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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 32: [continued]

VLR OST: [Strain]

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Chromatic Doors have opened.
Five minutes remain until Chromatic Doors close.

What the fuck were you thinking?!
You trying to kill me?!

*Pant* *Pant*
What about Quark?!


Did they find Quark?!

How the fuck would I know?! I've been here!

What about Tenmyouji and Clover? Have they come back yet?

Look around, asshole!
What do you think?


Hey! Pay attention! The bracelet!
Do. You. Have. Alice's. Bracelet? Hand it over!

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Fine, we can take a different one.
As long as we're in the right group, it shouldn't matter which door we take.

That's not the issue.

Then please, tell me, what the fuck is the issue?!

Being a human being.
Three of us still haven't arrived. If we leave them behind...

Oh come on! Now you're gonna grow a heart?! If you stay here, you're gonna kill me!


The truth is, I've got a kid. A baby.
I was told that if I didn't win this game, my kid's as good as dead.


You have to trust me. I swear, it's God's honest truth.
Zero told me to keep it under wraps, but...
I figure I don't have a lot of choice right now.
I'll tell you more once we get inside.

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

You have to believe me, K. Please...
If you won't do it for me, do it for my kid.
If I lose, it's all over...


Listen in: [English/Japanese]

I understand. Let's go.


Yes. I have one condition, however.

A condition?


Sigma, I want you and Phi to go into one of the doors as well.


Dio and I cannot be the only survivors.
I would have the two of you join us. That is my condition.

Damnit. Couldn't make this easy, could you?

What do you say? The decision is yours.


I can't do that.
You're asking me to leave three people to die.

You're going to get us killed!
Is that what you want?!

I can't just leave them behind!




I agree with Sigma. We can't just ditch them.
I'm staying.


Bunch of fucking idiots...

I see.
I suspected that would be your answer.

You leave me with no choice, then.
My apologies.



Do you actually... believe Dio...?

No, of course not.
I only wish to save you.
If I had not... forced the issue, neither of you would have budged.
Such is your character.


K... What are you... doing...?

I will think about it during the ten seconds that remain.

[Music fades out]

Two... One... Zero.
Chromatic Doors closing.

Can you stand?

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Can we just... sit here for a moment, though?
My body's going to be fine, but...
I think I need a little time to get my feelings sorted out.

I wasn't sure how much time had passed before Phi finally stood up.

And no, you don't get to choose which of the white doors to go through.

VLR OST: [Sinisterness]

Yeah. It said "Security".

The footage from the surveillance cameras might run through here.

Does that mean we'll be able to see what's going on in the rest of the facility?

I'm not sure.
Right now all the screens are dark.

Even if we could activate them, I doubt Zero is just going to let us watch whatever we want.

Yeah... I'm just... I'm worried about them.
We don't know what happened to K and Dio either.

Yeah. Well, let's see what we can do here.