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Part 7: Reshef of Destruction, part 2

Reshef of Destruction, part 2

Welcome back to Reshef of Destruction, and its brand-new world map! Yes, we do eventually get the Yu-Gi-Oh! world tour, why else would they represent Domino City with only a poorly-resized recycled map of it from the previous game? For now, we head to Domino Station. For anyone crazy enough to try playing along, here's a brief list of some easy-to-get, really good cards for any deck.

Like in Sacred Cards, wagering a "low-level" card results in a "low-level" reward. Thing is, you might actually want some of those "low-level" rewards. All duelists in the game drop the same "low-level" rewards, so get all of these from Tristan:

Eatgaboon - A trap you start the game with. Destroys one monster with 1000 or less attack, gets the job done early on.
Infinite Dismissal - Negates one attack from one monster. Doesn't sound great, but it usually lets you stall long enough to tribute something.
Darkness Approaches - For recycling Hourglass of Life's effect. Not a lot of other uses for it I can think of, since many effects you would have used it with are now Permanent Effects.
Stop Defense - VERY situational, but I'm gonna mention it anyhow. It switches all defending monsters to attack mode. I dunno, maybe some enemies are walling you with their Mystical Elves or something?
Black Illusion Ritual and its required monster Dark-Eyes Illusionist - Ritual monsters are back, and about as useful as they were before, but I dunno, maybe you'll get some use out of Relinquished.

As for specific opponents and their actually good cards, you know that Yugi drops Exodia pieces and Spellbinding Circle, which are worth the most money, and you know Joey has decent if expensive monsters. Duke Devlin has these:

Hourglass of Life - You know what this one does.
The Inexperienced Spy - Revealing the enemy hand, as mentioned, stops their monster effects from working. Again, due to Permanent Effects this is not as practical as it looks but I'd still keep it in mind for certain opponents.
Heavy Storm - Duke's rarest drop. It wipes out every card on the field. It works with the Dark Hole trick and gets rid of traps too. Its deck cost is pretty high, though.

Finally, you have to beat Rebecca to get to it, but facing the Duel Computer on its lowest difficulty gives you a shot at winning Bear Trap, which destroys one monster with 1500 or less attack points.

Armed with better cards, we head to the station. If you tell him you're not a duelist you can defeat one of the NPCs here, but only once. Remember, any duelist you can only beat one time gives three whole Deck Capacity!

Oh, and you have to beat the conductors in duels to win tickets onboard. Well, that does make sense, at least.

It doesn't matter which you pick. Also, what the hell is this? Only two of us have to duel, but if we win all THREE of us get on board? Win two, get one free?

Anyhow, my special friend mops them up fast, Joey commends Yugi but tells me I'm too slow, I remind myself never to invite Joey to my house ever again, and we enter platform nine and three quarters.

This man's intimidating chin gets him a free ticket as well!

More random duelists you don't have to fight, except you do because every little bit of Deck Capacity is desperately needed. There's no point of no return until you get on the train, so return home to save as often as you please.

I managed to get a really good recovery card to save myself trips back there, though. Helps me stay alive on the train, too. The only recovery card better than this is Dian Keto the Cure Master, for 5000 LP. Overpowered much?

There are duelists on the train, but forget them. You want to conserve LP for what's coming, so play only the one required duel to move onto the next car: the train conductor.

See? I told you Stop Defense would be a good card! If I had it in this run anyhow.

No, I opted to pay LP for a power-up instead!

We advance to the next car, and hey, look who's did he get ahead of us?! Did he just enter this car directly?...How does this tournament even work?

Oh goody, a way for the developers to justify starting on the Yami field.

Oh well, the music you get for this duel is actually really good. The rest of the soundtrack is pretty good, too, but this song plays a LOT during the endgame, it's epic.

PaniK is a very early hurdle for most players. Unfortunately, he decided to pretend this is Sacred Cards and the problem with Shadow monsters wasn't fixed.

Watch as his Shadow deck rams right into your Dream monsters! Which you do have, right?

If you don't, Hoshiningen is there to weaken the Shadow monsters for you.

After defeating him, the train comes to a stop, and he books it.

There's a family you can duel on the third car, and this is your only chance to duel them. DON'T. You do NOT want to risk losing, because if you lose to these jerks you get to face PaniK AGAIN.

Once you're OFF the train, however, you're safe because you can now travel to the Art Exhibit directly on the map.

PaniK is seen shoving the guard out of the way and heading downstairs.

But, hold everything! If you go to the train station again you can find another manga cameo! I think. Can't imagine what Kaiba's old butler would be doing here unless he was fired. You can duel him for more Deck Capacity.

Anyways, we've had our fun, time to find PaniK.

That is the greatest face.

This is the Millenium Guardian. They all guard Millenium Items somehow. Guess what, we get to beat them in a card game to earn the ancient dangerous magical artifact.

They seem to like Dream monsters. Not a whole lot else to say, I got through it easy.

We are bestowed the Millenium Necklace, which lets us see into the future!

Dark Yugi appears and has this look that says, "This is the future that awaits a game with Link Monsters in it!"

Okay fine, Yugi kinda just sits there and wonders what the image means.

Then Kaiba shows up for no other reason than to taunt us, tell us we're wasting time, he's the best, etc. Is there a point to this scene?

You'll also find a Kaiba cosplayer just off the train now.

A quick visit to the shop yields these. Oh no. They're nerfing the big trap cards. They're finally doing what they should have done in Sacred Cards, only they waited until the worse game to do it.

No we can't use it to cheat in duels. Oh how I wish.

But never mind that, another manga cameo appears and declares he'll stop us by beating us in a card game!

This guy is one of the major hurdles of the game. You've really got to step up your deck to overcome some of the monsters here, and that means grind more!!

He leaves a video card behind. How do you play a video on a card? Put it on your duel disk of course.

That guy from the intro appears and taunts us. More pointless taunting and daring us to get the rest of the Millenium Items before bad shit happens.

The game then replays the intro cutscene in case you forgot.

Only in my case, the emulator glitched. VBA doesn't like Yu-Gi-Oh.

Isn't that lucky, the items all scatter about the world at random, and two of them wind up in the same town in the same country.

That random NPC couple from the previous game makes a return appearance, and can be dueled.

This is not recommended. They're starting to get cards that let you steal enemy monsters.

The only counter to that? FLIP THE TABLE! Final Destiny destroys every card on the field AND the hands too, reducing the game to a topdeck war. Hey, sometimes it's the only option you have left, so.

Yeah you guys go on ahead and be in a good card game. Vanguard or something, I don't know.

You're kidding me. Why the hell did they bring back Mr. Magnum?

Mai isn't taking his shit this time though.

Nice monster animations! You can wander around the ship after that scene finishes.

It's a casino on a cruise ship! I like this, it's making reference to Mai's background as a casino dealer. This NPC, when challenged to a duel, refuses and wonders what the point is if money isn't involved.

Um. You can win Domino in duels and you can bet big money trading cards.

Oh come on, Mai! You just beat him, why should either of us have to do anything more?

You know, you could make Joey or Yugi do it. They have better decks than me!

Lucky these are the best cards Mr. Magnum can come up with.

This time.

Mai rewards me with access to the cargo hold. Wait if Mai knows there's "Mysterious Cargo" does she know about the Millenium Item...?

The second Millenium Guardian isn't much better than the first.

The Millenium Key is ours!

Then Shadi appears and tells us that we can expect a cameo from every original owner of the items. Gotta include every character somehow, right?

Anyhow, collecting two of the items allows Ishizu to...

Resurrect the Executive Producer!

Ah, there's that "chosen one" stuff again. Even though it's probably clear by this point that I'll be the one doing anything useful while these two sit behind me and watch.

Wh...WHAT?! Can...can you DO that? Did you not see what happened to Odion in the last game when he tried to use a God card?! I don't want to get smited! It's not even that useful in this game anyhow.

Well, let's take a look and hope we don't get smited.

The God cards are largely unchanged from Sacred Cards. Slifer's the only one to have a real change, and that's changing his effect into a Permanent Effect. Saves you some time, but he's still not that good in my opinion. Oh well, into the deck he goes!

Wait, what? Italian...catacombs? What was even the point of including Italy in the game if it's just going to be some catacombs?

Well, next time we casually fly across Earth to find the next Millenium Item. Geez, this is Battle Network 4 all over again.