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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 20: Escape: GAULEM Bay

VLR OST: [Gaulem]

Welcome to the GAULEM Bay... whatever the hell that is.

Sigma (5BP, Cyan Pair) is accompanied by Alice (1BP, Cyan Pair) and Luna (5BP, Yellow Solo).

Now, we could look around a bit...

But, er, I think we're already looking at the most interesting thing in here.

Maybe it's an Egyptian mummy...

What?! Any way you look at it, it's a robot!

Then maybe it's a robot...?

There's no maybe about it. I can't imagine it's anything else.

You're kidding, right? That's insane!

Well what do you think it is?

Just a... well-made... mannequin...

There are a couple other interesting things here.

Why don't you try turning it on?

Yeah, well, I tried that. Nothing happens.
Maybe the batteries are dead?


What is it?

I don't think it runs on batteries.
There's an electrical socket on the side here...

So you're saying it needs a power cable.

That looks like no electrical socket I've ever seen. But whatever.

There's something odd over here, too.

It looks kind of like a hexagon, if you flipped one of the corners in.
I mean, technically it is still a hexagon, but...


It feels kind of greasy... Maybe it's oil?

Tell me more.

Huh? What's that?

I said it's all slippery.

Slippery, huh?

Yes. Very slippery. Like some kind of lubricant.
Why, is that important?

N-No... Never mind...



Well, if we ever need to lubricate something, we can dip it in here. That should lube it up real good.

And of course, the safe is right here.

Then maybe you should press it.

Here... goes!


They're... glowing red.

Does that mean it's... on?

Well, it doesn't seem to be doing much.

(Then again, it's not like I want it to twitch...)

Alright. One last thing before we do the rounds.

It's shaped like a star...

Maybe you need to put something into it?

Something that's shaped like a star, I'm assuming?


As I said before, this room isn't complicated in layout, but it has its ways.

I guess this is as good a place to start as any.

It's got a key in it.

That's odd...

What is it?

This key... it obviously goes to this keyhole, but it won't turn.

Can you get it out?

Hmm, let me see...

No wonder it won't turn.


What if you lubricate it?


I said lube it up!
I'm just saying it might be worth a shot.

Let's just shelve that for now and...

Thin ones like that are usually used for notebooks.

Maybe some of this other stuff is useful, too?

Maybe it'll come in handy?

No, it was just your imagination.

Yeah, right, whatever...
So what the heck is this?

I have no idea, which makes it pretty useless to us.


Keep thinking!

What are you going to do with that?


Nope. Are you serious?


What would you hit?


I don't think so.


I don't think that's going to do anything...


What is that going to accomplish?


Pushing down on it didn't seem to do anything.


And what should we be doing?


Petting it isn't having any effect.


All you're going to do is break it.


Praying isn't going to help.


How the hell is any of this delicious?!


O-Oh no...! What's wrong with him?!

This is good!
Oh man, it's soooo good...

Snap out of it!

Anyway, it just loops at this point. Everything on this rack of shelves that isn't an actual useful item is part of this loop.

Meanwhile, over to the left...

Why would there be two of the same thing?

Maybe we're supposed to attach them to each other?


Yes. I think there are magnets inside it...

Well then.

So there were magnets in there.

Then that means...

That's everything on the shelves.

Of course the poster's important. What kind of game do you think this is?

It's a little unsettling...

Maybe it's a clue.

Yeah. Let's take it down.

And they do.

Lockers. Well, I doubt there'll be anything here, let's just move on.

Oh, alright. We'll take a look.

It looks like there's something on the lapel...

A name tag?

This name tag must belong to a Mr. Harold.

There's also something written on the back of it.

You think that's an ID number?


You said you had a medical license, right?

Oh, um... Yes, yes I do.


Oh, look! There's something in this pocket!

Sweet. We know just what to do with this.

Mmm hmm.

Do you remember seeing anything else like this?

I dunno. Do we?

Moving on.

Huh? Why?

I just thought you might be... into that kind of thing.

Wh-What?! I-I don't know what you're talking about?

See? Bullseye.
Look at you, all bashful. You can be cute when you're embarrassed.


There's something else in here...

Is this a binder?
There's a single piece of paper in here.
It looks like... a list.

It sure does.

Okay, now we're getting interesting.

What do these buttons do...?
Probably shouldn't press any of them, just to be safe...

It looks like a parade...

What kind of parade looks like this?!

You've never heard of it? I thought everybody had...

Oh, I know the one you mean.

I was thinking how nice it would be to get to see it even just once...

Then go see it!

I thought that was the sort of thing you only went to with a... a date...

That's not true! I'm sure girls go with their friends all the time.

Would you go see it with me then, Alice?
If... if we get out of here...



Okay, fine. I'll go.

You promise?

Yeah, yeah.

One button in particular is most... inviting.

Doesn't this button seem... suspicious?

Yeah. Most of the buttons are boring or just incomprehensible, but this one speaks to me.

What does it say?

Come on, a big red button on a plate with black and yellow stripes?
It couldn't scream "don't press me" any louder if it said "don't press me" on it!

Is it a self-destruct button?

Maybe the moment we press it we'll hear a soft hiss and then the room will start to fill up with poisonous gas?

Maybe it launches a missile?

I donno, that seems a little--

H-Hey! What are you doing?!

It's okay. There's no way anything really dangerous would just be right out here.

I'm pretty sure Zero Sr. wants us to play through this whole game.
It wouldn't make much sense to just kill us in one of these rooms.

Maybe, but that's just your opinion! You could be wrong!

Well, I guess so...

Then why the hell did you--

Hey, hey, hey! Calm down.
Nothing happened, so there's nothing to get mad about, all right?


You heard that noise though, right?
Like... something trying to start up...

All that buildup, and it didn't even do anything.

...Maybe we're not pressing it enough?

There it is again. What is that?

I wonder what's making that...

Whatever it is doesn't sound like it's working right.

It kind of sounded like it... didn't have enough juice or something...

Aw well.

There's also this little corner here.

Nothing's on it, though...

I don't see a power button anywhere...

It looks like it's been used quite a bit...

...Nothing happens if we try typing on it.


A desk with some drawers. There's a PC monitor and keyboard on top of it.

Where's the computer?

I imagine it's built into the monitor.

It's kind of hard to see in this light, but there's a single cable coming out from the back of it.

Is it a power cable?

I think so.

Then maybe we can connect it to something with an electrical socket.
Have you seen anything like that, Sigma?

I donno. Have we?

This is kinda a dick move; it's quite difficult to spot these drawers, and this is the only angle you can reach them from.

Is it locked?


Well, there's a keyhole here, so we could probably get it open if we can find a key that fits.


Doesn't look like it's going to open.

It's probably locked.

I don't see a keyhole anywhere, though...

Third time's the charm!

Part of the back seems to be held on by screws.
I'd bet that's where the batteries go.

With that, we've finished our circuit of the room.

Now, we have some new leads, unless I'm much mistaken...

...Huh. I guess I am much mistaken.

The star-shaped block?

Yeah. It's the same shape and everything.

Well, maybe it's not the right size.

I guess so. It looks like this block is a little too big to fit.

Alright, we gotta shrink the block somehow. We'll see if we can't find a crusher or something in here.

Also, wasn't there...

'Kay then.

Let's see now...

The lock's open!

Let's have a look inside then, shall we...

Might as well have a look, then.

I think I saw a commercial for this the other day.

It's supposed to "eradicate grease and oil stains".

It took a few hours of game time and several updates, but we've finally found our first screwdriver! No, stop trying to pretend those four socket wrenches from the elevator count as screwdrivers. That's totally not the same thing.

We can probably open a lock with this.

You think?

What drawer...?

OK, so we're pretty much in business now.

Let's eradicate some oil!

Are you going to use that detergent to clean up the oil?

That sounds like a good idea, but...
I don't think the detergent by itself is going to be enough.
You need something to wipe it up with.

Then how about puttint the detergent on a rag or something?
Seems like that would be easier.

Bah. For want of a rag...

Okay, I guess we'll have to come back later. Again.

This seems like a good enough next step.

Yeah. It was empty.

Then do you think that's where the batteries go?


So if we can put some batteries in there...

Yep. We should be able to get it running.

Alright, alright, hint taken.

I'm on it.

Yeah. Still doesn't do anything.

Maybe you don't have enough.

Enough of what?

Do I have to spell it out? Batteries.
Look at the indententation there. I'm pretty sure it can hold more than one.

It just never ends!

Alright. Unlocking time.

Yes! It worked!

Now open it!

Hold on, no need to rush...

Hm... Well, if there's nothing in there, then maybe we're supposed to put something in there?

Like what?

I don't know, but it would probably go in that star-shaped slot.

So I need to find something that looks like a star to go in this slot?


I guess you could say it'll have a starring role...
He he he...


Whatever could it be?

It fits perfectly!

Did... did you just hear a noise?

From the middle drawer...

The middle one, huh...


Look at the end of this shaft.
It's the same shape as that block we made.

Then maybe it fits into a star-shaped hole.
Have you seen anything that this might fit into, Sigma?

We've got one other lead to follow up on first, though...

I guess it's nice that we've plugged this radio in, but what do we do with it now?

Why don't you try tuning it?


You need to adjust it so it's picking up a specific frequency.
Maybe we'll hear something.

Exactly. If we get really lucky, maybe it can pick up transmissions from outside...

Right. I'll see what I can do.

Minigame time! What an obtuse radio.

We've got to tune to the correct frequency and hit check. Except, we can't just
tune because that'd be too easy. Instead, we get to hit the three buttons underneath the dial to advance forward by however many notches at a time and try and hit the correct frequency. No, of course they don't do one, two and three notches respectively, that would be far too sensible. Instead, it's three, five and seven. Also, we get four presses.

Alright, so, let's try and hit... uh... wait, what
are we trying to hit here?

Evidently not that one.

No good. I'm not getting anything.

Let's just sit here poking ineffectually.

I don't think this is just a radio. It think it's also a transmitter.


Well, if that's the case then they've probably assigned specific frequencies to specific people.

Who do we want to try and transmit to, then? Zero Sr.?

Probably Mr. Harold.


You know what Luna was just talking about?

About how we should be trying to transmit to Harold?

If she's right, then don't you just need to set the radio to Harold's frequency?

What's his frequency?

Are you really that dense? It's on that sheet of paper you found.

Oh... this one? I dunno...

What's Mr Harold's ID number?


11010. It was on the back of his name tag.

The rest is easy then.
Just look at the frequency list we found.

Find his ID on there and see which frequency matches up to it.


Okay, why don't you give it another shot?

I tried.

You're starting to piss me off!

What's the frequency for ID 11010?!
This is kid stuff, Sigma! Just look at the frequency list!

I know that, I just...
I don't know how many times to press which button...

I really don't!

Just one more step! I believe in you!

What was Mr. Harold's frequency?

400 Hz...

Then you just need to set it to that number.

I know, I know, it's just...

Damn... This is pretty hard.
How do I get it to 400Hz?

Shit, screwed up again...

You're getting nowhere.
You might as well just hammer on the same button.
It'll be at least as effective as what you're already doing...

This is the last hint, and yes, it is actually a hint.

Yes, you just have to hit the middle button four times.

Releasing lock.

What was that noise?

Look! The monitor!

So it's some kind of voice recognition system, then...

It looks that way, yes.

There's something on the screen.

This is...

I think it's a blueprint of this room.

Lady I don't know what you think a blueprint is but this is not one.

The X is right where the oil stain we can't clean is... but there isn't anything at all where the V is. That's odd.

Once again, we're down to our last lead.


Do you think you can turn it?

Yeah, gimmie a sec.

Something's coming down from the ceiling!

Th-Those are...

They look just like the thing on the table...


Yes, Robots. Quite. Six on each side.

They're robots. I told you.

So, what, is this some sort of secret military R&D lab?

Why would you think that?

Isn't it obvious? These things are weapons.

You don't know that.

What, are you gonna say these are built for housework?


I don't think all of these robots are here just to scare us, or surprise us, or something.
This just seems like an awful lot of work to go through just to get a reaction out of us, you know?

Yeah... you have a point.
These are definitely real robots.

One of them has a present for us.

Of course I do. It says right here.
It's a battery, right?

Maybe it goes in some sort of thin electronic device.

Thank you, Luna.


It's showing something...

An authentication screen, maybe?
It probably has some sort of security lock...


Oh come on! That
always works!

Too right.

OK, let's look at the other row of ro--




This one's wearing boxers...

Y-Yeah, looks like it...

Why would a robot be wearing underwear?

Maybe he's, uh, hiding something.

Hiding what, though?
Like a diary or something?

Okay, well, maybe he's got a hose or something.

Whoa, damn, way to cut to the chase there...

Whatever. We'll know as soon as we get them off.

Aren't you getting a little too excited about this?

...Alright. Let's get this over with.

All right, here goes...


Luna, I haven't done anything yet. He's still decent.


Besides, when you covered your face you opened your fingers so you could see out.
How old are you?

He he he...

Argh! You two are driving me nuts!
I'll just take them off!



You should try them on, Sigma.

Wh-What?! Why?!

I thought they might suit you.

Why would you think that?!

Well, what do we need them for if we're not supposed to wear them?


Maybe we're supposed to use them to... wipe something?


Not to wear, but to wipe. Yes, I think that's it.

By god.

That's brilliant!

I see Alice is keeping up.

You're going to wipe up the oil with the boxers, right?


Okay, go for it.

I wonder what this is...
There's something written here that the oil was covering up...

No, you're reading it from the wrong angle.



Wait... V? Maybe...

Actually, hold that. Maybe we can press The Button now?

We'd never survive if they all attacked us at once.

Uh... I just couldn't help myself...
We need more information to get out of this room. We have to try everything in here if we want to escape.

Is something missing?

Oh well.

Anyway. V? Wasn't there...

Yeah, that definitely wasn't there before.


It's got a pipe running out of it toward them.

I have a feeling that means there's a connection there.
Okay... Lemme just give this a try...

Joy. Another minigame! We have to rotate panels to create a path from left to right with the correct voltage. Which is... uh... well, we don't know what it is.

Well, it's not 150.

You can do it!

Yeah. 120, right? That's what it said on the table.

That should be easy, then.
It's just simple addition.
Why don't you give it another try?

Okay... uh...



Well, you can't use 100. There's no way you could get 120 with the remaining numbers.
So how about 60? If you start there you'd have to make 60 with the remaining numbers.

That won't work. No matter how you put them together, you can't get 60.

So that means you can't start with 100, or with 60.

Uh... 155, I think?

And what's the number you need to make?


So how far over is 155?


You get it now, right?
Just take out what you don't need, and that should give you the numbers you're supposed to use.

Okay, I'll give that a shot.

That's all we're getting out of her. So...


Yep. All Sigma.

Oh, you're amazing! I've fallen for you all over again!

H-Hey, what...?

Power distribution... complete. Pre-boot sequence... complete.
Please press the power button located on the console.

Wh-Whoa, what was that?

I'm not sure...

Better do what it says, though.

You guys ready? I'm gonna push it.

Yes. I'm ready.


And... there!

Their eyes--



Leaving aside the issue of why Sigma is staring deep into those terrifying eyes... letters?

Other side's the same.

Creepy, and... entirely unhelpful.

We've got one last lead left; this password we can't crack.

Is there twelve of anything else here?
If there is, maybe there's a connection?

The one with the big red eye in the middle?

Yes. It had twelve circles on it, remember?
And each circle had two letters?

Hmm... Yeah, they might be connected somehow.

So I'm sure you get the point. We check the robot's glowy eyes against the poster we found...

...and take all the letters from eyes that are lit up. The only real trick is remembering that one row is left to right and the other right to left.

If this isn't enough of a hint, the letters are also etched inside the robots' eyes for some reason.

Anyway, running it all through gives us...

You did it, Sigma!
You got through the login!

"Beacon of hope." How optimistic.

Sure, sure. Look at the screen...

The password for the safe!

We're actually not going to get any more hints for the secret puzzle, but fortunately it's not very difficult.

All we have to do is look at the letters that don't correspond to glowing eyes, which gives us...

Good work! I'm impressed!

What's our prize, I wonder...
The screen's changed.

The symbols have changed, and they're in different places.

And that's our passwords.

Hrmph. Well done.

What's with the attitude?

Never mind that.
Let's just see what's inside.


I wonder what's inside this time?

That's good, isn't it? Better than having nothing, at least.

First we've got...

A map.

It says "FLOOR B".

The map we found in the lounge said "FLOOR A" on it.

Well, we took the elevator down to get here, so...
Floor A must be the upper floor.


There's still a lot in there.
These must be...

They have a picture of the moon on them...

These must be what the announcer was talking about, then...

And we've got two of them, just like with the sun cards.

You should take one, Luna.

Huh? Why?

You're a solo. Alice and I can keep the other one.

O-Oh, of course. Thank you.

Looks like a note.

Not voting is not an hoption.
If both parties refuse to vote...
...Then everybunny gets penalized!
In other words, one person out of every color group of three has to vote.

There has to be at least one vote.

Why would there be a rule like that, though? It seems... pointless.

I think Zero Sr. wants to make sure people are actually playing the game, regardless of the situation.

What sort of situation are you talking about?

Well, it could be anything, really.



Whatever. We've only got two things left.
What's this thing...?

I'd guess you insert it into something and twist.

Did you see anything in here that it could fit into?

Even if we did, does it really matter at this point?


Look in the safe. What's the last thing in there?

Is that the key to the exit?

Pretty sure it is.
We can get out now.

What should we do about the plug?

Um... Fine, I guess I'll hold onto it.
I doubt we'll need it, but you never know...

Sounds good. Let's go!

And not a moment too soon. Do you know how long this update is?

You guys ready? I'm gonna open the door!

Go ahead.

I'm all set.

Okay, here we go.
Three... two... one!


Let's get the hell out of--