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Part 52: Don't Inject

Part 52: Don't Inject

On second thought, putting Radical-6 into a serial killer is a terrible idea.

Let's fix that.

Music: Sinisterness Phase 3

Maybe we shouldn't...

Crap, I left the setting for the Japanese voice track on from awhile back. Oh well, only affects me.

Care to share your reason?

It's just like Eric said. If Zero does have that power, then it's the same either way.

The first part of this scene is mostly the same.

The important thing to determine is if we're actually infected with FBR.

Nope. In fact...

"Radical-6" sounds just as fantastical.

Up side of listening to the Japanese voice track is that Eric's voice no longer grates on me.

There's no doubt that Radical-6 is real. I've heard of it before...


It could be that Zero wants us to become infected with Radical-6.

Oh look, the door opened.

Hey, what the...

The door...

It opened...

L-Let's get out of here!

Wait, Eric!


I don't like that look...


Hey, Mira! What are you doing?!

Fade to black...

Music: Sinisterness Phase 1

We must've been right to not inject it.

That Zero really does have the ability to see the future.

About what?

About Radical-6 being real.

How do you know about it?

So, why not share?

Aside from triggering intense suicidal impulses, Radical-6 causes the infected's thought process to reduce by 1/root 6.

Root 6, or the square root of 6 (also stated as Radical 6) = about 2.45. 1/root 6 =~ 40.1%.

Therefore, when one second passes for them, the world has gone through root 6 seconds, or roughly 2.45 seconds.

Basically, everything appears to be moving 2.45 times as fast as normal.

There is also the word "radical". Aside from meaning things like "extreme", it can also refer to a radical root. Get it?

Oh, so that's why it's Radical-6.


These are both terms from epigenetics which is a branch of biology I didn't even know existed until just now. A cursory read makes it sound like "The Revenge of Lamarck", with phenotypical changes in an individual can cause extra structures to be added "on top of" DNA that can still be inherited by offspring. Also apparently biologists really hate it when you refer to epigenetics as pseudo- or neo-Lamarckian like I just did.


Could you maybe simplify that please?

The body's composition changes as a genetic switch is flipped, more or less.

Let's try this. Common scientific thought until now was that parental characteristics didn't transfer. Recent research has changed that. We now know that they can be, by flipping certain genetic switches.

Well, regardless of what kind of experiences the parents had to go through, their DNA blueprints won't change.

But within that expansive DNA coding, the question of "what should be read" seems to change based on experience.

Oh, good, we're going to tie this back into morphogentic field theory.

Like maybe if someone was trapped in a shelter and forced to risk their life...?

Eric's still a little distracted.

So you're basically saying this Radical-6 virus is super dangerous, right?

Yes. There's no doubt it is.

If someone infected with the virus was to go outside, then...


Hmmm....and how would he know that?

Music: CQD Ward BGM 2

Welcome back computer lady.

C-Team was dead in the Healing Room fragment, too.

[Computer Lady:] That is all.

Same X-Passes as in the Healing Room fragment as well. Something I just noticed now that I'm listening to the Japanese voice track - the X-Passes are announced in English. Well, like a Japanese person pronouncing the English words, anyway.

What the hell... C-Team is dead...?

It's obviously because of the vote.

At 13:30...


But, wait. Did everyone from C-Team really die?

We haven't seen their corpses or anything. They might still be alive...



Here come more impossible flashbacks from the morphogentic field.

Looks like they're in the Infirmary? Anyway, we haven't actually seen that scene ourselves yet...

He's right. I don't think they're alive.

Eric steps towards Gab for some reason.

C-Team's gotta be alive...right?

What are you doing, Eric?

Hey, you don't know.

Maybe he...

Well, enough of that, it's TV time again.

No chit-chat from Zero, either.


And more falling sounds while we look away.

Fade to static. Q-Team made it all the way through a fragment intact for once!

Another completion! We're really getting somewhere now I think.

Nothing new unlocked, so we have the same options as before, minus the Biolab. Six new fragments, and five replays. Select the story fragment.


Just the one file. But where did this knowledge come from?

Also, it's never really confirmed if "Fanatic Bio R" is real or not. But Q-Team didn't die, and user whitehelm pointed out that the name of the virus is an anagram for "Fabrication", which makes the virus's existence somewhat suspicious.