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Part 11: Operation Crimson Savior

Operation Crimson Savior

It didn't take long for the next mission to pop up on me. Sprahl and Tony White are still in the medbay healing up, and with Ragnar still benched awaiting on the decision to MEC him or not he's not going out either. I needed a 5th man for the mission and pulled up a new recruit.

Isobel Guiteirez 45 Will 70 Aim

Another promising recruit. Isobel is 5 points above the average in terms of Will and Aim making her a very nice addition to the team. Going into the mission I am hoping she promotes to assault so we have some back up for Sprahl.


There isn't a lot to talk about post mission with this one. A pretty standard sweep and clear mission with a little bit of difficulty from managing the terrain. The only new point to touch on was that this was a landed UFO and not a crash. I didn't have to intercept it on the globe, it just sort of appeared in Oregon for no reason. Landed UFO's are pretty much the exact same as a crashed UFO with the main difference being that landed UFO's will have all of their components left intact. That means if you're careful you can salvage all the UFO Navigation and power sources the ship has to offer. This can be very beneficial to either use these parts in building your base or Firestorms, or just for selling for a quick increase in cash. Just try to take care of where you shoot or lob explosives when clearing the UFO itself.

Also James Dean wins MVP for the Penta-Kill rocket launcher shot.