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Part 20: Poison

Part 20: Poison

Back to C-Team, this time in the Infirmary.

At least all three of them are standing there at some point in this fragment. It's been awhile since we've seen Junpei. At least, seen him whole and talking and stuff.

Another "simple" fragment structure. That simplicity didn't work out in our favor in the Healing Room, but I have a better feeling about this one.

Music: Anxiousness 2nd Mix

The Infirmary...

Guess we were locked in here while we were unconscious.

The door suddenly slides open behind Akane, just to prove Junpei wrong.

Missing Lip Animations: 17

Junpei can't believe it. Not locking them in goes against everything he learned in 999.

But, why are we here then...?

Hmm, 18:10...

So this fragment takes place at the same time as the Pantry? Unless we've rolled over into a different day in one of the fragments, then we have a contradiction here.

A voice comes over an intercom of some kind. It's not the computer lady this time.

Greeting C-Team. How are you feeling?

Get ready for story time!

Before we begin, I shall tell you an old story...

Seventeen years ago, a woman was killed.

One day about a month later, a male suspect was located and arrested for her death.

He claimed innocence, but the jury found him guilty. The verdict could not be overturned, and thus the man was executed.

In her grief, the man's wife took her own life. Two young children were left behind...

We move to several years later. New DNA analysis results proved that the man's claims were true.

He was falsely convicted.

The true culprit remains at large, their identity still unknown.

Life is simply unfair. Don't you think?

LP title reference counter: 3

Information isn't given out like this story was for no reason. How does it tie into the game and the characters in it? We heard another story like this one, back in the Execution fragment.

Calamity can occur without warning.

Say, perhaps one day you woke up and found yourself injected with poison. That's not too odd to happen to someone... Just as it has to you...

Music: Dcom (The Beginning)

If you do nothing, the six of you will fall asleep, only to never regain consciousness again.


Six people, not just three? Is another team involved? Which one?

I missed Junpei.

The antidote is in that room. Find it. Good luck.

I didn't make it to today just to end like this... I need to do what I'm here to do. I can't die...

Uhh whatcha doing with that ring, Junpei?

You're right. Let's all get through this together.

We'll find the way to stay alive!

Yeah, let's do this!

Seek a way out...of a poison-induced death sentence!

Music: Infirmary

We've got a full team who are ready to kick some ass together this time.

So first, what's up with this weird poster?

It appears to be a silk screen. A picture that is printed on cloth.

This thing makes me feel uneasy for some reason...

Whatever this thing is, it's giving off some kind of vapor.

This is a humidifier...

Your skin dries out during the winter. Humidifiers are very helpful.

I never thought about that... Must be rough.

Continuing around the room, we have...a regular chair.

And another chair.

Lots of stuff in here that doesn't actually do anything. At least the game tells you that you're wasting your time on it.

How about the desk drawers? Always good stuff in there.

Nothing important inside...

It doesn't look empty to me, but whatever, let's move on.

So Junpei Tenmyouji, what seems to be the problem today?

Please Doc, you gotta help me! I think I've been poisoned! ...Too soon?

Why are the two of you joking around? We don't have time for this.

It's luminol spray... Luminol reacts to the hemoglobin in blood.

It's used a lot to investigate crime scenes. Maybe we can use it here.

But what if it's really pepper spray inside?

Why don't we test it then, Junpei?

Don't say that and come near me with that smile on your face, Akane...

What a weird relationship those two have.

Much like the camera in the last puzzle room, here the luminol will over-ride your searching and clicking if you have it held. So I put it away for now.

Maybe the antidote's inside... What should we do?

We gotta find a way to unlock this.

Nothing else here but the monitor itself.

Hospitals put radiographs, x-rays, up on these things, right?

It's a treatment bed. It might be made of leather?

The surface is kind of rough, but nothing else is special about it.

There's something sparking on the bed that we can pick up, though.

Time to take your medicine, Junpei.

If only you'd been wearing a lab coat while you said that...

I couldn't stand needles as a kid... I had to close my eyes.

I don't mind them. The nurses were always really kind.

Ha. I would've thought the opposite. You two keep surprising me.

An empty syringe isn't much use on its own, let's keep looking.

What would that do? Are you afraid that Zero will come in searching for us?

Maybe we can squeeze into the lockers, but I doubt we'd fit into the trashcan.

I was just kidding. Man, don't take that so seriously.

Clicking the lock itself yields...

Hmm... It's locked. We need the combination to open it.

I don't have any combinations yet, so I just get some failure text:

What? Is the combination wrong? It's not opening.

This door is really well-made.

It isn't locked. We can head into the Lounge any time we want.

We better find the antidote in this room first.

Next up is a lab coat.

It's a white lab coat.

Hey, Akane--

It's that male fantasy, right? I'm not putting that thing on unless I need to.

Gah, so fast... Ruining a guy's dream.

Ok Junpei now you're just being a little creepy.

We used to play around with one of these when we were kids.

D-Don't you dare put that on me, Junpei.

Hey Akane. How about I check your heartbeat?

And get under my clothes? As if I'd let you do that.

Geez, it's no big deal. I wasn't asking you to take anything off.

Anybody got a chainsaw?

This plant looks pretty dead...

Doesn't seem to be anything hidden in here. We should keep searching around.

I think so too, but... Guh! It's shut tighter than a pickle jar.

Let's leave it alone. We might get shocked if we're not careful.

Nope. Not even a hole.

Hopefully this medical device at least has something interesting to say.

This is...some kind of barcode reader.

So that means we'll probably have to use it somewhere?

They have toys like this for kids. Playing house and going to the store.

But Zero never told us we'd have to work a register. Maybe we have to read something?

It's for examinations, not sleep.

Didn't you use to sleep out on the grass sometimes? Ah, a grass bed sounds so nice.

...That's all in the past. I don't do that anymore.


Do people usually get checked out in one of these after a fire?

Yeah. I've been pretty lucky, but I've seen colleagues and through it.

Doesn't look like the power's on. How do we turn it on?

Family, huh? Let's check out the monitor.

But nothing's showing up on the monitor.

I wonder what that key slot is for...

Good question, let's take a look.

There's a hole for something here...

Judging by the shape, I'd say a card. Maybe a key card?

Key card... Hmm, a key card...

Nope, don't have one of those yet. How about the power button?

Huh? I thought the scanner would turn on if I pressed this button.

It's not doing anything...

Nothing else in the room. We've got some luminol, an empty syringe, a stethoscope, and a barcode reader. The latter three items don't have any use yet, but we can try spraying the luminol around.

After a few clicks, the game reminds you to put away the luminol if you just want to search around. But I want to spray down the whole room!

Anyway, the only thing in the room that reacts to the luminol is this set of lockers. The spray covers everything around, and...

Whoa! Something's appearing!

Something's written on the locker...with blood.

You can click on the numbers to hear the characters try to decipher the bad handwriting. But you can also just click on the lock and have a character tell you the exact combination.

Drag the numbers up and down to get the right combination, then click the dial to open.

Okay... And it's unlocked!

Looks rather empty.

...There's nothing inside.

Really? Whatever, let's try the next one.

The combination to open this locker is probably 693.

Oh, I think I got it.

It's unlocked! Good job, Carlos!

There's nothing in this locker.

Here's what you get when you click on the numbers themselves.

It kinda looks like someone was dying when they wrote it...

Anyway, on to the third locker:

The combination for this locker must be 413. Let's see if it works.

Ding ding ding! I guess the numbers worked.

Hey, this one has something!

Is he making us solve this? Aw, come on, give me a break...

You never did like those puzzles, did you? Even when we were kids. Let's do our best!

One of those, huh? Taking it apart, putting it together, over and over... My head hurts.

This could get a little stressful...and cause lasting traumatic harm to kids apparently.

For some reason the puzzle shows up in the inventory, and has to be examined from there to try and solve it.

There are six pieces that have to be swapped around until they would all come together to form a cube. The key is dragging the camera around to see what the slots are on each piece, and then moving the pieces so that the slot lines up with the post in the center. Here's the full solution at 4x speed:

Out pops a key card.

Uuuugh, that was annoying. I need a sugar pick-me-up.

Let's find the antidote and we can look for candy in the Lounge after, okay?

Examining it gives some more dialogue:

This key card... Where could we use this?

If only it opened the X-Door. We'd be out of here in a hot minute.

But the X-Door needs passwords. This card must do someting in this room.

And one more time in case you still didn't get it:

Are there any machines in this room that use a key card?

But first, another locker!

The combination to open this lock is 139. It should work.

Oh good, it unlocked.

And, another empty one.

Before we do the last locker, here's some more dialogue for clicking on the numbers:

It's kind hard to read, but I think it's...

Maybe 1,, this is a 3, and a 9?

The numbers are... Hmm. They're kind of hard to read.

The first one is a 2...then 1--no, it's a 7. And a 5?

These lines would've worked better if they didn't also outright tell you the combinations when you selected the lock.

What does the last locker have for us?

Let's try with 275. Maybe it'll open!

Carlos! Junpei! It unlocked! Now we can open it!

It's a picture of a syringe pointing at a candle.

Must be some kind of hint if it was placed inside that locked locker.

A syringe (which we have), full of something (which we don't), pointed at a candle (which we've seen).

Lots of blood on the ground, too. Are those footprints going from the door to the trash can?

Put the keycard into the scanner, and it turns on!

Can we use the CT scanner now?

Let's try it out!

This one isn't really a decision, we have to do all three. Carlos, you're up first!

Okay Carlos, I'm gonna start the scan.

Got it. I hope nothing bad shows up.

Hey look, the result showed up on the display over the desk!

Akane, you're next!

Heh heh... Get ready, Akane.

D-Don't do anything weird while I'm lying on this, Junpei...

Geez Junpei dial down the stalker vibes.

The scan result is up on the display over the desk. Let's go check it out.

Two down, one to go. Junpei, get in there!

I'll leave you two to work the machine.

You can count on me. I'll make sure to slice you up, Junpei.

Okay, technically you're not wrong, but you could've phrased it less...terrifyingly.

The scan result is up on the display over the desk. We should go check it.

Yes, let's do that.

Huh? It's got some kind of pattern.

Hmm, anything else?

Wait, this pattern... It almost looks like a barcode.

If only we had something that could read barcodes! Oh wait.

Each character has their own version of the same dialogue for their scans.

You don't say.

You have to click and drag the reader across all three of the barcodes.

Check it out. The light under it turned green.

They must be needed for something since they were locked up in the drawer.

Gotta be a reason it's here. Maybe we have to draw on people's faces while they sleep.

That's markers, Junpei. And please, focus.

There's a hint on the second click:

Ink... Ink... Was there anything we could put the ink into?

Yeah, yeah, we'll get there.

Got any screws loose in your head, Junpei?

What am I, a robot? Cut it out.

As you might've guessed, we can combine the syringe with the bottle of ink.

A syringe filled with ink. Now we just need to inject it.

Okay, let's go, Junpei.

H-Hey... Don't even THINK of poking that thing in me. I'm not kidding.

Huh, weird. The more you protest, the more I get the urge to stick it in you.

Well the note implied we need to stick the ink-filled syringe in this candle. Let's see what happens.

Hey, remember that card we found in the locker? Isn't it hinting to this candle?

Oh, I get it. So we need to inject the candle with this?

Well, we can put the ink in now, so let's see what it does.

You know, game, it does no good to explain the hint after I've already done the required action.

The ink's spreading across the bottom half of the picture. This isn't creepy at all...

So that card WAS hinting at injecting the candle.

Those two shapes on the side are strange... I wonder what they could be?

Sure, why not.

Now it's spreading up and left.

Might as well grab the one on the right, too:

This section kind of looks like a candle. Maybe we can inject at this spot too?

...It's spreading to the top right.

It looks like there are some crosses on the four corners of the image now.

What is this? It's pretty small, and hard.

There's a better hint on the second click--

The small, hard thing here... Maybe it's a bolt or a screw?

There is similar dialogue for each of the four corners. Upper right:

There's something here, right in the middle of this X.

You're right. There is something. It's small, and I can feel corners.

Something small with corners is in the middle... Maybe a bolt?

We can remove it if it is.

Lower left:

Hm? I think there's something in the middle of this X here.

You're right. I feel something small.

Is that a bolt right in the middle of the X?

Maybe we can take it off with that thing.

Lower right:

I can feel something right in the middle of this X.

Hm. It feels like a hexagon shape.

Something shaped like a hexagon is in the middle of the X.

Could it be a bolt? Maybe we can remove it.

Had enough?

Okay, let's try the lug wrench? Maybe it's a bolt!

The X mark here seems to have a bolt in it. Maybe we can get it off with the wrench?

There's a line for each corner with about three different words between them. Let's just get all of these bolts off.

Something came out!

Well, what is it?

What's this?

Looks like there's something inside the glass...

Could that be...the antidote?!

Let's see it again!

If that antidote that Zero mentioned is in this case...

Then we have a chance at surviving.

So open it already!

I guess the case won't just open...

There's a dial in the middle here. Maybe we need to use this?

Sure, let's try it.

The numbers are there, but what is the combination?

Why don't we just turn it until it clicks?

I doubt it will be that easy...

Umm, anyone remember seeing a combination anywhere? Maybe one of the ones from the lockers will work?

In case you don't know how these types of locks work, the help in the upper right is actually helpful here.

Hmm, the locker combos don't work.

Nope. Randomly spinning it won't do any good.

Hey! It wasn't random!

If only we could hear what's happening inside the dial. Maybe we could unlock it then.

Hmm. Oh!

Time to become a safe-cracker? It's probably easy, right?

Maybe we can use this stethoscope to hear the unlocking sound.

Let's hope this works... Okay, everyone be quiet.

Turning the dial with the stethoscope on results in seeing sound waves as each number goes by. We're supposed to stop when there's a click and a larger sound wave. Here's the solution at double speed:

Yes! I think it's unlocked!

Way to go, Carlos!

Let's open it up!

It's open! Let's grab it.

Cases that look like they could contain an antidote.

A, B, C...all the way to H. There are 8 cases.

And each has a button with a small container... Just what are these?

Surely they are just eight boxes of antidote...?

Music: Dcom (The Beginning)

Oh hey it's the fragment picture. Go check the first couple images of the update if you don't believe me.

Congratulations, C-Team. It appears you've successfully found the antidote.

The poison must be circulating through and making you feel heavy right now.

But do not worry. Your lives shall be spared if you drink 100cc of the antidote within this case.

It should be obvious that there are eight containers, labeled A through H. Vials of liquid are within each of these containers. Only one container holds the antidote. The other seven are dummies.

By pressing the red button in the center, the lock to that container will disengage. Only one may be opened, however...

So if we're wrong, we'll...

One in eight. It's no coin flip, but we can probably just guess each one and replay the fragment until we get it right.

Still, I am not so cruel... I shall give you a hint.

It is only 1cc, but it is enough to provide a clue to its validity.

The antidote has a peculiar characteristic. Three minutes after you lick it, the tip of your tongue will become numb.

You have five minutes remaining.

If my calculations are correct, the poison will have spread completely through you by then, and your life is forfeit.

Which case will you open, then? The choice is yours.

Relax, it's actually an interesting logic problem. You see, we have three people, and each case has two states (the antidote, or not-the-antidote), and 2 to the 3rd power is 8, which matches the number of cases we have. So we just have to--

Maybe we should go left to right and lick each one?! I'll take A. Carlos grab B. Akane you take C!

No, actually, there's only time for one trial so that approach won't work. We have to--

We can't rely on that method to work.

That would be all right if we picked the correct one, but if we didn't...

There's a better way.

Oh, Akane's going to solve it all for us. Never mind.

First, Carlos. You need to lick E, F, G, and H.

Carlos is on board.

Next, Junpei. You lick samples C, D, G, and H.

Junpei shuts up long enough to listen for once.

As for me, I'll take samples B, D, F, and H.

You don't really need to understand why this method works, but I'll go into it in the next update.

We don't need to test that one.


We don't have time! Just do as I say!

Let's trust Akane.

A slight nod from Akane.

Fade to black, and suddenly it's three minutes later.

Huh? This feels weird...!

Yeah. What about you?

No, nothing...

The only question we need to answer, is which sample did Carlos try, that neither of the others did?

Akane sways, and a falling sound is heard.

And Akane has fainted before she can explain her system to either of the other two.


Painful moaning from Akane here.

Music: Trepidation 2nd Mix

It looks like the poison got to her faster...

So, what should we do now?!

I licked samples E, F, G, and H.

Junpei had C, D, G, and H...

Akane licked B, D, F, and H... And then--

Only I felt numb.

In that case, the container with the antidote is...

Here comes the heartbeat...

Music: Moral Dilemma (Annihilation 3rd Mix)

If you're really stuck, you can still check the log:

That's everything you need to know, right there. I mean, it's not exactly a hard problem, the way it's laid out for us. But I'll give you the choice, anyway. Where is the antidote?