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Part 39: New Friends

Chapter 39: New Friends


Terror Mission - Washington

Bovines operating the tank

Otto Zander, Cooked Auto, Raptus, Pipgirl, Jetsetlemming, Count Drunkula Willcrouch, Tsathoggua, Allen Wren and Roar attending

Otto Zander: Standard procedure on this one guys, Bovines you and Roar scout, everyone else try Psi attacks until the aliens get too far out of range for it to be effective. Cooked Auto, I want to you have first shot at controlling the aliens, you're better at it then the rest of us. The hyperwave said these were Sectoids, so we're going to have to deal with any Cyberdisks the hard way.

Bovines: Landing area's good. The local military has their shit together, the civilian evacuation appears to have been effective.

Bovines: Sectoid sighted by the wall. Auto, it's all yours.

Cooked Auto: Understood. Let me show the rest of you how this is accomplished!

Cooked Auto: Good. I have control of the Sectoid's min. I'm going to attempt to get the one next to it...

Cooked Auto: It's like a chain. Control each link and you can get to the end soon enough. There's more past the trees.

Cooked Auto: First things first, time to deal with the ones I have controlled. You shoot your friend now. Good ali-GAH. Fuck! I hate that feeling when one dies under your control.

Bovines: I think this is a good time to start shooting.

Allen Wren: Then get out of my way!

Allen Wren: That should do it. Out of the boat, we're going door-to-door now.

Roar: I assume that means I need to take point. Fuck, being the psi-weak soldier here sucks. Maybe I should file for transfer to Area 51 if I survive this.

Otto Zander: Auto, you coming?

Cooked Auto: Just-just gimme a minute here. I-I'm feeling a little diz-uh, feeling not well. I may have pushed too hard with the psi stuff.

Otto Zander: Alright, stay here, we'll relay coordinates of the aliens back to you.

Cooked Auto: And I can tell you that the one under my control is getting shot. Please go save him.

Otto Zander: Huh, it seems easier to break their mental defense when they're injured. Auto, can you get the one about eight meters in front of my Sectoid?

Cooked Auto: Sure.

Cooked Auto: Oh WHAT?! Um, we uh...there's a thing nearby! Those...things, you know, the uh, the black ones! The really bad ones!

Otto Zander: Chryssalids?

Cooked Auto: YES! Chryssalids! I was told we'd never seen them again!

Otto Zander: Shit! Bovines, can you give us a shooting lane? Possibly kill a Sectoid or two in the process?

Bovines: On it.

Cooked Auto: AH! Hey, uh, jerk, I had that one under my...psi control, that's it!

Otto Zander: Troops, try to control the nearby Sectoids, make them shoot the Chryssalids!

Jetsetlemming: We killed one, but two more have run up. Zombified my pet Sectoid in one swipe.

Otto Zander: No, I can see through my Sectoid, it just outright killed it. Chryssalids can't covert anything except for humans.

Bovines: Dammit, it's coming for me! Maybe clearing a path wasn't a good idea!

Cooked Auto: NO!

Cooked Auto: You - don't hurt my tank friend. Go see over there...

Cooked Auto: Please faster's hard to head all keep in.

Bovines: Understood, sort of. Rockets inbound!


Tsathoggua: The what?

Tsathoggua: OH HELL.

Tsathoggua: Thanks Wren, you just save me from OH FUCK THERE'S MORE.


Cooked Auto: Helping.

Cooked Auto: Wren, your gun. The guy.

Allen Wren: Gotcha!

Allen Wren: Down you go, fucker. Anything you want to try before you get shot? I dare you to try and attack me.

Allen Wren: What...the...hell is it doing? This is really weird guys, this Chryssalid is waving its arms at me.

Tsathoggua: Kill it!

Allen Wren: It's looking right at me, but not attacking. I seen a ton of Chryssalids and they've never shown any kind of restraint before.

Tsathoggua: Wow, who cares! SHOOT THE DANG THING.

Allen Wren: It's moving away. I kind of want to see what the hell it's doing.

Allen Wren: Auto, you're not controlling this one, right?

Cooked Auto: Noooooooooooo!

Allen Wren: You're not going to believe this...

Jetsetlemming: You let the Chryssalid run away?

Allen Wren: I think it-

Jetsetlemming: Wait, kill this zombie first. Too bad not all the civilians could get away in time.

Allen Wren: Well, his friends won't miss him. They'll be dead too.

Roar: "Hey Roar, why don't you go waltz into that Snakeman nest so we can mentally attack them from our lounge chairs and hammocks in the comfort of the Skyranger!"

Roar: "Hey Roar, you only scored a forty eight so we're going to treat you like shit!" I'm so done with this. When I get back to base-

Roar: OW! GOD DAMN THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. I'm fucking TIRED of getting shot! I've had it!

Roar: THANK YOU. That was you Willcrouch, right?

Willcrouch: Huh? No. Where are you, by the south gas station? I'm still by the tank.

Roar: Then who shot that guy?

Roar: You've got to be kidding me. Wren, what the hell did you do to this Chryssalid?

Roar: Because it's on our side. Auto, you're still not controlling it?

Cooked Auto: Nuhhh.

Roar: Okay. That's fucked up. What the hell?

Pipgirl: Ha! You think that's weird, check out what Count and I found!

Count Drunkula: There's a Chryssalid here that's completely stymied by a two foot tall hedge. It's totally boxed in! It's too dumb to jump over the hedge!

Roar: Pipgirl, keep an eye out for our new friend, it's running towards you.

Pipgirl: Yeah, it's trying to aim its pistol at the other Chryssalid. With those huge claws, it's not having an easy time of it.

Count Drunkula: It managed fine eventually though!

Otto Zander: One more quick sweep, we still need to find that landed terror ship. There have been no reports of it leaving. Someone grab a stun rod and get that Chryssalid in here, we should examine it at the base. Look around once more for any missed aliens, then head to the ship.

Otto Zander: Auto, how you doing? Auto? Oh shit, something's wrong with Cooked Auto.

Allen Wren: Let's get to a local hospital then.

Otto Zander: I don't think that'll help. We need to get back to Early Light, this might be a psionic-related problem. Local docs wouldn't know how to help him.

Allen Wren: Our doctors won't know how to help him either!

Otto Zander: That might be true, but first that UFO needs dealt with.

Otto Zander: I have the location of the alien ship. If there are Chryssalids on it, they need to be dealt with, with extreme prejudice. Prepare for another missions boys, we're going in-

: Negative, X-COM Skyranger One. This is Colonel Johnson from Andrews Air Force Base. We've been listening to your communications. We have our own plan for dealing with this ship. Stay back, missiles are inbound.

Otto Zander: Well, that's one way to deal with Chryssalids.

Roar: We should do that more often!

Otto Zander: Normally we can't - the ships have an exclusion field. It's odd that this strike worked.

: I'll take that as a thank you, X-COM. Johnson out.


Injured Reserve: Roar, again


Dexanth posted:

Audio Log : L. Takakumi and A. Wren, time unknown

Lily : Allen, I don't care about whether or not some soldiers were off-base and getting drunk! I mean, damnit, it's not like people don't already know we already exist, it's the worst kept secret after the President's womanizing - Although it can net you quite the research grant if you are willing to even show a bit of tail. *Giggle* But hmmph, next time I'll just have to go with you.

: *Purrrrr*

Lily : Yes kitten, Momma is taking you out date-hunting! Allen, go round up those escorts again, you're coming with us right - (Inaudible muffling) - Oh, good, I've cracked the autopsy reports again. Right, I have some data to examine, we'll do this afterwards.

End Entry

Incident, post-analysis by L. Takakumi

I feel sorry for anyone reading this without permission. The poison dart will take effect any moment and cause excrutiating agony. And if you somehow are seeing this digitally, your computer should be overheating right

Anyway, there seems to be a bit of oddness for this first mission, which I admit has me partly consternated. I mean, I usually don't do autopsies first hand anymore because I still get ill half the time from the smell. And Ms. Cuddles refuses to stop trying to eat the dead bodies.

But anyway, these latest reports are quite strange. Firstly, the enemy was only using plasma pistols, which we haven't seen in any real capacity in months, it's always been heavy plasma with the occasional rifle.

More strangely, though, is the Chryssalid autopsy. The dead ones were...strangely emaciated, which is exceptionally odd since their lifespan is so short they shouldn't have time to actually weaken. The live one is further strange, but inquiries into that are producing little to no results.

Most odd, however, is that the just-infected second generation Chryssalids didn't have reproduction capacity. In other words, there was no possibility of the infection spreading beyond several city blocks at most - Odd since if they somehow had the data intact, then why not simply cleanse the USA? It's easily the bastion of opposition, other than us - And they are our primary funding source, especially with Japan destroyed.

I think I'll be discussing this in private with Otto, as the order to seal the files came from Markus himself. Normally I'd chalk it up to his incompetence, but he has never struck me as the sort to not take credit for any discovery he can, and this would seemingly certain merit such. Perhaps his sanity is finally cracking, that would be delightful! It would mean I'd finally see success in my plots to dethrone him!

All that can wait, however! My kitty and Allen and I have business to intend to which is far more important. This war is growing tiresome, most research leads appear to be drying up, other than perhaps an idea or three in constructing some form of Ultimate Fighter Craft. There's still a bit more to figure out beforehand, though.

Oh, one final note - I did acquire myself a pair of eggs from the weakened Chryssalids, so I can see if I can identify what's wrong in them. Perhaps it may give us some sort of effective bioweapon? Nobody else will know about them and all research will be done in full Hazmat suits - All previous infections have been a result of intentional infection, but exactly how the egg infects isn't known, especially given the rapid gestation period.

End Log


Torlon posted:

Audio Playback Beginning

Man I am really starting to hate this place. The base has rats! Normally this wouldn't bother me but the way pest control has decided to deal with them is to use proxy mines... PROXY MINES! I suppose this gives the doc a more valid reason to armor her cat, don't want Ms Cuddles exploding while chasing mice. I'm sure that has absolutely nothing to do with it but I'm happy with my delusions.

What else... oh yeah! Those fuckers who've had psi training. Some are starting to mess with the minds of us trainees. I'd laugh at the people who keep saying "These aren't the droids you are looking for... move along" if it wasn't for the fact that the trainees they say that to look confused for a second then walk away with a blank stare. Then the times a trainee freaks out and says something crazy when a psi troop just happens to be nearby with a video cam...

At least they haven't gotten me like that yet, I assume the voices in my head make it harder for them to focus, they haven't learned to ignore them yet. They are going on about enforcers and cods or something now, I've stopped paying attention.

Meh. Well with the MEOW complete Dr. Takakumi has left me alone for the most part, being more of a biologist then she is I still g3t some odd questions, like "What's the best way to prevent being infected by things that implant things into things?" and "How would someone know if something is growing inside them that shouldn't be?" I really hope those two aren't related, considering she seems to be getting 'larger' I really really hope those two questions aren't related.

*sigh* Maybe I should see if I can transfer to Area 51, it'd be nice to be back in my home country.

Audio Playback Halted