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Part 17: Episode XVII: The Rogues Gallery of Bledavik

Double update to hold you kids over for the next few days while we're on hiatus.

Episode XVII: The Rogues Gallery of Bledavik

Welp, we’re finally back to the World Map and with our first vehicle to boot. We can now cruise around the desert on the sand pirates’ Yggdrasil.

The Yggdrasil controls much the same as on foot characters but it is limited to desert sands only. While aboard the sand cruiser our party will not experience any random encounters. Which is always nice when just trying to get from point A to point B in a timely fashion.. We also move a good pace quicker than trekking on foot. And...that’s about it. We’re free to return to Dazil or the Stalactite Cave if we want to. Or even the Blackmoon Forest. There are even a couple new locations to visit. But, we’ll get there when we get there.

For now our destination is the capital of Aveh, Bledavik. We’re gonna be hanging out here for the next several chapters. So, let’s jump right into it!

Bledavik is large enough to have its own separate area map. This is neat way for early RPGs to make the area seem expansive while still maintaining the limitations of the system. This is supposed to be one of the biggest cities in the continent, after all. Anyhow let’s do the touri—

Music: Knight of Fire ~ Version 2

Ergh...nevermind. Seems we’re going to spend this update focusing on an airship docking across the city.

Nice ride. You know what this game has been lacking thus far? Villains! Right now we’ve only got Grahf THE SEEKER OF POWER and...well I guess those Gebler goons. But the latter barely counts above maybe reoccurring mini-bosses. So to fix that, we’re going to get three or four more dumped in our lap now. Let’s take a look...

“Hull, all sections secure.”
“Gravity distribution normal. Shutting down propulsion system. Begin docking procedure.”
“Field flux jargonometer outputting at 6.41 kahnns of thrust.”

"The Prime Minister and General Vanderkaum are here to see you, Commander."
"Hmph, what a dismal welcome."
"What do you expect? We're on the 'surface'."
”Hmph...let’s hope they do not have balloons, a banner, and a band to welcome us like the last stop.”
“Ugh... That was so tacky.”
“Is Vanderkaum the one with the...face thing?”

"Miang, let's disembark."
"Yes, sir."

So meet Miang and Ramsus. We’ll be seeing quite a bit of these two across the course of the game. They are kinda important bad guys. Anyhow, let’s meet the regional villains here to greet ‘em.

“You've only just taken command and already you are achieving splendid results. You disposed those irksome Kislev units in a matter of days... I'm very impressed."

Ramsus snubs Prime Minister of Aveh and Bart parents murdering Shakhan’s brownnosing in order to bitch out Vanderkaum...

“I have only just taken over my post and already you have embarrassed me!"
"I am sorry Commander. They were more persistent than we anticipated. They had a new model Gear that was very mobile. I couldn't get a lock on it with the main gun... Otherwise there would have been no way we could have been beaten by such..."
"Fool! Know when to use that big gun, and on whom! You failed because you try to solve everything with force. You have muscles instead of brains."

This is Vanderkaum. Don’t ask what’s up with the purple cross tattooed to his face. I’m pretty sure nobody ever explains or even acknowledges what the hell is up with that. This jerk shows up in Xenosaga too. Not the same guy, of course. He’s just a cannon loving, bald military commander named Vanderkaum with a giant X on his face. Totally different!

And with that Ramsus wanders off further into the facility. Shakhan trots up beside him for a walk and talk.

”Excellent double entendre on Vanderkaum, sir.”
“I had no intent of making such crude humor. I suppose it was too much for your mind to refrain from going straight to such low-brow wordplay.”
“...Of course. My apologies.”

“Please come to the dedication ceremony. There is a customary Tournament after the dedication ceremony..."
"What about the incident in that report?"

"What? Oh, you mean the 500-year-old mobile weapon excavated from the ruins? Thanks to the help of the 'Ethos', the repairs are complete. I thought we could announce it on the day of the dedication ceremony..."

“I'm talking about the 'Fatima Jasper'."
"I already have obtained one half of the crest. But I haven't been able to get her to tell me where the other half is. She is a rather strong-willed girl..."
”So you are telling me you have failed to extract information from one little girl...? Am I hearing that correctly?”
“...Our methods have just...not come along at pace we had hoped...”
”So that is a yes...?”

The three enter an elevator and ascend...

"Of course not. I know how you despise vulgar acts like that."
"You said that girl is the Holy Mother of Nisan... Is she upstairs?"
"Yes, in the east tower."
"Miang, could it possibly be a 'Relic'?"

“However, we do know from the 500-year-old records that one certainly exists in this vicinity. It's probably well preserved too."
"...Let's meet her. I want to talk to her directly. Miang, you come with me."
"Yes sir."
“Go fetch me a cup of coffee.”

The trio exits the elevator and proceeds down another hall...

*gestures toward door* "Commander, please."

Ramsus and Miang enter the room...

Meet the Xenogears Pope Holy Mother of Nisan, Marguerite Fatima. I guess everyone neglected to mention she’s like 15...

The camera shifts to the wall and pans around before settling on the three in the room...

“My favorite food? I like cake, Chiffon Nisan is my favorite. I haven't had it in so long..."
"Marguerite, we want to ask you about the Fatima family treasure... I'm talking about the 'Fatima Jasper'. You see, I'm keeping the piece you had in a safe place. But I don't know where the other piece is. Do you?"
"Nope. The one I had you took from me. You didn't even give me anything for it. Hey, the next time you come, could you bring some Chiffon Nisan? I used to eat it every day in Nisan. I don't think they make it in Aveh. Aveh used to have such good bakers, but I guess they must have all died in the war."
"That is too bad. I don't know much about cake, but I'll see if I can find some for you next time."
"Thank you Ramsus. I'll be waiting."
"Is there anything else you need? If there's something you want I'll bring it next time."
”If you could get the creepy bald guy with the mustache to stop spying on me, that would be great. I’ve been wearing this same outfit for like two weeks...”
“That is most distressing... I’ll see what I can do. Anything else?”

"No. I just want to go back to Nisan. They must be so worried about me."
"I'm sorry but please wait a little longer. We want you to stay here until we find the other half of the 'Fatima Jasper'."

Shakhan deactivates his hidden surveillance camera and starts pacing about the room...

"I can't prevent them from meeting her. Not when it's him we are talking about... Besides, Marguerite isn't talking anyway. So there is no need to worry... But where did the leak about the Jasper come from...? The 'Ethos'? Ridiculous...! Hmmm, if this continues my plans will be... We had better find out who is leaking out our information immediately. In the meantime, we'll have to administer some truth serum to our guest, Miss Marguerite. We must find the other piece of the 'Fatima Jasper' as quickly as we can."

“...this time Gebler has sent their highest commanding officer.”
”I cannot compete with THAT big of a dick... Did you see his hair? I feel insulted being even in the same room with him...”
“His country is throwing all their weight into this. And, there is nothing we can do about it!"

Poor Shakhan. It must be rough to be self-aware that you’re nothing but a mid-boss in the grand scheme of things. Welp, see ya in a few days!

Music: Knight of Fire ~ Version 2

Kahran Ramsus Artwork – Popping the fuck outta that collar.