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Part 32: Operation Blinded Me With Noun

Operation Blinded Me With Noun


Following the end of a month is always a good time for X-Com, assuming you didn't lose a council nation. The start of a new month means a lot of money coming in and the chance to build all sorts of new and fun things. We no longer need to worry about building satellites or uplink facilities so all that money and effort and be poured into other areas. With the recent research developments that means a lot of money and resources go into building a new kind of air to air interceptor capable of fighting the aliens on even terms. After that we can dig out and build any new facilities we need, like Psi Labs once Guava is done making his Sectoid Psionic Brain Sandwich. And for good fun I go through and build all the little odds and ends I've never really tried before like ghost grenades and poison grenades and a mimic beacon.

For the mission itself, well, its an EXALT mission, so its really just more fun times to take out soldiers that aren't maxed rank and play with them and our shiny new toys. But wait, EXALT have shiny new toys of their own! Yes even EXALT will develop laser tech and armor. More then that the develop gene mods as well, and not the same gene mods we have! Vahlen will comment on the excessive nature of the mods EXALT has and indeed EXALT have their own unique gene mods that we will never have access too. Some of them are rather nice and I wish we could get too. Iron Skin being a flat 25% damage reduction comes to mind as a mod I'd like to give our soldiers.

Even with the new tricks EXALT still aren't too serious a threat. Once you realize they have new gear and such, treat them with a little more due caution and you can push them over just as easily as before.

As a side note I finished the superhuman ironman Open X-Com file last night. The end result was humanity wins, UK and France were lost to the alien influence and had to be purged, and the final death count was 346 before going into Cydonia, so probably something like 356 by the time the brain was killed. Thanks to all who watched, volunteered, and died.