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Original Thread: Let's Play Yakuza: The Original Shenmue 3



Alternate Title: I did feel like hitting a few balls today...I suppose this Yakuza 1 LP will do

What is this?
Why, a Game Kiwi LP of the first Yakuza game, of course!

But we’ve seen Yakuza 1 already.
Yes you have! Jamesman did an excellent LP of this game way back when. Not to mention Geop’s Yakuza 2 LP that died far too young. We aren’t those people though! Not that The other LPs aren’t great (they are), but we have different thoughts and opinions. And, let’s face it, you can’t really have too much Yakuza.

Who are you?
Another Person and I make up Game Kiwi, an in-joke turned into a real thing. AP lives in Wales, and I lives in California. We’ve been playing games together for the internet for a while now (In fact we have an AP-driven Digimon World Re:Digitize LP running right in this very sub-forum!), then AP mentioned never having experienced this series, not to mention how hyped I am about finally getting Yakuza 5 in English, and that’s why we’re here today.

When will you release?
We plan on releasing videos on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. We’re also trying to think of relevant bonus content so we can make some fun extra videos to release sporadically.

Any last words?
Not too much. Yakuza is basically my favorite game franchise ever, so I wanted to spread the joy of asskicking to as many people as I can (and also the sorrow that comes from no news of the latest game ever coming west). It’s gonna be a fun trip, so buckle up. It’s Yakuza time!

Spoiler Rules:
Please don’t. This is a very story-centric game, and AP is getting it for the first time (as may be other posters). Don’t ruin it for them. If you really want to talk spoilers, there’s the Yakuza General Thread for that, or you can PM me for spoilery tips or things you want me to try and check out.


Episode 1 - Like a Dragon
Episode 2 - Forky McStool
Episode 3 - An Unwelcoming Host
Episode 4 - A Fight to the Death
Episode 5 - You Guys Again
Episode 6 - A Long Con
Episode 7 - Fart
Episode 8 - You Could Use A Meat Bun
Episode 9 - Beef Cake
Episode 10 - Let's Hit Some Balls
Episode 11 - The UFO Catcher Episode
Episode 12 - Buu Superiority
Episode 13 - Back to the Batting Cage
Episode 14 - Voices
Episode 15 - Dad Cop
Episode 16 -
Episode 17 - A Cursed Episode
Episode 18 - Loaded
Episode 19 - Wanderlust
Episode 20 - Razor Bladez
Episode 21 - Hanzo Steel
Episode 22 - Car Combat
Episode 23 - The Other Side
Episode 24 - Boned
Episode 25 - It's a JRPG
Episode 26 - Purple Elephant
Episode 27 - The Return
Episode 28 - Boat Party
Episode 29 - Rooftop
Episode 30 - The End

Bonus Episodes

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