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Part 151: Episode CXLVII: Omega

Episode CXLVII: Omega

Hey...didn’t the last person who jumped in Deus’ Mako Reactor turn into a comatose vegetable...? Just throwing that out there.

And now for something completely different...

”Whatever it is it is giving me a frikkin’ headache.”
"What are those four orbs spinning around it?"
"It seems as if the power of those four things is supporting the center."
"So that means that big thing in the middle is the core of Deus?"
”Ugh... Gimmick boss fight senses...tingling...”

"Striking directly at the center rather than using fuel unnecessarily... That is one strategy. But, I believe another plan of attack would be to defeat its surroundings first. If we decide to attack the supporting orbs first, then it might be wise to leave the battles up to us. We should be able to do something about them without using up Fei's power."
"That'll allow him to use the full power of Xenogears... To defeat Deus. And yes, of course, to save Elly!"
"Whether we do a direct strike to the core or take down the supports first... I guess that is best left up to Fei to decide..."
"...Thanks, everyone. To attack Deus directly... or, to take out its supports first... I wonder which is best?"
*pulls out foot long Italian sub and takes a bite* “Okie dokie. Just nudge me when it’s time to go whack Deus.”

So, it wouldn’t be Xenogears if there wasn’t a boss rush right before the end. Technically, we can just fly straight into the core and battle Deus directly. But unless we take on the bosses hanging out in the orbs supporting it, the battle will be much, much more of a pain in the ass. So let’s do this the proper way.

Optimally, we want our A-Team (Xenogears being mandatory against Deus) to sit out this upcoming boss rush while we send in the second and third stringers to tackle Deus’ sidekicks. I’ll be taking Xenogears, Fenrir, and Crescens against Deus, so they can all take a breather. Renmazuo and Andvari are fairly solid second stringers. And Stier is actually somewhat useful here as a big meat shield for a couple rounds before we replace him with the superior Seibzehn. Chuthulhu is useless beyond being able to heal gears in battle and I’d rather let party member’s giant robots get torn asunder before ever having that thing in my active party again.

Right then. Time to take on the Four Pillars of Deus. There is really no way to tell which of the orbs contains what boss until we just randomly pick one. But after that, it is easy to tell what the next foe will be. That said, let’s roll the dice...

Music: Knight of Fire

Round one has us facing against Metatron, by far the toughest of the four mid-bosses. Metatron appears to be some strange lanky robot that looks like it could be easily tipped over with the slightest of force. It is also by FAR the most normal looking of the upcoming bosses. There isn’t really much to do strategy wise regarding each mini-boss. We just need to know their gimmicks and deal with them accordingly. Beyond that, it is just a matter of charging up to Level 3 and hoping for some Hypermode to kick in. Or otherwise plastering ‘em with Deathblows.

Metatron’s gimmick is the simplest. It uses only area of effect attacks against the entire party for 4000-6000 HP of damage. So, basically we just want Gears that can take a good thrashing against this boss.

Its only other attack is the ability to scream out of its crotch in order to lower Gears’ defense. And...that’s about it.

And so we defeated “Metaron”. Defeating one of Deus’ Pillars has two functions. First, it will lower Deus’ HP substantially. Defeating between 1-3 of the Pillars will knock Deus total health from 75,000 to 52,000. This is nothing to sneeze at. More importantly, defeating a Pillar will seal that mid-bosses’ special ability in the battle against Deus proper. So if we didn’t beat Metatron, Deus would be able to do that Earthly Anointment attack to hit the entire party for 4000-6000. Personally, I don’t think we really want to deal with that.

We also receive only a measly 1 XP for defeating any of the Pillars. It is the final battle. There is no more leveling up! That is just silly!

Alrighty then. One down. Three to go. Now that we have defeated our first Pillar, we can easily tell what the remaining three bosses are left as their positions from one another are static. Starting at Metatron and going clockwise there is...

Metatron > Sundel > Marlute > Harlute

With that in mind, let’s take on Sundel next as it is a somewhat tedious boss. For this fight, we again want Gears that can take a decent beating. Our current party is alright again. We could probably have afforded to swap out Billy for Maria but meh. It worked out alright.

Sundel is an abstract crimson mess of geometry spinning around frantically in the void. This boss possesses an annoying gimmick.

At the start of the battle, it will target a single Gear in our party and stick that giant robot on its VIP Shit List. For the duration of the battle, ANY attacks against Sundel will result in it counter-attacking against the targeted Gear. There is also another catch. If the targeted Gear attacks Sundel, then it will get pissed and hit the entire party for 4000+ HP of damage. So basically, the one that got tagged is sitting out for this fight. I lucked out big time by having it target Stier, since Rico is so slow he barely contributes to a fight but he’s built like a brick shithouse. So there is really nobody better to take one for the team. Good job Rico. You finally became useful for one brief, shining moment.

In addition to the targeting nonsense, Sundel can heal itself. It’s only a sad 2000 HP of damage and we should all be doing around that every round.

With that said, defeating this geometric nightmare will result in Deus’ ability to heal itself being cut off. Definitely one of the more useful abilities to severe. There is nothing more frustrating than a final boss that can negate half your work defeating it whenever it damn well pleases.

Alright. Half way there! Next up, we are going to tackle Marlute. We need to do a bit of prep for this battle. Rico took a decent thrashing from Sundel, so he can tag out for Maria. But we want to swap out our parties accessories for a very important addition.

Remember about oh...130 updates ago when I mentioned Yggdrasil’s Gear Shop sold Tank Guards and we should REALLY purchase three of them and hold onto ‘em for a rainy day? Welp, it’s pouring out and it is time to collect on that investment. All three of our Gears need to be outfitted with Tank Guards in order to completely neuter this upcoming fight. Alternatively, Z Chargers are a poor-man’s solution.

Meet Marlute...a giant golden emblem on the ground. This boss is a double dose of gimmicky.

The primary and most aggravating gimmick is its Fuel Drain ability it will use to sap 500 Fuel from the entire party. It spams this nearly every turn it gets and that could add up quickly given Marlute’s 54,000 HP block of health.

But, since we thought ahead to equip ourselves against such bullshit, Marlute will just proceed to waste everyone’s time with flashy frivolities instead. But, even with that annoyance out of the way there is another little detail... You know how we are essentially fighting the floor...?

Well given that detail, this boss is treated like an on-foot enemy. In case it hasn’t been mentioned, when fighting an on-foot enemy while in a Gear, an alternative animation will play where our characters will basically stomp on the squishy ankle biters. Given this fact, that means there are no Deathblows and Hypermode is rather useless beyond the 10X Fuel Charge it provides. This all just serves to drag out a long fight even longer.

But, Marlute is not entirely defenseless even given its rather limited mobility. It can jump off the floor to slash us for a couple hundred HP of damage. But more importantly it can cast this giant fuck-off spell that halves the entire party’s HP like a jerk. It is almost guaranteed to do this when it gets low on health. So it’s best to tackle this boss towards the end of the boss rush.

All that said, defeating the floor logo of doom seals Deus ability to pull that Fuel Drain garbage and frees up an accessory slot for something far more potent.

Alrighty. We are almost there. Only one to go. Our current party is still pretty solid for the last of the boss rushes. So let’s jump right in.

Our final challenge is a giant rainbow upside-down tornado called Harlute. Harlute is one of those fun obligatory RPG bosses with a giant hard-on for status effects. But before we can even get to that part of the fun, we have to deal with its other gimmick...

At the start of the battle, Harlute will take it upon itself to freeze all but one of our characters. Whoever is the lucky unfrozen Gear (I my case Billy) gets to do all the heavy lifting for this battle. Luckily, Billy is pretty good about getting to Hypermode and Harlute is pretty terrible about ever actually attacking.

When it does get around to attacking, it will hit the entire party for a few thousand HP of damage before swapping which Gear gets to actually fight. It also will cast Heaven Anointment which will randomly hit everyone with any status effect in the book. Really fun if the active party member gets hit with Slow.

All that said, defeating Marlute will seal Deus ability to be a dick with status effects. But more importantly, the destruction of all four Pillars will drop Deus total HP from 52,000 to a meager 40,000.

And that does it for Deus’ pre-game boss rush. Xenogears needs to be swapped back in before the final battle. See you jerks there. Get your popcorn ready for some hot god slaying action.

The Four Pillars of Deus Concept Art