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Part 25: Don't Shoot (2)

Part 25: Don't Shoot (2)

Not going to even pretend to be surprised here.

We're not going to shoot this time. Just have to wait out the timer. It's not a long one and there's no dialogue during it this time.

Maybe Zero was bluffing?

Music: Blue Bird Lamentation 2nd Mix

[Computer Lady:] Incineration...commencing.

Come on! Stop this! Please!

I don't care what happens to me! So please!

Thank you.

You made the right decision.

Diana walks over to the window.

I love you...

Sigma screams.

The flames come out, and the screen slowly turns white, then fades to black for several seconds.

[Computer Lady:] Incineration...complete. opening.

The door opens, and Sigma walks inside.

Diana follows close behind.

Music: Glacial Solitude

Phi's brooch managed to survive.

Diana reaches out and grabs it. I would imagine that even if it survived it would still have to be pretty hot?

Music: Nostalgic Scenery

Fade to white, and we get a flashback to two days ago at Dcom.

Phi is just hanging out in the confinement room for some reason.

No, not really...

It's been three days since I came to Dcom... But nothing's happened. Nothing strange at all...

Phi came here with Sigma and Akane expecting to uncover some grand conspiracy to cook up and release a virus that will kill six billion people. Instead, everything is fairly normal for the five days before the game starts.

Diana walks over to sit next to Phi.

She's staring pretty intently at her hand. Or something in it.

It's a memento from my mother...I think.

You're not sure?

An old couple raised me. They were researchers. But we weren't related by blood at all....

They said that my mother died immediately after giving birth to me...

And she left me this brooch...


I don't know. There aren't any leads either...

Oh, I think I see something written on the back of this?

It's Latin.

What does it mean?

"Not even Jupiter can find a lost opportunity."

Maybe there's no specific point to it at all. But, I still feel like I'm missing some kind of important message within it...

"Not even gods can return to the past, so live in the moment so you have no regrets." That's not the right interpretation?

I guess that'd make sense, if I was a normal human being.

Phi doesn't get a lot of backstory in VLR. This story repeats and somewhat expands upon what's said there.

Would you me a hug?


There's a sound of Diana moving around.

Thanks... This feels...really relaxing...

If this is all you need, then it's no problem...

Could we maybe...stay like this for a while?

I don't mind.

It is. You're a completely normal girl, Phi.

You're really nice...


You already said that.

Okay. Goodnight, then...

Goodnight, Phi.

Fade to black, and we're back in the present, with Diana sobbing.

Tears falling into her hand, onto the brooch.

This shot is held for almost ten seconds while Diana cries, slowly zooming out.

Sigma's a wreck himself, but too in shock to show it.

One last shot of the incinerator before we fade to black for a transition.

Music: Aftermath (Decontamination Room)

Silence, then...

Computer lady returns.

Eric's dead again. I don't feel as good about it this time for some reason.

[Computer Lady:] That is all.

Phi is "FUTURE" in this fragment. The Q-Team passwords are the same as in the Infirmary fragment from C-Team.

Sigma immediately puts the pieces together.

They must've been executed... The vote at 13:30...

Stabbed us in the back, huh Carlos...

If Q-Team was executed, that means C-Team voted for Q-Team, instead of what they said in the note.

The TVs come on.

And it's all thanks to you, Diana.

Yeah, well fuck you.

Sigma's got the crazy eyes.

Now, it is time for you to sleep.

Well, we survived the fragment. But D-Team is going to wake up later with Phi missing, and no memory of what happened here.

They fall.

Fade to static as the fragment ends.

Well that was...less than satisfying. Fancy another go at it? Or go to a different fragment? Select the story fragment.