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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 104: Antimatter

VLR OST: [Consternation]

Listen in: [English/Japanese]


And it's number two, apparently.
Well, at least we've found them all now...

No. There could be more.
Like K said, there might be a number four bomb out there.
We have no way to know.


Well, um, not really, but... uh...
I wasn't the first person to find it.

Who was?

K and Luna.
After they found it, they came to the infirmary and told the rest of us.

Who was in the infirmary?

Everyone. Tenmyouji and Dio were there. So were Alice and Quark of course...
Although they were still asleep.

So everyone who wasn't asleep knows about the bomb. I see.


There's nobody else here. Where'd they all go?

Right after we came here to look at the bomb, they all left.
They were going to look for you two.

They're the same... Still sleeping.
We checked them out just to be sure, but they seemed fine.

That's good.

Phi and I looked at one another and let out a small sigh of relief.

Did you want to know what they were?

It took her only a moment to explain.

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

The next set of doors to open are going to be the white doors.
That means we'll have to mix our colors so that we get white.

Phi laid out what that would mean.

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Yeah. Any other combinations don't make white.

What about Alice and Quark? Luna said it's going to be a while until they wake up.

We'll just have to carry them.
The secondary doors won't open without three bracelets.
And if we can't open them...

Yeah. We'll get penalized.


Don't worry about Alice.
I'm on her team.

Are you saying you can carry her?

Yeah. Well, I can get Luna to help me.

True, I'm sure she'd be happy to help.

He's on K's team.
There shouldn't be any issues there.


Alice said we should be safe as long as it's not triggered with the remote...

Maybe, but we can't just leave them here forever.
I mean, if they go off then everything in, like, a couple hundred kilometers is gonna get fried...

Wait... A couple hundred kilometers?

That bomb should only have about as much explosive power as a ton of TNT.
...Which is nothing to sniff at, but that's nowhere near the kind of yield you're talking about--

Oh... oh!
You think there might be a bunch more anti-hydrogen around here somewhere!

The reactor.

There are supposed to only be eighteen antimatter reactors in the whole world.
If that's one of them...
Then there's a lot of anti-hydrogen.

How much is a lot?

Th-Three and a half?!
That's like 10,000 times more than Alice's 350 mg!

If there really is that much... And if it does explode...

Then we would be looking at an explosion roughly 10,000 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

No... That's... that's insane...

K-Know what?

That stuff about antimatter reactors.

Um... well... that's, uh... during my training, they--

Training for what?

Um, my job...?

Ah, of course.

Or how much fuel each one of those reactors might be storing.


You don't work at a cafe, do you?

Did you hear about that from Alice?


Well, um, she's right then.

And why are you using antimatter reactors at a cafe?!

That's, uh... what we call the... coffee machines...

W-What...? Are you fucking with me?

I'm telling you the truth! I work at a cafe!


Then what's your real job?


I'm sorry... I really can't tell you anything else.

Why not?

It's classified.

Classified by who?

The government...

The government?

That's right...
Alice said it was her job to eliminate enemies of the state, or something.
So you two do work together.




Check your bracelets! How much time do we have left?

[Music fades out]

What are you talking about?

How long until the doors open!
Come on, quickly!

We were supposed to have met up five minutes ago!

Remember, we're supposed to meet at the infirmary!
You guys hurry back, okay?

And she's gone.


Hold on.
I need to check something really quick.

Uh... what?