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Part 10: Carlos's Decision

Part 10: Carlos's Decision

Close race this time. Remember we can always replay this fragment to go down the other path next!

Obviously it must be Carlos himself.

I was joking around last time but the game really earns its M/17+-rating here.

Music: Glacial Solitude

Akane... She'd never do something like that to Junpei!

Flashback to earlier in the Pantry.

Yes. He's very important to me.

If that's the case, then I'm... I'm the only one who could've killed him...

Or maybe it was some kind of parasite... Or I'm under hypnosis...

All classic science fiction tropes.

Regardless of the reason, I was the...

Quiet footsteps, then the chainsaw revs again.

My body moves against my will! I might kill you next!

Carlos's words shock the crazy eyes out of Akane.

If that's how it is, then--!

And now Carlos has the crazy eyes.

Ah, Carlos, no!

A shout from Carlos, and the music goes silent.

There's the sound of a body dropping here.

Akane's protests seem a little odd given what she was about to do to him herself. I guess she really has snapped out of it.

Music: Confession 2nd Mix

There are some choking noises out of Carlos here.

Carlos struggling to breathe. Flashback time!

Mom... Dad...

You couldn't have...killed Junpei... And I... I...

Did that go how everyone thought it would?

We have the same 16 options we didn't take last time. Plus the option to replay the Pantry decision, with a different result. So another 17-option poll here. Select the story fragment.