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Part 9: Reshef of Destruction part 4

Reshef of Destruction part 4

Oh good, I finally managed to update my deck a little. One of the newcomers is the best Spellcaster in the entire game (who is card number 666 if that kind of thing is funny to you) and the other is Mammoth Graveyard. This is, in my opinion, a critical card to your progress. Its permanent effect lowers the power of all enemy monsters by 500 as long as it's on the field, and at 1200 attack points it can handle a good number of monsters from here until the endgame. Not a bad deck cost for it, either.

Yes, I know. It's a permanent effect. You'll have to live with it.

We head to Kaiba Corporation and see these five dudes begging Mokuba to give them a job.

That portrait is just so perfect here. Shame they don't have blink frames anymore.

Oh, we're watching a stage performance? Will there be dancing hippoes? I like dancing hippoes.

Mokuba, there's a whole five audience members. Come to think of it, where's Serenity?

Oh, she's...part of the show? I can roll with it.


Oh NO. It's THEM.

They're filler villains and they've come dressed as their ace monsters.

...but it's only a stage performance for children instead of a horrible filler arc, so I can be amused!

Mokuba calls for a duelist to take them on, and Joey volunteers. By "volunteer" I mean, he just stands there while I handle the duel.

That or he actually believes his sister is in trouble.

Pssst. Serenity. He's not the one doing the hard part.

Only Jinzo actually duels here, and he plays a machine deck. Not unlike Espa Roba, though he's certainly tougher in this game.

I'm getting a lot of mileage out of Slifer here. Though, it is one card out of the forty I've got. No strategy in this game is 100% consistent, unfortunately.

Then they summon their collective ace monster, the Five-Headed Dragon.

The G stands for "God" apparently. So..."Five God Dragon"? What kind of name-- Whatever, it's got only 5000 attack points, so I'm sure Slifer can bring it down easily!

Uh, who are you? I said Slifer can easily bring it down.

...the executive producer has been USURPED! By a security guard dressed up like...I don't even know what!

So yeah, this is Kaibaman and I think this is technically his debut, unless his card came out before this game. Now there wasn't anything necessarily wrong with Kaiba creating a card of himself, because come on, that's just such a Kaiba thing to do.

Then Kaibaman becomes a monster spirit in Yu-Gi-Oh GX. Or something.

Wondering why that security guard earlier had Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon in his deck? Here's why. He summons that and Black Luster Soldier and combines them both.

By the way, Fusion summoning isn't in this game, so you can't do this in an actual duel.

This is actually an...what would you call it? An homage I guess? It's an homage to a filler arc from the anime. I kinda like how this game handles it, to be honest.

The Big Five are a little depressed about their jobs being children's entertainment. But they deal with it and we move on.

Ishizu mentions how it's important to take a break every now and again before telling us where the next item is.

Sure is important to take a break even in the face of TOTAL CALAMITY. So that's why we'll be taking on sidequests! First, we go back to Italy.

Really? Did Mr. Magnum REALLY need another sidequest? Anyhow, Bonz seems to have taken up fortune-telling, so Mr. Magnum asks how to win Mai Valentine's heart for real this time.

I can't tell if Bonz is trolling him or--


Thanks a lot, Bonz. Just...thanks. Mr. Magnum's rematch here is where Konami decided to pull another fast one, just in case you didn't hate the game enough.

Your worst nightmare: a hamburger. And you must be thinking, "How's a hamburger gonna beat you in a duel?" Didn't you notice? IT HAS THE DIVINE ATTRIBUTE FOR NO GOOD REASON. Now, that's normally something only Ritual monsters and God monsters have. And you might remember Hungry Burger being a Ritual monster in previous games, and the TCG! Well let me explain.

There are 800 cards in Reshef of Destruction, which is somehow less than the 900 in Sacred Cards. Apparently they needed to cut a lot of cards to make room for other stuff in the game. Among the cards cut were all of the Ritual spells - except for three. Black Illusion Ritual, Dark Magic Ritual, and Black Luster Ritual are the only Ritual spells in Reshef of Destruction. However, they kept the monsters even though the spells were cut, except they didn't change any of the attributes, and the computer can use them freely. The player?

The player gets to deal with THIS shit. The former ritual monsters cost NINE NINETY NINE, rendering it next to impossible to even think about putting it in your deck, even if you do obtain it. And don't even ask what they cost to purchase from the shop in the first place!

I almost expected them to be immune to effects, too, but that is thankfully not the case, so I still have outs. 2000 attack points is also not impossible to beat, but the best course of action is to never allow the computer time to summon former Ritual monsters in the first place.

To think. The only reward for this is an amusing easter egg.

fortune changes. Oh well.

Included the entire line there because it's actually fairly amusing.

This is a fun little feature. The result of Bonz's ad-libbed readings depend on your name if memory serves. Oh, and this feature eventually becomes unavailable, so better try it when you have the chance.

A...a penguin?

What's that supposed to mean?!...To be fair, I do flip the bird quite often, and people tend to react to my presence with total disgust.

Does anyone in the Yu-Gi-Oh universe have those initials...?

Do I wanna know?

Soon as I figure out how NPCs work, I'm hacking in a duel against the dog. Titty Kitty included.

There's another side event with Tea in the clock tower square.

Bonz again? People are flying all the way to Italy to see him!

And then suddenly a filler character shows up. There's not even a portrait for this one!

.......alrighty! I'm the only one doing the hard work around here, so I may as well do your love interest's job for him!

So this character is called "Johnny Steps" and he plays a music-themed deck. The biggest guns are Light attribute.

You get rewarded with an Elemental Guitar Hero!...I'll try harder with the pun next time.

Then the most adorable little penguin shows up and asks to hire Tea. I'd normally ask who wouldn't want to work for a cute penguin. Then I realized it's actually a perverted old man in a costume. So naturally, we have to give him the boot too.

Just look at the kind of monsters he has...ugh. They had to give the penguin monsters to possibly the worst character.

He starts on an Ocean field, and like in Sacred Cards, using Thunder monsters for this is fine, just watch out for the Earth-attribute Penguin Knight.

You get his ace monster as a reward. Nightmare Penguin wasn't printed at the time, so his level is higher than it is in the TCG, which doesn't help its usefulness a lot. Its permanent effect is to power up all Aqua, Fish, and Sea Serpent monsters. Not bad if you're playing that kind of deck, I suppose.

Tea states the fortune teller predicted she would have really bad luck with the opposite gender today.

I dunno, ever heard of a guy called Jaden Yuki? He dumped his playing-card-girlfriend for actual humans, the horrible man!

I acquired this card a bit later. It's an amazing card. It may look like nothing more than a stronger Dark Magician, but then you see its card effect. At the start of the other player's turn, Mirage Knight disappears and is replaced by a Dark Magician AND a Flame Swordsman. This is because it's really a fusion of those two monsters, but only stays fused for one turn.

Thing is, there's no fusion summoning in this game, so you can just get Mirage Knight and play it like a normal monster. You still need to tribute two monsters, sure, but unless those monsters are stronger than what Mirage Knight turns into, it's pretty worth it in my opinion. What I'd REALLY love to get is Dark Flare Knight. If he's in the graveyard, Mirage Knight is summoned, and it doesn't matter how he gets into the graveyard. You could just discard him there, and he works! It's for this reason that Dark Flare Knight is limited to one copy per deck.

Anyhow, after being sidetracked for a little bit, next time we find out why we're going to Canada, of all places. I hear they have really nice squirt guns.