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Part 38: Operation Dismal Granola

Operation Dismal Granola

I have a very special mission for you today. At Guava, and other's, request I demonstrate a solo infiltration mission of one of ADVENT's Avatar facilities. This is tricky and really all about not being spotted while knowing a few tricks that can buy you needed actions or get you out of the kind of trouble you might get into. The wraith suit the biggest piece of the puzzle. Letting you phase through the walls of the complex make it much, much easier to get the bomb plant site, and then subsequently back outside to the evac. It also add mobility to the solder so you can travel farther which is always handy, and even the grappling hook can be a big deal. If a soldier is inside the red detection squares of an enemy patrol but is able to grapple out to a target destination that is outside of ADVENT's spotting range then the soldier can fire the grapple and escape the detection range unnoticed. Not sure why that works, but it does! Battle Scanners are another great idea to bring, you get two of them and they can be thrown while maintaining concealment. They can let you know where an enemy patrol might be before you run headfirst into them, as I sort of did during the video. Lastly a mobility PCS on the infiltration subject isn't a bad idea either, just to really hammer in the ability to move around and get where you need to be as fast as possible.

The goal is of course not to get spotted during the mission, doing so will pretty easily lead to failure and death. However I managed to show that if you are close enough to the mission objective you may be able to squeak by using the wraith suit to put a wall between you and the enemies, buying yourself a turn to be able to plan the bomb and run. Shadow Step will be helpful if you get caught, but ultimately if you get caught you need to evac in the next turn, maybe two if you can buy yourself a turn with the wrath suit and a wall.

Realistically I'd say this isn't the way to go. With out fighting you are not generating exp to rank up soldiers and you're not collecting loot so over all it's really more of a handicap to the player to shortcut a mission like this. The only real benefit I could say would be the time save in real life terms. The video was 11 minutes start to finish recording with two minutes of load screens and fiddling with the squad equipment screen cut out. That is amazingly fast when the average mission is running around the 40 minute mark by this point in the game. This is a fun and neat thing to do, but really not all that useful all things considered. I hope you all enjoyed it!