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Part 12: Reshef of Destruction part 7

Reshef of Destruction part 7

Now that we know where Ishizu is, the train station arbitrarily opens up for us.

You can challenge the conductor, but he has a surprisingly appropriate reaction.

We have to duel on the train again, and oh god do they have something fun in store!

The train opponents are the first in the game to begin with less than 8000 Life Points. The reason for this is because you have to fight FIVE of them in a row without saving.

If you're thinking the LP handicap is suspiciously kind of Konami to add, I should point out that the more duels I have to play without saving, the greater the chance a bad opening hand in any of them will send me back to the beginning.

Humorously, the conductor resolves to do his job in announcing our destination even after losing control of the train.

Can't really think of anything else to say about these jerks since they start at such low health.

Beating the fifth jerk is a "checkpoint" since you're now free to exit the area, save, and return.

And he ALMOST got me, too.

And just HOW did KAIBA get past all of that before me?!

He tells us to go on ahead while he blasts away the rest of them.

Keith is there waiting for us. Boy, it would be GREAT if we could have seen this coming. Like, if we had some kind of artifact that tells the future. It'd be even better if we could use some kind of mind control, or read minds. Too bad we don't have anything like that, huh?

OH RIGHT. So Keith threatens to hurt Ishizu if we don't give him the items.

He then uses them together with the Millenium Puzzle.

Hey look, it's Kuriball! What, you didn't know Kuriboh was a God card?

Predictably, a duel follows.

Extremely powerful Fiend attribute monsters are the theme here. Keith, in this duel, has a serious Achilles Heel that you actually don't see very often, but it's there. He does in fact have The Winged Dragon of Ra in his deck, but it's not the Ra you're expecting.

It's THAT. No attack points, no effect, and it still costs three tributes, yet the computer sees fit to summon it if given the chance anyways. The TCG actually came out with this card, but it was given a (rather excellent) effect that references its role in this game.

WHY do they keep making reference to this game?! Do they consider it the bastion of game design?!

Uh...Slifer wasn't in my deck, what the hell is this?

Well, at least I get him back afterwards. And Yugi gets the Puzzle back!

Dan Green returns!

Except, again, I have to point out he didn't actually summon the thing.

"How DARE you use us in a CHILDREN'S CARD GAME!"

Keith gets smited. I'm still amused whenever this happens.

Ishizu expresses pity for him even though he kinda deserves it.

Um...hooray? It's nice it has zero cost, I guess...

Ah, it's about time. We haven't had a dumb plot twist in awhile and it was getting worrisome.

Reshef is apparently able to possess the souls of defeated duelists or something, I wasn't paying attention.

Geez, Keith! That's twice in the same continuity you've smashed the puzzle!

Everyone sits COMPLETELY STILL while this guy backflips onto the scene, swipes the last puzzle piece, and backflips out.

The other one kidnaps Mokuba, because we'd gone too long without having that happen. Mokuba really is the Princess Peach of Yu-Gi-Oh.

Looks like we'll be returning to the Duelist Kingdom. It's...nostalgic, if nothing else.

This choice means nothing, but a guy can hope, right?

You built a Blue-Eyes White Dragon-shaped jet plane and you're saying that to ME?


Joey, you and Yugi WENT to Duelist Kingdom! You KNOW where the castle is! Hell, Kaiba should know where it is, but he's going alone, of course.

If you're thinking it's Paradox as in the Paradox Brothers, no, it isn't, but I can see where the confusion comes from.

Another character we haven't heard from quite yet makes a return, but for some stupid reason he was renamed "Paradox". Guess who.


He tells us we need to fully awaken The Winged Dragon of Ra to stand a chance. Fine, whatever, another distraction.

And the only one who knows Marik.

Back to Egypt yet again.

The Pharoah isn't here, genius.

Odion says Marik isn't seeing anyone, so you have the option to leave or challenge him to a duel.

Except for some wacko reason, if you choose to leave, Marik invites you in ANYWAYS. So you can avoid dueling Odion.

However, you should probably duel Odion, because if you can't beat him, you aren't ready for Marik or anything that comes after him.

In my case, the prize card was worth the effort!

We enter and explain everything to Marik.

Of course. He'll awaken Ra if we beat him in a duel. What else did you expect.

By the way, if you lose, get ready to sit through that entire cutscene AGAIN. ARGH.

He has several copies of some of the most bullshit cards in the game. This one stops you from attacking for a full three turns, allowing him to set up whatever he wants...and...sigh.

Back to the drawing board.