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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 12: AB Game Round 1 vs Luna

VLR OST: [Ambidexterity]

The following sound clip contains six unbroken minutes of Zero III cycling through accents while explaining things.

Listen in (or miss out!): [English/Japanese]

Astute observation.

I've been waiting...

So have we!
We've got some questions for you, Zero! Who was that old wo--


The other people in the other rooms are asking me stuff just like you are, Siggy.
I guess you probably can't hear them, since these rooms are completely soundproof, but..
B.O. is.. especially loud.

I've gotta hurry and explain all this stuff or the game'll end before I'm done!


Sooooo no more questions from now on!
No answers for anybunny, okay? You'll just have to wait.

Let me tail you about the AB Game. Since it's a game, you're obviously going to have an opponent.
...Buuuuut it's not like this is a battle royale where you just fight everybunny.
Each round will be a one-on-one battle. Mano-a-mano! Or mano-a-womano!

...Well, there are two people in each pair, aren't there?
So it'll be more of a two-one-one battle I guess!

Now, I imagine you're all wondering who your hopponent is going to be. It's actually really easy!
You'll be competing against whoever you paired up with to go through the Chromatic Doors.

That means that Siggy and Phido will be playing against Moony.
And it goes the other way, too! Moony's opporent will be Siggy and Phido.
Obviously that means Potassium and Cleaver's enemy will be Alas...

...And B.O. and Quirk's enemy will be Tenmyoldy.
Weeeeell I guess "enemy" isn't really the right word, is it?


What? Don't get it? Well, don't worry. Just listen while Zero III explains it all.

All you guys have to do is pick! Just pick one of those easy hoptions.
Your BP will go up or down, depending on what you pick.
It's a little complicated, and some of you are a little slow, so I made this handy chart!


So, let's say you choose "ally" and so does your opponent.
You'll get 2 BP, and so will they, and you'll all get a nice warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

We call that the "Best Pals" outcome. Just puts a smile on your face, doesn't it?


Next is what you get if you choose "ally," but your opponent chooses to betray!
If that happens, you lose 2 BP, and they get 3.

We call that the "Stupid Jerkface" outcome. Somebody did that to me, I'd skin 'em and stew 'em with some taters.


The third choice is the hopposite of that.
It's when you choose "betray," but your nice, innocent opponent chooses "ally."
This time you're the one who gets 3 BP, and they're the one who loses 2.

We call that the "Serves Them Right" outcome. I mean, what were they thinking? Choosing "ally" was a stupid choice. And there's nothing for you to feel guilty about.


And finally... The very last scenario.
This is when you choose "betray", and so does your opponent!
If that happens, neither of you gets or loses anything. Absolutely zero change in BP.

Ugh. Boring. We call this the "Why Even Bother" outcome. As the gamemaster here, this is the situation I want to avoid the most!

Well, let me explain.
Remember how I told that both people in a pair share a destiny? Well that applies here too.

That doesn't mean you split your points, though.
You both get 3 points, or lose 2 points, or whatever.

In other words, what you see on this chart is what you get.

Weeeeell, actually there's a little bit more, but...

That'll just have to wait, I guess. After all, it's almost time!

Hey! Wait!

I won't wait and I can't wait.
Didn't you hear me? It is time.

You see? It's time for me to be hopping on out of here.


VLR OST: [Data]

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

What?! Y-You're kidding!
You really want me to betray Luna?!

We don't know if she'll ally or not.

That's a loss of 2 points.

What kind of idiot do you think I am?
It's one, obviously.

What do you mean by "it's over"?

...You're hiding something.
Yeah... you've been suspicious from the get-go.
I mean, how'd you know my name?
Or how about when we found that old lady's body? You didn't even blink.
Almost like you knew she would be here...
Look, I don't wanna believe it, but... did you... are you...

Fine. If you won't do it, then I--

--don't think so!
I'm not gonna move until you give me some answers!
If I don't do anything, it'll just vote "ally" for us anyway.


So let's hear it! What're you hiding?!
What's "it's over" supposed to mean?!

That's what I meant.


Time to vote!