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Part 11: Reshef of Destruction part 6

BlazeEmblem posted:

I do.

Although the location on the map looks like the location is in Saskatchewan, not Alberta.

I suppose that makes better sense. Thank you.

Reshef of Destruction part 6

Finally, it's time to get back to the plot. There are no more sidequests outside the post-game. Unless anyone else can prove themselves more informed than me.

I...Ishizu, you're doing something USEFUL?! Okay, cool. We're told to ask Kaiba about the God cards turning back to stone.

In spite of his card turning to stone, Kaiba maintains the "I don't believe in magical mumbo jumbo" schtick.

And then he leaves just in time for a crisis to strike that only the player will have to clean up as usual.

The Neo Ghouls are here. They're now swarming the entire city, and while you can duel them, it's pointless: they just respawn when you do. Bizzarely, if you lose and get booted back to your house, you have to talk to Kaiba again. This is because the next plot scene is right in front of your house and I guess it'd be odd to just leave your home and bam, plot event.

Remember that kid I said was a manga cameo? He makes an attempt to look intimidating.

That went well. (Examining his body starts a duel, by the way.)

Oh great! The Exodia player!

Espa Roba shows up to defend his brothers.

Ahaha! Cards! Get it? It's funny because cards.

The Exodia player hasn't improved all that much since Sacred Cards. In the previous game, he had three copies of every Exodia piece excluding the head - technically illegal because of the Limited List, but it crippled his deck anyways. Now he has three copies of all the pieces, which makes getting "Obliterated" a bigger threat than before, but it's still very much luck-based. He just has to not draw them and you'll win, as there are no Traps or Spells save Pot of Greed in his deck.

Aren't these faces just amazing?

Espa Roba shows us who the real Jinzo player is and beats the rest of the Neo Ghouls out of this part of the city. They're still everywhere, though, and Ishizu is also missing.

A...habit...I guess it has something to do with him faking ESP in his duel with Joey, but...I don't really get it.

Ishizu was kidnapped. Is Mai Valentine the only female who can't be kidnapped or something?

In order to take down the Neo Ghouls, rather than alert the proper authorities, we have to recruit a team of teenagers with ATTITUDE.

At this point, the Exhibit and the Train Station become inaccessible. Beating the duelists here just causes another one to take their place. You can duel thousands of them and they'll all respawn.

Not sure if this is tied to any sidequest, but you can go to the game shop and witness Duke and Tristan defending Serenity together.

Now it's time for the second world tour. The Neo Ghouls have some strong cards, but they use 99% Fiend attribute monsters. Between Hourglass of Life, Skelengel, and Hoshiningen, I have plenty of Light attribute monsters to get past that with.

Save a duelist's neck, and he joins the city! It's like Digimon World without cyborg dragons that still experience potty emergencies.

What. How did THIS line make it in?! It wasn't even a meme yet!

Over in China, we see Umbra and Lumis attempting to recruit Weevil Underwood.

The jerk almost goes for it, but then decides to turn on them.

For fuck's SAKE make YUGI do it!

Anyhow, I suppose I should duel Umbra because I dueled Lumis back in Sacred Cards.


Okay, so they have stupidly high attack monsters, this won't be that--


TOON STREAM OF DESTRUCTION! That's how it's done.

He's pretty much correct.

But they just tried to recruit you.

How do these guys even know to travel the world, though? And I kind of get why they want to recruit Weevil and Rex: The former is the Japanese Regional Champion, the latter is the runner-up. But Mai? Mako? BONZ? What is the standard here?

Another pair of duelists you get to choose between. The guy on the left uses a deck of Fiend attribute monsters like the others. The guy on the right has Light and Dream attribute monsters. Choose wisely.

Rex joins the city! Meanwhile, in the Galapagos...

Pffft. Alright, I admit, THAT line is pretty amusing.

Oh yeah, all these duels take place on Darkness fields, even Strings, whose strongest cards seem to be the Water attribute monsters. A good balance of Thunder and Light can get you through this.

The prize for this is the worst card ever. Jam Breeding Machine creates a Change Slime every turn, but it also stops you from ever summoning anything else. So no, it's not easy tribute fodder.

Mako joins the city! Just one more now!

As we board the cruise ship, we see Takeshi getting robbed. Ha-ha!

Mai seems to be handling them just fine...

Except every time she beats one, another pops in. Oh I know, they must have made dueling holograms, it's no wonder they just vanish upon being defeated.

Pincer attack!

Wow. I know this choice really means nothing, but FINALLY we can say something badass. I just wish Arkana was more freaked out by our confidence.

His deck is pretty well-balanced, so this will not be as simple as the others were.


Arrrgh! Not again...this elemental system...well two can play at that game!

Ryu-Ran: 1, Arkana: all the other resets I did at this point.

Nice prize, though. They'll never print that in real life.

Mai joins the city! Time to see how Espa's holding up.

The Neo Ghoul population has significantly decreased, thankfully.

Just a couple more around here somewhere, though.

Oh no. Do we have to duel him AGAIN?

Are they still running this show? That's amazing.

Can the invincible Kaibaman stand up to literally the most basic deck in history?

I thought not.

Further adding to the hilarity, the Big Five turn on Mokuba, like you didn't see that one coming.

Espa opts to take down the Big Five while we get to face the Exodia player AGAIN.

They couldn't have let me choose an opponent for this one?! I mean, the Exodia player just has better monsters and added Skelengels to his deck, but it's still a very luck-driven battle. I was not pleased to have to do it again.

Jinzo vs. Jinzo. Wouldn't that be awesome to see in the anime.

Arbitrarily, the next area we need to go to, which was blocked off before, is now open.

Sort of.

Next time: They finally justify the Life Point mechanics. Stupidly.