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Part 29: Operation Holla Holla Get Tears

Operation Holla Holla Get Tears


Coming from the thread suggestions this video is the same mission done twice. First as normal as done by me, and then done again by Guava. It's pretty interesting to see how each of our moves resulted in different events happening and how we dealt with them. I think I might have chosen a poor map for this experiment as the mission is pretty short sighted and neither of us really get very far into the map or explore anywhere before the mission is over from wiping out the aliens. So it might be worth trying again on a larger abduction mission or one of the bigger crashed UFOs.

Couple interesting things happen in both videos. We see that civilians have two hp, which is... useless to know really but it's kind of cool! The introduction of Shaky Cam left Guava speechless for a moment. Sprahl should have been dead twice over on my playthrough, and even in Guava's half the Chryssalids show bizarre AI and chose not to attack at all.

As a minor side note, Guava has talked me out of closing the thread twice now. Stop it with the sniper overwatch discussion. It's been covered three or four times already. I'd like to threaten something more fun like not ever using snipers again so people shut up about it, but knowing you guys that'd be some sort of fun extra feature like lemming squad.

Additionally I guess I direct copied a few of the Gifs made by hopeford? They don't look like they're working in the Op, so if you can repost or PM them to me so I can be smart about things, save them, and rehost them not on your bandwidth, that'd be cool.