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Part 43: Operation That 70's Discussion

Operation That 70's Discussion


This is a fun mission. The final mission to deal with EXALT. Really, any mission that Firaxis thought deserved its own map is going to be more fun than the randomly generated ones. This map to me says 'We are EXALT. We are a globe spanning evil corporation with aristocratic roots. We have money, lots of money, technology, and manpower at our disposal and we'd like to take over the world'. At least that is my impression of EXALT I get from the pent house office on a sky rise, the tapestries and art all over their office, the big giant hologlobe colored red just to make sure you get it that they are evil. I do wish the sky box was a little more detailed, like really crowded with lights and other buildings, or have the view go down all the way to the street. Or, as Guava pointed out, have it be a little more geared toward the country/city that is hosting the EXALT HQ. I did a very quick look of Chihuahua on google street view and I didn't see a single high rise building. Of course it's way too much detail to ask or expect of a game like this, but it would be amazingly cool of the EXALT HQ from this game was in a big first story flat office building. Just let the team bust through the windows from outside and whatnot. Obviously I understand the intent of the HQ is to make it look big, imposing, and fortress like. You spent so much time just looking for the damn HQ that a lot of the build up would be lost or soured if you found out you could have driven a car over to it's parking lot in Chihuahua and then just breached it like a SWAT team.

Mechanically it doesn't play out much different than any other EXALT mission other than two small changes. EXALT will not get reinforcement as the map goes, and the forces on the map are preplaced and patrolling, just like the normal alien AI on most maps. All this really means is that if you go in guns blazing and balls hanging out like I did, you stand a chance of activating a lot of EXALT soldiers at once. May or may not be a problem depending where you are in the game. I also forget to do intel scans so I get my clues much slower than what I expect of other players. If you are diligent you could certainly be seeing this mission before your team is loaded down in plasma weaponry and advanced armor. Having waited this long though, it's sort of a victory lap slash giant middle finger to EXALT. We survived their harassment, put up with their bullshit the whole game, and now we get to burn all their crap to the ground. Except the stuff we steal to go sell for money.

Lastly, Virgils Root Beer. 4.5 out of 5 Booshes, would drink again. I think it comes down to personal preference that I like the smoother kinds of root beer like Henry Wienhard's that are made with honey. When I want a cold refreshing root beer I like that smoothness to satisfy and relax me. Even still, that Bavarian Nutmeg added a very interesting and complex flavor to Virgils that I can appreciate, and would desire again.

e: Also in rewatching I finally understand Guava's 'Heel Turn' joke at the start of the video. Went over my head at the time.