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Part 66: Episode LXIII: The Gang vs. A Creature of Unusual Size

Episode LXIII: The Gang vs. A Creature of Unusual Size

The party walks out onto a bridge beneath the Ethos convoy lead craft and Billy declares that he’ll have to report his findings to Bishop Stone back at HQ. Yes, that is a giant fuck-off monster hanging out in the background. No, nobody besides Bart has ANY excuse for not noticing it as they walked out...

Elly proves to be slightly less moronic than the others and turns around just as the monster ducks beneath the waves...

“There’s nothing there but some fish jumping around.”
”Pretty sure there’s something down there slightly bigger than a fish...”
“I love the sea. The cool different from the desert. From now on I’m a man of the sea.”
"Billy, who's 'buddy'?"
”The translation for after that boss made NO sense.”
“My apologies. I’m just starting here. I...kind of have to stay on script... Anyway...”

"...Hmm, it's probably its brethren. A giant Wels. An entity we wouldn't stand much of a chance against by ourselves. But don't worry, they're pretty slow. Even if that Wels called it, it probably won't reach us in time. But I called for my Gear anyway just to be safe."
”Since when do you have a Gear...?”
“It’s in the sub-level of the orphanage.”
“You keep a giant robot war machine under an orphanage?”
“It is an Ethos approved hangar, I assure you.”

Like I said, it wouldn’t be Xenogears if there wasn’t a back-to-back boss battle. Joy...

"Hey! What now? Didn't you just say that we wouldn't stand a chance against that by ourselves?"
"It should be any time now."

Music: The Blue Traveler

The poor Giant Wels has such a sad look of confusion.

”What...? What do kids have to do with this?!”
“Long story.”

“Well, get ready cause here it comes."

Music: Knight of Fire

Alright, time to take on the final boss of this dungeon, the ever originally named Giant Wels. Billy’s caped Gear, the Renmazuo, is joining us for this battle. It uses bullets and stuff just like Billy fights. I cannot really talk about it at length right now, since unfortunately this is a gimmick boss fight.

The Giant Wels only has three attacks: a generic swipe, falling flat on its face and somehow damaging the entire party, and leaping on one of our Gears to suck out 125 Fuel and restore its health. I’m not sure how that last one works.

Anyway, I mentioned this is a gimmick boss fight. That is because, at the beginning of this battle, the Giant Wels has INCREDIBLY high defense and we’re almost completely unable to put a dent in it. Even higher end Deathblows do jack shit to the armor of GW here. Despite that, at the beginning it is a good idea to flip on Boosters and build up everyone’s Deathblows to Level 3.

Once that is accomplished, we can let Vierge hammer the Giant Wels with some Ether Machine attacks. Which do actually harm the creature. But, GW has an interesting reaction to Ether spells cast on it...

It grows larger. And with this added size comes a buff to Attack power. However, at the same time it gains a debuff to its Defense. You see where this is heading... So, how big does the Giant Wels get...?

By the end of the fight, I think it can safely be classified as a Giant Fucking Wels. All this weight cannot be safe to have on top of a submarine...

At its peak size, it can dish out 1000+ HP of damage per attack, but its defenses are decimated to the point that Level 3 Deathblows we have stored are doing 1200-1500+ damage a pop. We only need to burn through 7000 HP to take big brother Wels out. So, just three rounds of Deathblows has us most of the way there.

In addition, following Elly’s little outburst using her Aerods to save Fei from Ramsus, she can now us ‘em at will at any time: no dramatics or psychotropic drug use required! Aerods are really, REALLY fucking strong. Like to the point of being one of the more broken skills in the game.

Poor Giant Wels got walloped for over 2000 HP of damage from them. Oh well, let’s just get a Gear sized stick and slide him off the side of the sub so we can get moving.

Some time later...

“To be honest, that was too dangerous for me on my own. I couldn't have done it without you..."
"Is your job always this dangerous? Hah, I never thought you would call a Gear!? But, what in hell is the 'Ethos' thinking anyway?"
"!! ...We Etones are merely fulfilling our divine mission!"
”Must have missed the zombie and giant mutant slaying part of Sunday school...”
"Sorry... It was wrong of me to say that. Don't take it so seriously! So, you're going to report back to the 'Ethos' about your job's results, right? Well, if you like we shall give you a ride to the 'Ethos' H.Q... It's on our way."
”Where was ‘our way’ again...?”
“Where the sea takes us...”
“You are just stalling until Fei wakes up again, aren’t you?”
“N-no! Just...planning my next step, is all.”

"That would be great, so long as it doesn't put you out... I have something to give you as a sign of my gratitude. So please accompany me into the 'Ethos' headquarters. Let's go..."

The Reaper infested ship immediately vanishes from existence at the conclusion of that dungeon. Oh well, at least we were just a bit north of Ethos HQ. And it sounds like Billy has a reward for helping him kick ass for the lord. Nice...

A while later at the Ethos HQ...


Early Billy Concept Art