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Part 40: Operation Plot Exposition

Operation Plot Exposition

No mission today, just story. I thought these two scenes were important enough to be worth viewing alone, or at least I didn't want to stick them in front of the next mission that is coming (Or the sitting there and scanning for a few days then going on the mission they lead up to). I feel that XCom2 has a better feel for the story, as poorly as I maybe spaced it out. I like the feel of it more because it's less out of space and more like a traditional mystery maybe? We know the aliens are here, but why? And then you start following a trail of clues that starts with the black site and works up to the true nature of what the Avatar project is, and why it's worth invading and killing all the humans for. I like it. I also like the last hurrah of the Councilman. He's finally put to use as something other than an overlooking boss type figure to evaluate you. He actually implores you this time, pleads for you to do something for him rather than stoically judging you. For all the times he's just a menacing shadowy figure that is a dick, the last scene gives him some character besides that. That he does care about the over all fight, and that he's willing to burn his own cover and sacrifice himself to advance the fight. Not the sort of picture I'd gotten from the guy through out the game where he's comfortable hidden in the ADVENT council and maybe leaking information as he's able. I liked this part, so let's have a moment for that shadowy jerk and his smooth buttery voice.