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Part 1: Operation Gatecrasher

Operation Gatecrasher

The first video is heavily plot cut-scenes and the first handheld walk through mission so there isn't a lot of strategy to talk about nor time to discuss what does pop up. The first mission does introduce about all of the new mission mechanics that come with X-Com2. Concealment and ambushes, hacking, enemy loot drops, enemy reinforcement drops, body carrying, and calling for evac all come up in quick succession with out a whole lot of time to discuss the full details of each mechanic. It's a pretty good mission in a tutorial sense as it manages to expose a player to almost all of the game elements immediately and in a easy to grasp way. That said its a lot of light brushing the surface so to speak. The full extent of the mechanics will be discussed in due time.

Since the only mission in the video is a script and there's no possible deviation I instead liked to point out some things such as the ADVENT art and sculptures. Unfortunately I can't find the real world sculpture that I point out the sectoid equivalent of but I can not stress enough how much amazing art was made for the game and how some of it really shapes the feel of the game. I would love to see comics or movie or series in the theme of some of the artwork made because it is so beautiful and I feel it can tell the story in a completely different way and give an experience we don't fully receive by playing through the game and being an active participant rather than getting to be an audience and be saturated with the beautiful imagery. Please check out the official XCom2 web site that has loads of their original are by clicking this link. It's really beautiful and fascinating stuff.

I have also updated the third post with a little more discussion about the art direction of X-Com.