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Part 23: Operation Bad Wrong 'ard

Operation Bad Wrong 'ard

I finally make it to east Africa after several delays. This allows us to hit the first ADVENT facility and start working against the Avatar Project tracker that has been getting dangerously full. Facility missions are a little unique, but not very special. You can typically plan to find 3 pods of aliens and maybe some turrets on the roof, and a good chance to reinforcements coming in via dropship if you take too long once you're inside the facility. For the most part facility missions are unusually kind for an important mission type. There is not turn limit to rush you and you start concealed. Those two things can make a mission significantly easier. Players can afford to be slow and methodical on facilities, and shouldn't have a lot of trouble dealing with enemy resistance on the mission.

As Guava made mention of during the video, it is possible to complete these missions in a purely stealthy way. Combat is not required to win the mission. All that needs to be done is to plant the explosive charge and get out. It is possible to do that while never breaking concealment. It's very hard to do, but it is possible, and it is aided by the production of a Wraith Suit. Wraith Suits are kind of like Ghost Armor from the first game, but they work a little differently. We'll cover them more when one gets built.

And lastly, let it be shown and proven that Killzone is the correct and best choice for marksmen.