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Part 30: Operation Insolent Barricade

Operation Insolent Barricade


An exalt rescue mission for today. Pull Finn out of hostile territory, but while we are at it let's play with some new toys! Our MECs get upgraded and I have a new rookie to train up. I'd like to write more here, but it's exalt.

Our new MEC toys are here! Tier 2 MECs get some nice options. A grenade launcher adds a world of offensive versatility. The launcher itself has a much extended range over a arm thrown grenade. It comes with a starting stock of 3 (I think) grenades, and expands to 5 with the Expanded Storage skill choice. The Medical Mist is a good option for a defensive minded MEC. The Mist sprayer emits a large cloud of healing centered around the MEC and will heal every soldier it touches. This can mean a heal on all 6 of your soldiers in one turn if you set up for it. Unlike the tier 1 choice, this one is a balanced option and which choice you make depends on the roll you want your MEC in. For the LP it is pretty clear how I will split this decision, the punch MEC gets the grenade launcher. The Support MEC that will be sitting near the troops most of the time will get the Medical Mist to patch them up just in case.

MEC-2 equipment choices. Grenade Launcher vs Medical Mist

Grenade Launcher
+ Ammo supply means more than enough grenades to spend on removing enemy cover.
+ Improved range over thrown grenades.
+ Mobility plus grenade range lets you hit a lot of far away targets.
+ Removes the need to dedicate a soldier to be a grenadier. Frees up inventory slots for other uses.

Medical Mist
+ Area of effect heal.
+ Eases burden on supports.
+ Works well with support based MEC troopers.
- Limited uses. Only 1 per mission to start.