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Part 33: Operation Drowned Buenos Aires

Operation Drowned Buenos Aires


A quick council mission that comes a little late in the game for council missions to pose any real danger. Instead this becomes a good opportunity to train our non maxed soldiers and play with some new gadgets. Since it wasn't a mission I was taking seriously, i brought along our good pal Skippy Granola this time.


Major Skill for MEC soldiers.

Overdrive is Bulletswarm for MECs. Shoot first, move later. Or shoot again. Or grenade. Or boosh. Whatever. It's a great skill all around and works well with the Sniper MECs aim bonus for shooting before moving. As the skill for Major, there is no alternative to pick from, so every MEC will have this skill if they live long enough. There isn't a lot to say about Overdrive that hasn't already been said for Bulletswarm, only this time there is no competing choice. It's a great skill, enjoy it.