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Part 29: Operation Syphon Filter

Operation Syphon Filter

Today's mission is a Guerrilla Operation that triggered after one of the three dark events it was supposed to be able to counter triggered. I don't know how that is possible and have never seen that before. It really sucks too because the dark event that went prematurely was the one I wanted and needed to prevent from happening. That really bites, but I will be able to deal with it. I do need to gather more intel in a hurry in order to expand contacts toward alien facilities, but I have just enough breathing room that I am not panicking about it yet.

This mission was also a little bit of hubris. I intentionally left behind any soldier that was already at Colonel rank so that I could get promotions spread among the other soldiers and get everyone else ranked up. The difficulty curve is starting to get to the point where that may not be the best idea, leaving a few of your best soldiers in the squad as a sort of core anchor for the team isn't a bad idea at all. The extra hubris on top of this was to think I could stealth hack a mission objective. Don't do this. I'd never done this before and thought it'd be fun to try since the opportunity presented itself. That was kind of bad as it turns out. Whoops.

New skill choice!
Grenadier Major Rank: Salvo vs Hail of Bullets

Salvo is kind of like bullet swarm but for grenades. Throwing or launching a grenade, or using a heavy weapon as the first action of your turn no longer ends your turn. This allows for some fun plays like using grenades to blow up cover and then shoot exposed enemies. Or launch two grenades, or... you get the idea. It's really useful in certain situations, likely to save your grenadier an action or two every map, and combos very well with the Heavy Ordnance skill.

Hail of Bullets we have seen already in the LP because of the AWC giving it to Cain. It's a straight forward skill; spend 3 ammo to guarantee a hit on your target. Guaranteed damage is always, always, a good thing to have. The high ammo usage kind of sucks, requiring your grenadier to have a fully loaded gun to activate the ability, or to equip the grenadier with an expanded magazine to increase their ammo count.

Winner: I'd say this is decided by your previous skill choices. If you have Heavy Ordnance then you stand to gain more fro Salvo. If you have Holo-Targeting/Shredder then you stand more to gain by guaranteed cannon hits.