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Original Thread: Eye of the Tiger: Let's Play Yakuza 2



What is this?
It’s the newest and juiciest LP from Game Kiwi, Yakuza 2!

Yakuza 2?
Yes! It’s the second game in the Yakuza series. We played the first game in the series in the latter half of last year (LP Archive Link). Before the last LP AP hadn’t really come into contact with the Yakuza series. He enjoyed the last one so much that we got started with this second one as soon as we could manage.

Who are you?
Game Kiwi is an internet in-joke turned into a real thing. This time it's AP joining me at the wheel. AP lives in Wales, and I live in California. We’ve played a few games for the internet at this point. We’re now on this, our 3rd LP! Exciting!

When will you release?
We plan on releasing videos on Mondays and Fridays. There also may be bonus videos from time to time (I’m thinking about doing at least a Mahjong explanation video, and maybe for other mini-games if they warrant it.).

Anything else?
Not really. I absolutely love the Yakuza series, so I’m always happy to be able to share it’s beefy, manly glory with other people. So, are you ready, baby? It’s time for this tiger to earn his stripes!

Spoiler Rules: Please don’t. This is a very story-centric game, and AP is getting it for the first time (as may be other posters). Please don’t ruin it for them. If you really really want to talk spoilers, there’s the Yakuza General Thread for that, or you can PM me for spoilery tips or things you want me to try and check out. If you absolutely have a burning need to talk spoilers, then blackbar tag them and any responses to spoiler comments, otherwise AP simply can’t read the thread. Do you want to make AP a sad sad boy?

Note: The gameplay footage will look a bit different from episodes 29 onward. Stuff happened. Sorry about that. It's not terrible, I promise!


(Full Playlist)
Episode 1 - Sucked Back In
Episode 2 - Go Daigo Go
Episode 3 - Peacocked Your Mom
Episode 4 - Double Dragon
Episode 5 - Robot Manager
Episode 6 - A Coup
Episode 7 - Shot Heard 'Round the World
Episode 8 - Side Questing
Episode 9 - Getting the Deets
Episode 10 - Almonds
Episode 11 - Return to Kamurocho
Episode 12 - Batter Up
Episode 13 - Showstopper
Episode 14 - Champagne Call
Episode 15 - Purgatorio
Episode 16 - King of the Ring
Episode 17 - Dynamite Jin
Episode 18 - Don't Shop. Adopt.
Episode 19 - Body Double
Episode 20 - Fart Returns
Episode 21 - That's Riichi
Episode 22 - Be My Baby
Episode 23 - Smooth Moves
Episode 24 - The Plot Thickens
Episode 25 - For the Kids
Episode 26 - Strike
Episode 27 - A Second Chance at Love
Episode 28 - Pipes
Episode 29 - Like a Bulldozer
Episode 30 - Granny White Blues
Episode 31 - Young at Heart
Episode 32 - A Solemn Occasion
Episode 33 - We're Back
Episode 34 - Be Kind, Rewind
Episode 35 - Family Matters
Episode 36 - Love on the Battlefield
Episode 37 - Who Wants to be a Millionaire
Episode 38 - The Boy With the Dragon Tattoo
Episode 39 - Please Seek Medical Attention"
Episode 40 - Knife Crime
Episode 41 - a.k.a. Taken 4
Episode 42 - GUTS
Episode 43 - Eye of the Tiger
Episode 44 - Golden Egg
Episode 45 - Ice Cream Vaccinations
Episode 46 - Red Light
Episode 47 - Dad
Episode 48 - Cleaning Up
Episode 49 - Just An Old-Fashioned Host-Off
Episode 50 - Farming Exotic Drops
Episode 51 - From Host to Manager
Episode 52 - Multiplicity Kazuma
Episode 53 - A Tiger Too Far
Episode 54 - Bomb Removal Specialist
Episode 55 - Grandma's Tablecloth
Episode 56 - Beats By Majima
Episode 57 - Climbing the Waterfall
Episode 58 - Emerging a Dragon

Bonus Videos:
Let's Learn Mahjong
A Little Bit of Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble
Game Kiwi Watches - Yakuza 3 Trailer

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