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Part 7: Operation Meat Root Beer

Operation Meat Root Beer

The game starts getting busy now. Gone are the days when there isn't a ton of things to do on the geoscape, a long laundry list of things to build back on the avenger, and never enough time or supplies to see everything done. This is when you need to start figuring out your priorities and where you're going to spend your supplies first. Expanding is a high priority as it will help you earn money and counter the Avatar project. Your squad needs better gear in a hurry as well but a kit of magnetic weapons and armor is going to take a lot of time to research and more supplies to build. Intel may even become a problem and start stifling your expansion plans. There is no easy solution to all these problems either but to understand that this is not a fail state. You are going to be tight on resources the entire time and you just need to manage it as best you can and make good decisions with the resources you do have.

This video will see our ranks expand with a total of five new rookies brought onto the team, giving me more than enough back ups to make sure I can keep a sky ranger fully loaded with a competent fight force. Also we will just start to get better equipment too, and just in time because I really need to start cleaning up the geopscape. While there is no penalty for letting the scan sites linger, I am definitely starting to fall behind where I want to be with them. With some new guns and armor though we could be blowing right through them.

Supply missions are neat for a few reasons. They just pop up, meaning they don't take days to scan for them first, they just happen and you reap the benefits. Secondly they don't have timers or any objective other than to kill all the aliens so you can take your time and be safe about things. The only real feature of the mission is that your reward is actually on the battle field. Crates marked with a golden glow carry the supplies you are after and blowing them up is bad. This isn't always as easy to avoid as you may like as the ADVENT soldiers are usually patrolling around the vehicles that carry the supplies and have no problem taking cover behind the cars and trucks that carry the supplies, or using the supply crates themselves as cover. Using some restraint with explosives will usually prevent the loss of supply crates but even then missed shots can hit the crates or set a truck cab on fire and supplies will be lost no matter how careful you are. Even still, the loss of a crate or two isn't a mission failure, it just means you'll be going home with slightly less than you would be otherwise.