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Part 31: Operation Miserable Tomb

Operation Miserable Tomb

It's time to get into India and deal with that doom tracker that's been bothering us for the last dozen or so videos! This late in the game the facilities don't usually provide too much of a problem. The total enemy count is known going into it thanks to the shadow chamber and is usually fairly low, 4 pods tops, with 1 drop of reinforcements, and maybe a turret or two. By now that isn't so bad and things can be dealt with one a time usually. There is no turn limit or timer to force you to rush things so the player can take their care in keeping the situation calm and under control.

I came into this mission with a lot of skills, equipment, and accessories just to play around with them. I even kind of went out of my way to showboat some of this stuff because it was a easy mission after the first encounter and I wanted to use all the things I hadn't before. I didn't get the best demonstration out of Sacrifice, but I'll work on that next time. Really I was hoping to get a few more people their final Colonel level skill choices but no promotions were to be had. I feel a little bad about this, some of the secondaries didn't rank up as fast as I had expected, particularly our grenadiers with James Dean Jr. and Eating Only Apples stuck at the bottom of the roster. I'm trying guys! We'll see about getting people rotated in. Except Bob Ross, he's probably going to be stuck at home for a long time. Already got a sniper and a gunslinger buddy, sorry.