okabe, stay behind with the big guns. Pearce and Berger, spread out, cover our flanks. Radios all good, everyone? Stewart, you getting a good signal?

Stewart: Yeah, the tank controls just fine from here. Though everyone here at the base keeps looking over my shoulder at the screens.

Ulysses: Move out.

Stewart: Whoa! I'm getting some heat already! Down to under 50% capacity!

Zhdanovich: Follow me comrades.

Zhdanovich: I see the craft. Looks much more intact than the others.

Zhdanovich: Alpha at three o'clock!

Berger: Got you covered to the north.

Pearce: Moving around the western flank. Okabe, waste it.

Okabe: Gladly.

Okabe: I think I heard two of them shrieking.

Zhdanovich: Confirmed, two Alphas downed in front of the ship.

Ulysses: The tech boys tell me that's where the door probably is. We're going in. Rookie! Get down here, we have a job for you!

Zander: Yes sir!

Zander: My alien UFO. I never thought tha-

Ulysses: GET DOWN.

Ulysses: You trying to get yourself killed?

Zander: No sir! Sorry sir!

Ulysses: Smoke's cleared. Everyone, surround the ship, move!

Zhdanovich: In position. I don't see a handle or anything over here. The tech guys sure there's a door here? I hope we don't have to teleport inside or some other bullshit. There's a torch in the Skyranger to cut our way in if we have to, right?

Berger: Are these supposed to be windows? They're not transparent.

Okabe: We'll never know until we finally capture one of these things intact. Fortune has smiled on us, the ship survived descent without much obvious damage.

Ulysses: Pearce, report in. Is our flank clear?

Ulysses: Pearce?

Berger: Man down! I need a Medic!

Zander: I got you!

Zander: These burns aren't that bad. What the hell was that?

Berger: I heard something land near us. Okabe took most of the blast. Is she?

Zander: ....

Ulysses: STEWART! Head down here, Alpha might be throwing grenades at us!

Stewart: All clear down here. No sign of Alpha.

Ulysses: I'm ready to call this one.

Berger: No! I've had worse, I we can still accomplish our mission. We need this one; I can do it. You guys ready?

Berger: Say a prayer for me.

Berger: GOD DA-

Stewart: Tank down! Static on all cameras, complete loss of signal!

Ulysses: Dammit! We've cocked this one up, evac, now!

Zander: Oh God, I didn't want to be here! Get me out, I don't want to die, please

Zander: OH GOD!