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Part 27: Operation Unfortunate Granola

Operation Unfortunate Granola

That Avatar progress is getting up there and it's time to hit another facility before we go into full panic mode.

...too late.

Since this wasn't expected to be a big mission I brought out our Psi soldier for a little fun. As Guava said she's probably a little early to the party and could have spent a few more weeks in the tubes for a few more skills. More supplies to buy her a improved Psi Amp also would have done her a lot of good as her damage output was a little underwhelming. Still I wanted to do something at least a little different for an other wise fairly unremarkable mission. We'll put her back in the tubes and try her out again later with a few more skills and a better psi amp in the near future.

Marksman Colonel rank
Steady Hands vs Aim

This is a pretty obvious one, no matter which side of the sniper vs gunfighter argument you are on. Aim requires you to hunker down on your turn to receive a +20 aim bonus on the first shot of the following turn. It could... maybe... be useful... sometimes? No not really. And less likely when we look back at the LP and see how few times I have ever even hunkered down over the course of 25 missions. I think it's been once. Steady Hands however gives you a bonus for what you should already be doing, staying still. If a marksman did not move on the previous turn then they gain +10 aim and +10 crit chance. This is just an added bonus to snipers that find a nice perch and stay there. It's free aim bonuses. How could you not love that?

Winner: Steady Hands. Even a gunfighter can benefit from this more than Aim.