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Part 29: Q-Team Executed

Part 29: Q-Team Executed

After going through five puzzle rooms as far as we can take them, the thread wants to finally go back and see what happens if we execute one of the teams. Not that not having done so has stopped us from apparently touring the timelines where said executions take place, anyway.

Way back when we did the Execution fragments, we rigged the votes so that everyone followed Carlos's plan, and the votes resulted in a three-way tie, and no one getting executed. Not that we saw any future fragments that acknowledged that scenario. But what happens if Carlos betrays the other teams, and votes against the plan instead, as we saw in the Trash Disposal Room fragment?

Carlos switching his vote to Q-Team, combined with D-Team already having voted for Q-Team, will result in Q-Team receiving two votes.

Music: Anxiousness 2nd Mix

Our vote is accepted either way. The music is different, though -- a sure sign that we're on a different path.

Carlos stares at his hands like they've betrayed him.

Zero's speech remains the same. I'm almost surprised.

The initial reaction shots are the same, too. If you want to see it again, it's at the beginning of the Execution: D update.

The final reaction shot is different, with Carlos still staring at his hands, instead of looking defiantly at the screen.

But we still fade to static the same way. Last time, at this point, we got booted to the Team Select screen. This time....

Music: Sinisterness Phase 1

Hey Mira, wake up!

I think this is the Pod Room.

Damn it. It's no use! It's locked and won't open!

I don't know.

E-Eric stop...

Then tell us how to get this thing off!

I... I don't--!

I didn't really need to capture this animation but I thought it was funny. The screen flashes white and Eric goes flying back.

Not sure what was on the wall there, but it slides aside to reveal a hidden door.

A door...?!

Is this another exit...?!

Music: Trepidation 2nd Mix

And now for the voting results.

The team who received two you. Q-Team.

The world is full of possibilities. You have caused one of them to become realized. That's all it is.

Both characters are wildly shaking themselves, trying to get the weird collar off.

Eric's trying to get the new door open, though I'm not sure that will help if his collar is still on.

May you rest in peace.

Mors certa, hora incerta.

Death certain, hour uncertain.

A light on the front of the collar starts flashing, and the a beeping sound is emitted from the collar as well.


A white flash, a loud explosion, and then lots of splashes.

So long, Q-Team.

Oh hey another completed fragment.

Well, we did it. Did we really need to see that, you monsters? (Yes, yes we did.)

Hmm, nothing new unlocked for C-Team. Still have fragments for Control, Decontamination Room, and Rec Room.

Q-Team has nothing new, either. We still have Biolab, Decontamination Room, and Pod Room.

And...nothing new for D-Team, either? Still got Decontamination Room, Manufacturing, and Transporter Room. (The Trash Disposal Room doesn't have its "complete" border here, because I actually recorded this video in the middle of doing the Trash Disposal Room. I double-checked and there are still no new unlocks, though.)

Sorry to disappoint you. While witnessing these executions is required to unlock more fragments, alone they are not sufficient to unlock more fragments. We've got more to do! So pick one of the nine fragments left to explore above, or we can still replay the other two Execution fragments (I'll reset C-Team's vote first, too). Select the story fragment.