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Part 37: Operation Oh my god, Shield

Operation Oh my god, Shield

With the Avatar tracker down so low for the first time since the start of the game now is kind of the endgame preparation time. Get everything researched, get all your kit in engineering built, and take any soldiers you want to get to Colonel out on missions now rather than later. That pretty well sums up this video. I have time to relax and get things done that I've been too rushed to get to, research, expansion, and training non-Colonel soldiers. The end of the game seems pretty close at hand with the completion of another Shadow Chamber project and just one or two more research topics in there seems like we'd be ready for the 'To Cydonia or Bust' part of the game. I'm not putting that off just yet, there are still just a few things worth getting first. A few more autopsies will lead to upgrades, most notably the Gremlin Mk3 awaits innovation. I just squeezed enough supplies out of my corpse pile to pick up the final upgraded Psi Amp. Lastly there will be one or two more Shadow Chamber projects to go. Again I regret back loading the plot so much, but such is X-Com.

Also seriously, if someone gets me an nice avatar sized image of the Enemy Protocol icon from the game I am so buying that for Empanada's avatar. Fucking learn to hack, oh my god argh.