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Part 21: Correct

Part 21: Correct

Pretty clear winner here.

So let's not waste any more time.

We've got this.

Music: Sinisterness Phase 1

The case is opened off-screen.

Why are there six...

Zero said that we'd need 100cc's of the antidote. Doesn't that mean that each of those are 50cc?

No, I'm pretty sure these are 100cc...

So, there are three left over...

Akane was the only one who noticed way back at the beginning, that Zero said he had poisoned six people.

Whatever. We got it right, didn't we Carlos?

Carlos and Junpei are both grunting and making pained noises throughout their lines here.

Akane wakes up just enough to gasp out his name.

We need to take it too!


Okay, down the hatch!

They're probably each holding a vial.

The sound of three bodies falling, and a vial hitting the ground.

Carlos is gasping in the background, as his vision blurs.

Suddenly, a flashback! The Pantry?

No... That's... Junpei...

And fade to black!

Music: Extreme Extrication 2nd Mix

Everyone's standing up! Guess we were right, and it really was the antidote.

I'm really sorry. I just suddenly fainted and...


So, guessing the right case given the information we had was easy. Only Carlos had the tip of his tongue go numb, so the antidote was in one of the cases he tested - E, F, G, or H. Akane tried F and H, and Junpei tried G and H, and neither one had a reaction, so it wasn't any of those cases. That just left case E.

Akane's method worked by converting each case to a binary number (A through H become 0 through 7: 000, 001, 010, 011, 100, 101, 110, 111), and assigning each person a binary digit. In this case, Akane was the right digit, Junpei the middle digit, and Carlos the left digit. If a character's digit was 1, they try the case; otherwise they don't. Thus each case has a unique combination of characters who tried it (including case A, which had no one try it). And we could figure out which case was the right one, by which set of characters reacted to it.

What are the other three for...

Here comes the computer lady!

We killed Eric again!

[Computer Lady:] That is all.

EYE for Q, KILL for Mira (haha), FOOL for Eric ().

Here's the updated status screen. Mira's portrait is now revealed. Q still looks kind of strange, though.

How could they... Even Q...

He couldn't even see, or hear when... To just mercilessly kill someone like that...

Well, it's your own fault. C-Team was supposed to vote for D-Team. If Q-Team was executed, it's because C-Team betrayed the plan. And Junpei was the one rooting for that option. We don't know that that's what happened, but we haven't seen all of Q-Team killed any other way, either.

Oh, wait a minute...

Carlos, Junpei, grab the antidote and get to the Lounge!

Akane actually grabbed the antidote herself, I think.

There she goes, running out of the Infirmary.

Women, huh?

Gab's back!

"These are an antidote. Please drink them. Akane."

Pretty clever. One little problem - if Q-Team was executed, that means C-Team sent the first note as a trick to get D-Team to vote for Q-Team, and have them executed. So would they believe this note from C-Team now?

When Zero spoke to us, I realized something.


If you do nothing, the six of you will fall asleep, only to never regain consciousness again.

Yes, and now Q-Team is...

Everyone on D-Team.

I just hope these actually get to them...

Will he even reach them in time...?

The only thing we can do now is pray...

What, that he'll be in time? Or...


That he doesn't make it, and there'll be six people dead. That's what you meant, right?

Junpei looks pretty smug here. I still have your head in a freezer somewhere buddy.

I'm kidding.

Frankly, I'm surprised the game doesn't have us decide if we want to send the antidote over or not. I guess Akane railroaded us.

Music: Sinisterness Phase 2

After a black transition screen, we're now lounging in the Lounge.

You don't really look all right, Carlos...

No. That's not it.

You're worried about the D-Team then?

Um, Junpei? This...might sound messed up to you, but... I...saw something earlier. Like a vision.

A vision?

Junpei, your head... It was in the pantry. Just your head.

The game reminds us of this scene, just in case you'd forgotten already.

Although if we hadn't already played the Pantry fragment, this whole scene would be a lot weirder.

Junpei laughs for several seconds.

What the hell are you smoking, Carlos?

Look. All limbs attached and accounted for.

It's not the future you saw...but a different past.

You know, don't you Junpei? Morphogenetic field theory.

Oy, here we go again.

A special field exists in a dimension we can't see that acts as a medium for information. This may be what's happening. I think Carlos accessed that field and saw another history.


Remember what you said during the vote? You can tell down which path Death waits, and which is safe.

But, that's just my gut feeling--

Are you sure?

Where are you going with this?

There must've been countless times when you found yourself facing danger.

All of Akane's lines here take place on this cool fire backdrop.

Better to go right, or left...? Go upstairs, or turn back...? Maybe every time you made a decision, you were observing the other histories. Which room held someone needing your help, which door blocked an inferno. You knew because you saw it happen already.

Morphogenetic field theory... Why do you know all this, Akane?

Because I have the same ability as you.

And Junpei can do it too... He saved me once... It's thanks to his power that I'm even here at all.

I haven't been able to use it since. Even now I--

Always interrupting at the good parts.

Missing Lip Animations: 18

Now, it is time for you to sleep.

When next you wake, know that you will have no memory of these past ninety minutes.

Pleasant dreams...

Many falling sounds. You'd think one of them would think to lie down first on their own or something.

And fade to static.

We did it! We made it to the end of a fragment with everyone on the team intact, and forced to go back to sleep!

Our fragment flowchart is filling in. Looks like the Pantry and the Infirmary really are in different timelines? And Carlos could somehow see an image of the other one?

What shall we do next? See what happens when we don't get the antidote? Go replay one of the three Execution votes? Or check out one of the 10 new fragments still remaining? Select the story fragment.