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Part 20: Operation The Incredible Sodium

Operation The Incredible Sodium

Yeah, you heard me. Incredible Sodium. I hope you are all happy with the new mission naming policy.

I am too.


Fairly standard abduction mission here, though once the aliens get detected they start coming group after group with out a break. This is when Seekers are most dangerous, and the easiest time to forget they are out there. Even still it's usually more worth while to focus on the visible aliens that guns that will kill you if they hit you with them. Predicting AI behavior can sometimes be a guessing game, and this time out I guessed wrong and messed up a capture attempt. Disappointing but there will plenty of other chances to capture aliens in the future. Lastly, all these damn missions popping up before my cool new toys and research projects get finished. Dang it. Hopefully I'll get a little break before the next one.