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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 176: Floor B

VLR OST: [Anxiousness]

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Is this another warehouse?

It looks like it.

Just like the one on floor A...

It's something different, though...

Did...did they make a mistake? That isn't how you spell it...
They added that "e" to "ninth," but why?

Yeah... That is weird.

What does it mean?

Well, I think "memento mori" is Latin for something like "remember death" or "don't forget your mortality."
That other part, I mean, I assume it's just what it says on the tin.

A conditional relating to whether or not a lion has eaten the sun?


But what on Earth does that mean?
It just seems like gibberish.

Agreed. Whatever it means is beyond me.

Doesn't it look just like the one on the other floor?

Yeah. There's a big "9" on the other door.
I guess that means this door isn't important.

I don't see anything that looks like it might open it either.

...Yup. Nothing. Not opening.

Of course it isn't.
I mean look at this thing... It's solid steel.

Well how do you open it, then?

From the other side, maybe...?

The other side?

Do you think they could be Chromatic Doors?
There are three of them...

Hm... Yeah, I think you're right.

These must be the next set of Chromatic Doors we're supposed to go through.

But...they're all the same color.

For all the other doors, we had to add colors together to make another color.
In this case, we probably just have to make white instead.

[Music fades out]

Suddenly, the voice of the announcer echoed through the warehouse.

Forty-five minutes remain until Ambidex Game polling closes.

VLR OST: [Strain]

What?! How the hell did that happen!?

Someone on one of the other teams must have opened one!
All they'd need is one of the moon keys...

Wh-Why would they do that without waiting for the rest of us?!

We can ask them when we get there!
Come on!

Several hours maybe thirty continuous seconds of bloop bloop bleeping, door opening animations and elevator sounds later, we emerge into a slightly different take on a scene we've already seen:

We leapt out of the magenta door and into the warehouse.
There stood Tenmyouji, Dio, and Alice.

Why'd you open one of the AB Rooms before the rest of us got back?!

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Alice and I haven't done anything.

Dio apparently felt he didn't need to wait.

Yes! Yes I do have a problem!

I don't remember saying anything about waiting until everyone got back to open the AB Rooms.

Are you kidding me?! We didn't talk about it because we thought it was common sense!

Sigma's right.
We were able to get back quickly, but...
The others could still be stuck somewhere!

No sooner were the words out of her mouth...

Did something happen...?

Yes... It's Quark, you see. He...

What happened to Quark!?

He collapsed.
It happened so suddenly. We were just searching our room...


Please, you must hurry to the infirmary!
His condition could change at any moment.
You should go...

Oh no...

Tenmyouji shoved K aside and leapt through the yellow door.
The rest of us exchanged a few startled looks, then ran off after him.

From here, we enter into a straight-up repeat.

Luna uses the infirmary equipment and diagnoses Quark with Radical-6 infection. She reveals that the Axelavir treatment exists but there isn't any to hand. The scene plays out identically to its equivalent in the adjacent route, with only the room names altered (K, Quark and Phi went to the B. Garden, and Dio, Tenmyouji and Alice to the Pantry).

Quark attempts suicide, spouting nonsense about the soul and the body, and is sedated.

As everyone is absorbing all this...

It becomes apparent that Alice is also infected. She runs off with a scalpel. The group splits up to look for her.

The following scenes are
technically new but are functionally repeats of the same search as before but in different rooms, and have no voice acting, so I'm gonna go ahead and heavily truncate them.

VLR OST: [Sinisterness]

Sigma searches the lounge, then heads up to floor B.

Nothing comes of this.

Sigma checks the crew quarters...

999 OST: [Trepidation]

The first thing I saw when I stepped through the door was the blossom of red on her chest.

It was almost like getting punched.
I stopped short, my body refusing to move.

Why did this happen...?

I forced one shaking foot forward, then the next.
My legs began to wobble, and I put a hand against the wall to steady myself as my heart thundered in my chest.

(Calm down... Calm down...)
(This looks pretty bad, but you don't actually know anything yet...)
(Yeah, that's right...)
(Maybe it's not too late!)
(Maybe we can still save her!)

Then at last I pressed my fingers to her neck, and those hopes were dashed.


No pulse. Clearly she wasn't breathing either.
Her pupils had dilated hideously, making her face seem somehow inhuman.


Embedded in her chest was a scalpel. I was no doctor, but judging by the angle it looked like it had pierced her heart.
Had someone stabbed her...?
What if she...


Something in my brain snapped.

A scream clawed its way out of my body, taking my mind with it.
The last thing I felt was my body slumping to the floor as the world went dark.

When I came to, I was floating in a field of nothingness.


Well, that wasn't very helpful, was it?

We're racking up time at any rate though.

Okay, I guess we're going to have to revisit some nodes lower down the fl-


Oh, come on.

Yes, this here is a plot lock that unlocks itself.

Alright. Let's try that again...