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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 187: NGAE: ~/cyan/betray/green/betray sigma% cd ~/yellow/ally/red/ally && chmod u+rwx *

When the dust settled on the poll, the winner by a healthy margin with 62% of 115 respondents was returning to Sigma's apparent last five minutes of life.

Previously on this route: Quark finds himself in mortal peril due to Radical-6. Sigma happens upon a vial of the elusive cure Axelavir, but it is stolen by Dio, who holds it for ransom, demanding Sigma and Clover choose Ally in the next AB game - which would kill Sigma and put Dio at 9BP. For Quark's sake, Sigma goes through with it. Sigma is immediately injected with Soporil, but manages to remain conscious long enough to ensure Dio upholds his bargain. He begins to pass out with five minutes until his death, wondering if there's something he can do about the impending shot of tubocuarine.

We rejoin Sigma as he resolves to think, think, think, thi-


VLR OST: [Sinisterness]

(I have...cybernetic arms...?)

It was both shocking and utterly obvious.

Those things hardly mattered, though.
If I survived, I could worry about them later.

The fact that my arms were mechanical, however...
That might be useful...

I called up all the strength I had left and stood one more time.

[Music fades out]

Why don't you open it already?

Listen in: [English/Japanese]


VLR OST: [Eeriness]


Wh-What are you saying?!

Heh... Looks like you finally gave up.
Whatever. I was just about to flip the switch anyway.

Then hurry up and—

Hey! Don't rush me.
K! You've got 9 BP now, right?


I... I...



I cannot abandon Sigma.

Don't worry...about me...
You have to get outside and call for help.


If he's the only one who gets out's no hope for the rest of us.
You're the only one we can...count on...



Great! Glad we got that settled.
Shall we go?

No! Stop!

Phi began to move, but it was already too late.
Dio grabbed the lever and threw it down.

The number nine door has been opened.
It will remain open for 9 seconds.

I promise to call for help and return as soon as I can.
Please, do not give up hope.

Yeah, I know... Just get going already.

[Music cuts out]


As Dio turned to look at me, I crouched.
Then, calling on every last bit of strength my wearied body could supply, I launched myself toward him like a coiled spring.

I slammed into his legs, knocking him to the floor and wrapping my hands around his ankle before he could get back up.

999 OST: [Trepidation]

What're you doing, you bastard?!
The door's gonna close!

Let go! Let go, goddamnit!
Let me go!

He lashed out with his free leg at my head, shoulders, and arms, but I held on.

I ignored the pain, tightening my grip with every blow.

Hey! What the hell is this shit?!
Why're you doing this?!
I kept my promise, didn't I?!

Yeah, so did I...
Far as I recall, it didn't say anything about letting you escape.



Shit! Stop screwing around, asshole!
I have to get out of here!
I'm not going to let my sacred mission get fucked up by some self-righteous idiot!

Dio began to pull himself along with his elbows, bit by bit edging closer to the exit.

He was headed straight through the door...
But the gate was already beginning to close.

With only a few feet to spare before it shut, he crawled across the threshold and beyond the door.

Please, you have to let go!

The door's going to shut on you if you don't let go!




(the script really does use double-dashes here, for whatever reason)

Heh...All right...
See you later, Dio...

Ha! Ahahahahaha! Ahahahahahahahahahahaha!
You're an idiot right up until the end, aren't you?



[Music cuts out]

...I'm going to live.



This ends the Nonary Game.
Thank you for your participation.
As the game is over, all doors other than the number nine door have been unlocked.
Escape is not possible.
Please enjoy your stay.

The announcer's voice grated at the inside of my skull.
I felt tired. So very, very tired. I felt my eyes flutter closed...
And then nothing.

Game... over...?