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Part 32: I Don't Know

Part 32: I Don't Know

Let's go back to the business end of Eric's shotgun.

We don't know the answer. Eric only asked for the truth. Let's just not answer.

Music: CQD Ward BGM 2

I don't know... I don't know!

You can also get to this scene by entering "I DONT KNOW" or "DONNO" or other variations thereof.

The crazy eyes are gone.

His finger curls around the trigger, then releases.


Apparently Eric believes us this time, and walks away.

We're still stuck in here, though.

Music: Confession 2nd Mix


"Sorry I almost killed you a couple times. And actually killed you a dozen times in that other timeline."

Mira was...everything to me...

Eric's voice is strained and broken during this scene. Like he's about to burst into tears, or just recovered from doing so.

Time for Eric and Mira origin story, from Eric's perspective this time.

A lowly ice cream clerk and a beautiful goddess of a customer. She seemed like a rare flower, forever out of my reach. It made me happy just to see her smile from behind the counter. But I took her order, and we spoke for a bit... Day after day we talked like that... I wanted to be with her. If she needed help, I wanted to be there. I started to feel like I"d, well, I'd do anything for her.

Mira was the one to ask me out the first time. Every date after that I took the initiative. The longer we dated, the more and more I came to like her... I...really loved her.

Somehow, I felt like she was a lot like my mother...

To tell the truth, I don't really remember much about my mother anymore. She died when my brother and I were still pretty small. But she was a good cook, and liked things clean... She was always smiling. And above all, her gentleness and warmth are what I remember the most.

Hm, I guess putting it that way, her and Mira aren't very similar at all...

But still, I felt something in who Mira is. Something that's a lot like her...

Everything just seemed so bright after I met her. I couldn't help but think every day was great. I was going to propose. I scraped together all my money and bought an engagement ring. And then... Then...

Eric's gone from clenched fists to clasped hands.

Why... Why did this have to happen...?

Falling tears.

Hey, Eric... Let's work together to find the killer.

I'm really said Mira died, too... I'll never forgive the person who did it... That's why...

This is...

And fade to black. The fragment's not over, but...

We're stuck behind another lock. Maybe the lock in the Pantry feeds into this one?

Six puzzle rooms down, and we haven't really learned a lot about what's going on yet. But I swear we're getting close! There are eight new fragments left, plus two more executions to witness. So what will it be? Select the story fragment.