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Part 16: Operation Bad Wrong Chicken

Operation Bad Wrong Chicken

Hey guys, I'm all healthy again, mostly, and got some time to record with Guava so let's all have an update! There isn't much to say about this one though, it's a standard guerilla op that doesn't have any unexpected troublestm. But at least I remembered to notice and point out the kind of strange behavior of hackable street lamps. I don't actually know what causes this or why one lamp with the same tech score would be miles easier to hack than the second one but I'm glad i came across this and documented it a little.

Sharpshooter Lieutenant rank
Death From Above vs Quickdraw

Death From Above grants a bonus action to a sniper that scores a kill on an enemy that is at a lower elevation than the sniper. This is handy for picking up a turn to reload a sniper rifle or to reposition your sniper. It's not an amazing skill, but it's handy and it's passive and makes your snipers better at sniping. Can allow for a burst of damage if you score a kill and still have a target inside pistol range to shoot at.
Quickdraw is to a sharpshooter what Bulletswarm was to heavies in the first game. Taking a pistol shot with your first action of a turn no longer ends the marksmans turn. This is a pretty essential skill to have on a pistol focused marksman. I don't make pistol marksmen, but I look at the skill tree and can't imagine a pistol marksman even being worth it until you at least pick up Quickdraw. This is where it might start being worth it to actually use pistols.

Winner: Death From Above. Okay okay fine it depends on if you're going sniper or gunslinger, in which case the choice to make is obvious.