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Original Thread: Magneto Is Planning Something!!! Let's Play X-Men Legends (PS2)



What is this?
Well, this is a team based-action-RPG based on the X-Men made by Raven Software for the PS2, Gamecube and Xbox in 2004. This game started a series of games that were all made by Raven Software except the last one which was Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. M:UA 2 was made by Vicarious Visions instead of Raven Software. It wasn't that bad of a change, in my opinion because the games had always used an engine created by Vicarious Visions. My copies are on the PS2 (for X-Men Legends and X-Men Legends 2) and PS3 (for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2). According to the wikipedia article on the game, originally Raven wanted to make this a turn-based game like Final Fantasy, but I think it was for the best that they decided to go the action-RPG route instead.
This summer we are getting a new X-Men movie from director Bryan Singer and I figured this was as good a time as any to bust out a classic Marvel game from the vault and do an LP on it. Eventually, I will be going through the other releases in this series as I complete them. I will start with this one and then move on to the others in release order.

Is there Bonus Content for this game?
Believe it or not, there is bonus content in these games. It's basically concept art and comic book covers for (most of) the playable characters. For the concept art, I will be posting probably three pieces with each update. For the comic covers, I will post them as we obtain them.

Sounds great, if I want in on this then what do I need to do?
Well, to be honest I will be looking for multiplayer allies for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and M:UA 2 when I get to those games. If you are interested in joining in the fight then there are a couple of things you will need to know. First of all, for M:UA 1 I will be playing the an American copy of the game and I'm not sure if the multiplayer is region-free for that game. If it isn't then you will need an American copy of the game to play with me. For M:UA 2 I will be playing a U.K. copy of the game because that was the only way I could get the DLC characters on my PS3 version. I know M:UA 2 has region restrictions on its multiplayer so you will need a U.K. copy of that game to play with me. If you are interested then post your PSN name in the comments of the Youtube video. I will message you and let you know when I am close to starting the multiplayer games. Other than that, I will be allowing audience participation by allowing you to decide which characters I take on each mission. I will post a link to a straw poll over at which will be how you will decide on the characters to be used for each mission.

Upload Schedule
I will try to upload episodes every two episodes every week. The earliest they will be up is Friday and the latest they will be up is Sunday. The first update has four episodes only because it is the first update and I wanted to get through the opening of the game before the second update.

I know these games are kind of old and the later PS3 ones are generally based on old arcs that Marvel has already used, but if we could keep the spoilers to a minimum that would be great. If you need to post spoilers as part of your question in your post then please remember to use spoiler tags.

Without further ado, let's begin X-Men Legends.....

Comic Covers:
Emma Frost
Jean Grey

Concept Art:
The Arbiter
Asteroid M
The Astral Plane
An Early Version Of Alison
The Ice Tunnels Under HAARP
Interior Of The HAARP Base
HAARP Soldier Version 1
HAARP Soldier Version 2
HIVE Factory
Mansion Sketches
Morlock Tunnels
Rogue and Gambit
Sewer Hub and Healer Stand
Spider Sentinel
The X-Men Conference Room
Conference Room Furniture
Cyclops and Emma Frost
Danger Room Blueprint
Danger Room
Gambit and Bishop
Hanger Bay
Mansion Backyard
Mansion Blueprint
Mansion Front
Mansion Subbasement Blueprint
What Nightcrawler, Kitty and Havok Could Have Looked Like
Overhead Shot of the Mansion
Polaris, Sage and Rogue
Storm and Marvel Girl (Rachel Summers)
Professor X and Cerebro
Subbasement Hall
Wolverine and Beast

Straw Polls:
Mission Two
Mission Three
Mission Four
Mission Five
Mission Eight
Missions Nine, Ten and Eleven
Mission Twelve

Straw Poll Results:
Mission Two
Mission Three
Mission Four
Mission Five
Mission Eight
Missions Nine, Ten and Eleven
Mission Twelve


Episode 001 - "Tutorial Stuff"
Episode 002 - "Little Kidnapped Volcano"
Episode 003 - "Defeating Blob and Xavier Institute Tour Part 1"
Episode 004 - "Xavier Institute Tour Part 2"
Episode 005 - "Broken HAARP"
Episode 006 - "Catching Up With The Brotherhood"
Episode 007 - "Fighting The Brotherhood Clown"
Episode 008 - "Meeting New Friends"
Episode 009 - "Training and Juggernaut Flashback"
Episode 010 - "Visiting The Morlocks"
Episode 011 - "Rescuing Gambit"
Episode 012 - "Headed to The Arbiter"
Episode 013 - "Welp, There Goes The Ship"
Episode 014 - "You Just Had To Free The Insane Megalomaniac, Didn't You?"
Episode 015 - "I Fell Into A Burning Ring Of Fire"
Episode 016 - "Finishing Sophomore Year In The Danger Room"
Episode 017 - "The Weapon X Facility"
Episode 018 - "The Bosnoy Nuclear Plant"
Episode 019 - "Clearing the Nuke Plant and Heading to Muir Island"
Episode 020 - "Fixing Forge's Computer and Talking to the Team"
Episode 021 - "GRSO Invaders"
Episode 022 - "Cyclops Visits Weapon X"
Episode 023 - "Cleaning House"
Episode 024 - "The Realm of the Mind"
Episode 025 - "Magneto Comes to Visit"
Episode 026 - "Junior Year Danger Room Training"
Episode 027 – "WHERE IS THE GATEWAY!?!?!?!"
Episode 028 - "Freein' Healer"
Episode 029 - "Danger Room Fun with a Splash of Juggernaut Rampage"
Episode 030 - "Saving Mutants in New York City"
Episode 031 - "X-Men Level Danger Room Fun!"
Episode 032 - "Cleansing the Sewers of Invaders"
Episode 033 - "The Astral Plane Gets Weird"
Episode 034 - "The Sentinel Factory Begins"
Episode 035 - "The Sentinel Factory Continues"
Episode 036 - "Yep, Still in the Sentinel Factory"
Episode 037 - "Even More Sentinel Factory"
Episode 038 - "The End of the Sentinel Factory Mission"
Episode 039 - "Saving Professor X"
Episode 040 - "Finale Part 1"
Episode 041 - "Finale Part 2"
Episode 042 - "Finale Part 3"

Character Bios:


Wolverine, aka Logan
Wikipedia Link:
Bio: The titular badass of the game. He is the very best at what he does.

Cyclops, aka Slim
Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Scott Summers
Bio: Team leader for the X-Men and the only mutant that can shoop-da-woop.

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Alison Crestmere
Bio: In her own words, "I am the one who can turn a mini-mall into a mini-Pompeii".

Marvel Girl
Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Jean Grey-Summers
Bio: Super telepath with super telekinesis. Also is living embodiment of the Phoenix Force.

Professor X
Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Charles Francis Xavier
Bio: Founder of the X-Men and most powerful telepath on Earth. 'Nuff said.

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Anna Marie
Bio: Super strong, able to fly and damn near invulnerable. What isn't there to like about her?

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Robert Louis "Bobby" Drake
Bio: Can freeze just about anything. Also, a really charming fellow from what I hear.

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Henry Phillip "Hank" McCoy
Bio: The blue and furry dude with super strength/agility and incredible intelligence.

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Unknown
Bio: This is the Cheyenne Indian with the mutant power to build anything he can creatively think up.

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Ororo Munroe
Bio: I'm just going to quote her from the 90s animated show, "I am Storm, MISTRESS OF THE ELEMENTS!"

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Kurt Wagner
Bio: Yeah, he can teleport to just about anywhere within visual range.

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Jubilation Lee
Bio: A smartass teenager with the ability to generate very bright energy balls called Fireworks.

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Remy Lebeau
Bio: The smooth talking Cajun with the ability to kinetically charge any object he touches.

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Healer
Bio: This is the only Morlock that isn't antagonistic toward the X-Men.

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Piotr "Peter" Nikolaievitch Rasputin
Bio: Big ole man of metal.

Moira MacTaggert
Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Dr. Moira Kinross MacTaggert
Bio: Nobel Prize winning researcher at the Mutant Research Center on Muir Island.

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Illyana Nikolaevna Alexandria Rasputina
Bio: Colossus's sister.

The White Queen
Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Emma Grace Frost
Bio: A very cunning psychic rival for Jean Grey.

Multiple Man
Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: James Arthur "Jamie" Madrox
Bio: The only person in the world who can claim that he can be everywhere at once.

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock
Bio: A sexy, psychic and English ninja.

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Lucas "Luke" Bishop
Bio: Let's just say you don't want to fight this guy with energy based weaponry or powers.

Brotherhood/Misc. Antagonists:

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Dominikos Ioannis Petrakis
Bio: This guy could easily be the sole reason California has earthquakes. Ya dig?

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Saint-John Allerdyce
Bio: He may not be able to create fire but he can sure control the hell out of it.

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Raven Darkholme
Bio: Best shapeshifter there is. She is also the ex-wife of Sabertooth and the mother of Nightcrawler.

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Frederick J. "Fred" Dukes
Bio: Yeah, if this guy doesn't want to move then you probably aren't going to be able to make him.

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: N/A
Bio: These guys are terrifying. They are mutant-hunting machines that are virtually unstoppable.

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Cain Marko

The Morlocks
Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: N/A
Bio: A group of mutant sewer dwellers that believe that they are hated by both normal looking mutants and humans.

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Marrow
Bio: The leader of the Morlocks.

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Max Eisenhardt
Bio: This is the uber badass leader of The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and self proclaimed Master of Magnetism.

The Director
Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Malcolm Colcord
Bio: Director of the Weapon X Program in Canada and the dude that gave Wolverine his adamantium skeleton.

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Kevin MacTaggert
Bio: Although he isn't seen in this game I thought it would be best to identify this guy since he is mentioned by Moira.

Shadow King
Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: N/A
Bio: A psychic parasite that lives in the Astral Plane.

Wikipedia Link:
Real Name: Victor Creed
Bio: Wolverine's rival and just an overall mean motherfucker.
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