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Part 95: Episode XCII: Fei Fong Wong’s Kim

Early update, because I'm damn busy tomorrow.

Episode XCII: Fei Fong Wong’s Kim

It seems that the Yggdrasil flying over the ocean where the massive explosion just occurred is a sufficient hand-waving explanation for everyone having gotten out of ground zero of the blast just fine. Sure, why not?

Some time later, back on the Yggdrasil III...

"...... Let's... see..."
”Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim!"
“Are you three just gonna stand there or are you gonna help me find an off-switch on this thing?!”

"What the hell is it saying?"
”I think she is saying ‘Kim’.”
“No shit, Sherlock. WHY has she been saying that non-stop for like an hour?”
“Why did we even bring back the kid that just tried to kill us?”
“You saw that transition between scenes. None of that made a damn bit of sense.”
“...Point taken.”

"Does Fei resemble someone you know?"
“What do you mean by 'resemble'? Kim is Kim?”
"Kim? The person resembling Fei, right? Who is he? Is he the one who created you?"
*turns to Elly* “What do you mean by 'creating me'? Kim is Kim! Don't you see?”
*turns back to Fei* “Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! You're really here! I thought I was dreaming. The person in my dream. Yes, Kim! I was dreaming! A long long dream.”
"It seems you resemble him. Someone important to her... probably the person who created her..."
”You totally just got yourself a robot kid, Fei.”
“What? No!’

"H, hey you. My name is Fei. Not Kim."
“Now I know, Fei's Kim! Listen, listen, I was dreaming! A long long dream!”
”No. No. My name is Fei Fong Wong. Not Kim.”
“Now I know Fei Fong Wong is Kim.”
“No. No Kim. Just Fei.”
“Just Fei is Kim?”

"For her, 'Kim' means more than just a name. ...More like...'father'."
"...Father? ..."
”I’m pretty sure Alice is still atomized and I ain’t gotten busy since Lahan.”
“...You and Alice...”
“Well, yeah. I mean, she was getting married.”

*shakes head* "No, no, I mean it has general meaning."
“Listen, listen, Kim! I was dreaming about really old times.”

“Kim was... putting many candles on a white soft confection... I didn't know why he was doing that... But I sensed he was looking forward to me coming out of the tube...”
*shakes head and looks down* “... But... soon everyone... was gone... My body disappeared... Then I was in somewhere dark for a long... long time... Please! Promise you'll stay, Fei's Kim!?”
"Huh? ... Uh yeah."
“Really? Really truly?”

“I'm talking to Kim!”
"Old lady...! Maybe I should bury her back at the ocean floor..."
”And you give me crap about telling kids to fight dinosaurs...”
"Why don't you be her Kim? The Fei... Kim!!"
”Are you seriously getting pissed the robot kid called you an old lady? What are you, 12? Sheesh.”
"Umm.. Oh...... By the way, do you have a name?"
“Oh no! You're cruel, Fei's Kim! It's me, Emeralda, Emeralda! Kim named me because I have emerald hair! Don't you remember...?”
”’Emeralda’? You...sure I didn’t name you Esmeralda?”
“Nope. Emeralda.”
“Man, I’m totally gonna misspell that all the time.”

"Okay, okay. Emeralda, right? Alright, Emeralda. I'll stay with you this time. I promise!"

And so the over-caffeinated nanomachine little girl joins as our final party member. Emeralda is pretty cool, for reasons we’ll see later. Let’s just say Xenogears nanomachines can do some nifty tricks.

Citan decides to practice some Foreshadology...

“Some information existed in her which passed over to Krelian. Who knows what he will do next. We must find Solaris before that happens..."
“Received a telegram from Shevat! Due to a weakening gate, a city that may be Solaris has been discovered!!”
”Did I just hear that right? Did our airship just get a frickin’ TELEGRAM?!”
“Fei’s Kim, who still uses a telegram anymore?”
“Exactly. Kid knows the score.”

*nods* "Perfect!! Let us go back to Shevat for now!"


Click to view cutscene.

So it’s taken over 90 updates to finally see what the hell Sky Berlin looks like, but here we are...

Music: Jaws of Ice

Yeah... Babel Tower has shit on Etrenank.

Ladies and Gentlemen, next stop: Solaris.

Later that day, at Shevat...Music: Shevat, the Wind is Calling

“However, unless we destroy the final main generator on the Solaris homeland...we cannot completely wipe out their Gate.”
"Maria, this is where you and Seibzehn come in. Now that the Gate is weakened, we can use Seibzehn's heavy particle distort space and neutralize the Gate for a brief moment! Upon penetrating into Solaris, it would be best to move small groups so that we do not attract attention. Well, if possible I would like to..."
*nods* "Yes... I can guide you... through Solaris..."
"I'll go too. I'm a little concerned if it's Elly."
"What are you...? Wait, I didn't mean it like..."
”You do remember you have like two dozen counts of treason in Solaris. Pretty sure you can use some back-up for you homecoming.”
"Understood! Then Elly, Fei, and I will move about together. The rest will form a separate group to sneak in. “
”Shouldn’t we have a native Solarian in each group, if only to help navigating around that massive city?”
“Maria, it looks like you and Seibzehn will wait outside on standby."
*sigh* ”Just throwing that out there...”
"Fine... I understand."
"Well, let us break up for now. Once you are all ready, we should all meet here before we take off..."

Later that day...Music: The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen

"Yes... I have chosen my own path. There is no turning back..."
"You will be hurt... They will also be hurt..."
"Indeed... But I could not find any other path to choose... If I happen to be overcome by the dark side... At that point, I have already..."
"Don't say anything more. I already know..."
*walks closer to Citan* "Now, here. This is your sword... Please... Please come back alive!"
"Then you too... Please take care of Midori."

And that is pretty much the one and only time we see Citan remotely giving a shit about any of his family. Also, Citan also took more than a few sword fighting lessons back in Med School. Probably worth mentioning... Not that I think it’ll come up again anytime soon.

A short while later...

“I don't know what you're thinking or trying to do... But, if you take their side, I'll kill you without a doubt. Even from the back..."
*nods* "Yes... I will be counting on that."

It might just be me. But, I think there is a fan spinning at top speed somewhere in the next few chapters. And a huge bucket of shit is hanging precariously near the edge of a ledge above it...

Solaris Appears

Emeralda Kasim Artwork – Giant scarves are so last season.