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Part 34: BF29 – Nyllard Desert - North

In order to fight against Gulcasa, who had gained tremendous strength by breaking Brongaa's seal at Galleon Prison, the “true power” of the Holy Sword Gran Centurio was necessary. Only those accepted as the legitimate ruler of Fantasinia could wield that power, however, and to ascend the throne, a coronation ceremony at the Holy Land of Welheim was required.

After giving Yggdra time to recover, the Royal Army headed south to Nyllard Desert, en route to the Holy Land.

Meanwhile, the Imperial Army had dispatched Zilva's Special Forces to Nyllard and hired additional bounty hunters to set their next plan in motion.

How are you feeling, Princess?

I'm alright.

How could ayone feel alright in this heat? It's an oven... I'm burning up out here!

I understand... But we must hurry.

The heat is taking its toll on our soldiers. Fortunately, we are not far from an oasis town. We shall resupply there as we advance.

Hey, look over there. Someone else had the same idea. Looks like that bounty hunter.


What are they up to here...?

No good, that's what. Let's chase 'em off!

Elena's going to do the majority of the work here. There's also a good chance that she'll be targeted in an attack, so a loss or two is possible. We'll bring her up to 5200 with this otherwise useless item.

This is also an excellent level for Yggdra to go on a killing spree, so it's often beneficial to give her a good item and let her go to town. Unfortunately, for completeness's sake, she has some, uh, other stuff to do.

It's quite difficult to move here.

Careful, those burning sands will slow you down!

This map introduces a new tile – Sand. If you step on a sand tile, that character can't move any further this turn. You can step off and claim full movement, but not on.

In addition, most units have -20% Geo on Sand tiles. Nietzsche's weak on sand, so suffers a greater penalty, and fights with an X battle effectiveness. Of course, there's an item in the oasis to get, so she has to come along anyways.

Oh, look, Imperials. Zilva has a small, unreachable group chilling out to the west. They're following the road, and take two turns before they leave.

After Mizer's turn, Elena and Milanor both advance. Mizer's content to chill where he is, so we're in no danger of an attack yet.

And he's pretty typical. That Tec is still very threatening, but we'll make sure he never gets the offensive position. He also continues in his fine tradition of having a bit of a shoe collection. Another pair for us, I guess.

Mizer's really been making it big since he stopped fucking with us. He's now hired a Witch full time, along with his Assassin and Bandit buddies. The Assassin is the most lethal, at 1,2,4,4.

Oh well. Night's fallen, so let's let Elena loose. Her low Gen would normally make us wary of the Witch and Assassin's Thunderbolts, but there's a good chance we won't see it. Elena still has the Meteor, for a 50% crit rate. Failing that, Bloody Claw will deal with the head nicely, and prevent card skills.

This is as far as she can get, due to the Sand tiles. If we wanted to target the Witch first, we'd need to spend another turn moving.

No crit, no Bloody Claw against the Assassin, but she still goes down like a rock.

The Bandit takes a headshot, but the town's defensive bonus keeps him fighting. Their rage bar is nearing Max, so the Witch might be trouble.

No Crit. Well, there goes plan A. Time to rely on Bloody Claw.

Bloody Claw is charged and ready to fire right at the same moment the Witch is ready to go. This will be close.

Excellent, we barely got it off in time. The Witch is defeated.

Milanor will come down to defend against the Bandit's attack. That will leave Mizer in the open for us.

Elena can get off the Sand tile, and still move to lead the charge against Mizer. We're using Shield Barrier, because I hate him. Nietzsche's in the union, but it's really, really unlikely she'll see action, even with Mizer's Day .

Hehe, truer words never spoken.

If it's my paycheck or my life, I'm gonna go with my life!

And... that's the end of Mizer. He survives, but we won't see him again.

These three crowd around town, and Milanor liberates it.

Whew... Now we can take a break.

Alright, we're done resupplying. What's next?

There's another oasis city up ahead. We'll head for there.

My father traveled this path for his coronation, too...

You guys like the heat, huh? Hey, there's the next oasis!

Milanor and Elena keep following the road.

Night falls, and Yggdra travels the lonely road up north. Using Bloody Claw, Milanor hits the end of the road. Elena is beside him.

Is this some kind of ambush?

Identify yourselves!

Idiots! What kind of thief gives away his identity!?

Wait! That's Princess Yggdra! Haha! Howdy, Princess! I'm Dort, and this here's my turf!

We are traveling to Welheim. We have no reason to fight. Please, let us through.

Oh, I bet I can think of a few reasons. You're an Imperial fugitive, for one. Hehah! That's worth a lot.

Scoundrel! How dare you call the Princess a fugitive?

Gahahaha! Something wrong with thieves going after bounties? We weren't all born with silver spoons in our mouths!

Careful, everyone! They're no strangers to fighting!

This attack can get a little rocky, especially with Elena there. However, Dort's union works great in our favour. Between Night and Bloody Claw, Elena already has good chances. Add in the fact she's against Griffon Riders, and it gets better. Due to their large size, Bloody Claw is so much more effective against them.

Both of the Griffons lose, but survive. Milanor kills his Bandit opponent.

Is that...?

Back again? Make up your mind!

Pbbbbt! I'm helping you out whether you like it or not!

Dort. Besides that good Atk, he's worthless. His troops aren't much better, with 2 averages. This is a perfect spot for Yggdra to go on a rampage, since everything uses Axes.

No such luck for us, though. Kylier comes in to lead this union, with Gravity Chaos. I lined it up such that Elena will fight Dort, which will go a long way in cementing in her MVP bonus. He's also worth great experience.

Kylier deals with her Griffon without issue.

Elena murders the shit out of Dort, dropping him from 6140 to 601 morale – 5539 damage. A large part is due to the Sand tile increasing our damage dealt by 20%.

And Milanor keeps the murder quota up as well.

Kylier's second opponent finally has a chance to use Sandstorm, since Kylier is over a Sand tile. His Tec is stupid, though, so it's harmless. And Kylier is immune to GEO cards anyways, as part of her No Geo Effect attribute.

Elena deals with the final Bandit with no issue.

Wow, pretty! I've never seen this before.

What that out of the way, Niezsche takes a dip in the first oasis. This can only be obtained at night.

She then backs up so the Griffon doesn't get any ideas, and Yggdra wanders blindly into the desert.

Dort loses.

Gahahaha, you're pretty good!

That takes care of the bandits.

Then, let us proceed to the town of Sornetta!

Because of all these rapid situation changes, the game hasn't advanced the time in a while. It works out great, because Yggdra needs to get to this tile before noon, which will finally come next turn. It's annoying, because you have to wade through so much Sand.

And Kylier starts doing a lap for items.

Finally noon comes, and Yggdra discovers a village. She'll have to visit it next turn, though, because of the Sand penalty.

Think these are good to eat?

This item can only be found at noon, I think. And I probably wouldn't eat it...

Next turn comes around, and the village is gone. Mirage?

What's an Undine doing in the desert!? Well, Nietzsche is here too, I guess... No matter! Are you okay? Here, have some water!

Ahh! Water! Water! Precious water! Thank you! *glug* *glug* *glug* *glug*

Phew! I thought I was done for. Thank you so much. Huh? What's an Undine doing all the way out there?


I guess you're probably wondering the same thing... I live in an oasis nearby. But, well, I get lost easily.

It'll let anyone, not just us Undines, move freely in water!

Finally day comes again, and Yggdra sees the town.

Desert Fairy: Our town is the miracle of Nyllard! The springs here are good for both your health and beauty. What? Coronation? You're going to be the next queen!? You're pretty dusty for a princess... Surely you're not thinking of being crowned like that? You should wash up before you ascend the throne. That Elemina Mint is just the ticket! With that, you'll have skin as smooth as a baby's! Come on!

Ahhh... So refreshing... Let's try that Elemina Mint... Ooh, my skin's so smooth!

Desert Fairy: Hmm, she's taking a while... What's she doing in there? I'd better check on her to see if she's okay. Hello...? and Ost...0d/BF29-183.jpg and Ost...4f/BF29-184.jpg

!? Aiieeeeeee!

Desert Fairy: I'll give you something good, so please forgive me!

K, done. Leaving.

Resident: After the Temple Knights left, we've had bandit problems. I've heard ugly rumors about things at St. Meriata. If that's where you're going, be careful.

You couldn't have done it without me, Milanor!

Didn't you say you were done helping the Royal Army?

I-I meant... I was testing that princess of yours to see what she's like!


Yeah, you. For the last time, I'm not doing this for you.

*sigh* Now who's being stubborn...?

Princess, we're finished resupplying.

Thank you. Let's proceed to the next oasis.


Desert Rose: It gives you an equip bonus, but you can't actually equip it. It's a trade item, either way.

Dragon Boots: Nothing fancy, but Dragon type movement is fun. 2 maps.

Fairy Bell: Possibly not worth the loss of the Tec Up Elemina Mint, depending on who you use. Not a bad item in the end, though, and it lasts 3 maps.

Hammer of Ruin: Milanor can use it to destroy all sorts of game breaking things, like towns and bridges that you need. Also catapults, so it might have some uses, albeit rarely. 1 map.

Mermaid Fin: Swimming may help in one more mission? I can't recall off the top of my head. Lasts 1 map.

P-P-P-Power Fruit. Atk Up is always good.

Stardust: Trade item.

Missed Item: Yarde Horn: +2 Gen, +2 Atk, Evening Mov = Morale Up. You need to trade the rope from last chapter to the Western village. Don't have the rope, so it's a moot point.


It's a pretty light level to get Yggdra back into the swing of things. Assuming you either can't, or don't want to do the bath scene, you might as well give Yggdra some equipment to round up her shitty stats, and let her kill like mad. This and next level have a lot of Axe users, so she can really shine.

Next mission has some content that can only be accessed if you have 20+ reputation. You don't have a lot of enemies to defeat then, so it's good to start saving up now.

Vs. Mizer – Nothing special. Try to stay on the offensive, and watch out for his, and his lackies Thunderbolts.

Vs. Ambush – A strong character like Mistel or Milanor can likely destroy it solo, if need be. Otherwise, 2 females and 1 male can make a 3-person union that always has to have all three units in, regardless of the attacker's side. Dort's the only strong one in the group, but he's not too bad. Don't be afraid to use Kylier. She's strong enough to deal with any encounter, and she can get great positioning by flying into otherwise surrounded areas.

Bath Scene (Fairy Bell) - If Yggdra steps into the topmost tile in the northern section of desert during noon, and after Dort reveals himself, she'll discover the new village. Visit it also at Noon - the only time you see it - and if you have the unequipped Elimina Mint, you'll get the scene.