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Part 4: You Never Forget The First One

Chapter 4: You Never Forget The First One

: After the craziness of January 1st, I was looking forward to some sleep. Unfortunately a siren went off at 2 in the morning. A UFO was detected setting down in the desert in Saudi Arabia. I remember thinking this was going to be a huge problem, since that month's supply order hadn't arrived and there were only seven soldiers active who had passed training. All rookies.

At the start of all missions the Skyranger launches miniature helicopters equipped with cameras that allow anyone back at base to watch the missions unfold. The resolution on the camera isn't that great so it can't be used for scouting very well.

The director wanted to change the way missions were dealt with due to all the failures they previously had suffered. All missions from this one on were a lot less militarized than the ones Ulysses was accustomed to.


UFO 1, Jan 2 1999, Saudi Arabia

Whiskey, Mr Toes, Sanguinaire, Sugary, Antti, Roxormancer, Drakkel attending

Mr Toes: Let's go guys! The UFO looks like it set down south of us. Those Sectoids won't know what him 'em!

Mr Toes: WHAT?! You're not a sectoid!

Mr Toes: Enemy sighted! Some kind of pink floater guy.

Mr Toes: And they don't seem to mind getting shot...

Mr Toes:

Antti: Toesy, no!


Antti: I'm OK, just grazed me, but I need help!

Whiskey: Why is this thing still alive? Help, everyone, we need more firepower!

Roxormancer: Sweet merciful crap, the director's not going to be happy with us if we keep missing at this range, is he?

Drakkel: Like this you failures.

Drakkel: Finally. Floater down. Spread out, Sanguinaire and Roxor, head east around the ship. This idea certainly won't get one of you killed. The rest with me, head to the front door of the UFO.

Sugary: Just yell if you need anything blown up.

Antti: Incoming fire!

Antti: One of them came out of the ship.

Antti: Hah, that one went down a lot easier than his friend!

Drakkel: Watch out Roxor, I see one in the shadows east of here.

Roxor: I don't see it...

Sanguinaire: It's right over-

Sanguinaire: -there. *sigh*

Sanguinaire: I got him guys, the area's clear, head for the ship.

Sugary: Can't use my rocket launcher in the ship, but I have an idea...

Sugary: Ha ha ha...

HA HA HA!!! Oh, this is going to be awesome. Superior alien weaponry, all for me.

Sugary: We ready to head in? OnetwothreeNOTIT!

Drakkel: Not it!

Whiskey: Not it!

Antti: Not i- fuck!

Antti: Well, we've killed three already, so there should only be one or two at most inside. I can kill one or two.

Antti: ...





God damn it.

: The incredible crappiness of our weaponry became very clear at this part. Antti was aiming at this one right here-

: And ended up missing and killing the one behind it.

: Obviously, he had no chance.

: Whiskey then took aim at the same one that Antti was trying to shoot at. He aimed at it, and this bullshit happened:

: If I never see a standard issue X-COM rifle again I can die a happy man. Those things sucked so badly.

: Again, it missed a target two meters away. Luckily the miss was still a kill shot on one of the aliens. Drakkel took a shot that hit but didn't kill the alien, then Sugary went in.

Sugary: *click*



Sugary: I can't!

Drakkel: Are you pulling the trigger?

Sugary: YES YOU RETARD of course I'm pulling the trigger? What do you think I'm doing?!

Whiskey: Well figure it out quick before I get shot in the back.

Sugary: RUN! Our guns all suck!

Drakkel: Run? Fuck that, he's the last one.


Sweet, last one dead, now let's see exactly what's inside one of these ships.

Drakkel: OH COME ON!

Drakkel: One left, help!

Sugary: Sorry Whiskey, hope you don't mind now that you're in a better place.


Damn, that looks painful.

Sanguinaire: Hey, what's going on in here?


I think I got them all!

: Back at the base there was all kinds of whooping and cheering from everyone watching at the success of the mission. I wasn't cheering though, I was thinking ahead. This was a second, totally unknown alien species attacking earth. A second species with its own motives and strategies. It got me worried, thinking about how many aliens we were actually fighting against.

: Sugary and Sanguinaire - the first soldiers to succeed in a capture mission. One of the Floaters was wounded but died shortly after the battle ended. We had never seen these guys before and had no idea how to keep a wounded one alive.

: The ship was the real prize. A fully intact alien UFO. Capture teams arrived to carefully dismantle the ship and bring it back to the base.

: Even though five of seven died, it was a pretty good start for the year.




Mr Toes





FredMSloniker posted:

1999 Jan 02

Dear Diary:

Today was a sobering experience. Around 2 AM an alarm went off; I got up, of course, but it turned out I wasn't needed. Apparently the RPVs hadn't actually arrived yet, so they were deploying without them. I was going to go back to bed, but I heard they were going to be broadcasting a live feed of the mission in the base, so I went to watch it in the largely deserted messhall.

What a catastrophe. One guy got shot getting off the Skyranger, another got hit circling the UFO, and three more died rushing the interior. The only two who survived were the last ones in. The worst of it is, I hear the brass is calling this a success, saying this is the best they've done against the aliens since the war began.

Aliens. Sure, I imagined-- who doesn't?-- but they're really here, and they're really trying to kill us. And we don't know why. I suppose we can be grateful they didn't just drop some gigantic bomb on us from orbit, but all the same... I didn't even know them outside of a face in the messhall. Now I never will.

I hope my RPV gets here soon. If some floating alien bastard shoots it in the face, nobody else has to die. I just felt so useless sitting there in the messhall, watching men dying like sheep. If I'd been there, some of them would have made it back.

I didn't sleep well last night.

Fred "Waddle Dee" Sloniker


Terashell posted:

Playing Log: Private Dominic "Terashell" Maxwell - Post-Debriefing - XCOM Facility Early Light


0200, and they found a UFO landing.... They sent in the team and only two lucky sunuvabitches made it back...

Only positive thing is we brought back an alien gun and found a new alien species. I'm not looking forward to going out there... but at the rate the brass are chewing through manpower, my number's coming soon...

[following is non-classified, for transmission to civilian Cassandra Watson upon soldier MIA/KIA status]
If I don't make it back... Sis... Take care of Betsy, wouldya? And tell Bobby I won't be able to take him camping...
[end non-classified file]

Jesus... I'm going to get some racktime...

End Log


OrangeSoda posted:

Diary of Richard "OrangeSoda" Kingston, entry 4:

71% casualty rate!? 71% CASUALTY RATE!? Just what are we up against!?

*illegible shaky scribbling proceeds, many instances of the word BLOODY and FUCK within.*


Loden Taylor posted:

Diary of Loden Taylor
Team just came back from the mission; five of the seven were killed. One of them was Whiskey.

At least now he won't find out I was fucking his girlfriend.

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