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Part 22: Operation Hard Gay's Dick

Operation Hard Gay's Dick

With a fairly routine mission for today I decided to pull in good friend Ahriman PK for this video. With a fairly standard Guerrilla Mission to deal with I sub in some of our back ups to try to get other soldiers leveled up like Duke Nukem so I can have a pistol sharpshooter made at some point so Guava shuts up. Other than than it's largely business as usual with the rush to get into east Africa still being my top priority and becoming even more urgent with the the steady advancement of the Avatar Project. Worse still was the choice of Dark Events, two of which will accelerate the project tracker and I am rapidly running out time to start dealing with that. I need to start knocking down alien facilities and fast.

We spot a new alien in this mission, and while I pour firepower on it to kill it before it can do much of anything Archons are dangerous. The ugly, aggressive, and unstable Floaters of the original invasion have been replaced by something more refined. Having undergone what must be massive reconstruction and medical processes the purple skinned hell torsos are replaced by something that looks like it was designed with angelic symbology in mind. Sleek and in white and gold tones the Archons look like something ADVENT put out to be the public face of their alien forces. Sleek, shiny, and playing towards earthen iconography to inspire an sense of awe and worship rather than fear. On the practical side of things Archons are a dangerous combat unit, about on par with Cyberdisks from the first game. They have a large chunk of HP (20) and they have the ability to dodge allowing them to extend their life beyond just the normal 20 HP. Archons are tough to hit too due to their flying nature. They can't be caught out of cover due to that nor can they be flanked. Again similarities that play into my comparison of them against Cyberdisks. The differences start piling up on looking at their offensive powers though. Archons are primarily a melee fighter, usually choosing to close the distance to enemy troops and hitting them with the staff it carries for considerable damage, somewhere around 8 points. They are capable of ranged fire however, using their staff like the baddies of Stargate and firing a plasma shot from range. Lastly they have a unique ability to fly up into the sky and call down several missiles on top of enemy soldiers. These missiles take a turn to arrive at their target so it's usually trivial to avoid them but it will force you out of position and may lead to an Archon coming down out of the sky in the middle of your forces after the attack.